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Nothing quite like joining a WebEx to hear your boss and co-worker talking about how we can’t keep quarantine up, and that our governor can’t keep extending it. Cause people won’t stand for it! We have to return to normal sometime!

*internal screaming*

I played two more hours today. Spent twenty minutes playing darts in Seventh Heaven. I love this game.

I don’t agree with all the decisions Square-Enix made with FF7R, but my biggest fear was that it was going to be a lazy cash grab.

After 2.5 hours, it’s plain that isn’t the case. The team working on this LOVES the original. Every time I’ve stopped to look closer at something I can see they wanted me to. They expected me to stop and scrutinize the details, and they sweated over each of them.

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Don't give up on self care just because something didn't work for you. Keep trying new ways of being kind to yourself!

This morning I learned that a fresh scone and coffee is better than bacon and coffee.

My quarantine life is separated into before my three year old found Blippi, and after.

It’s at, if you need a link.

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If you’re in need of extra tools to deal with your mental health over the next several months, Headspace has released a large meditation pack designed for just that.

It’s got 10-20 min sessions, 10 day courses, SOS sessions, and sleep sounds. It’s free.

App is on iOS / Android.

Sorry, spider-that-fell-on-my-head. It was a reflex.

I am suddenly struck with the intense desire to go out and buy a used guitar.

Good morning, Shop.

I’ve been ignoring my basics: proper diet, sleep, meditation, reading, limited twitter. For, like, a week.

I feel like crap. Don’t do that to yourself.

I started today with some meditation. I picked a good, comforting book to reread off my shelf. I shut off twitter. And I’m going to get to bed early tonight.

If you can, do one of these things for yourself today.

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Why did I decide to subscribe to my local Letter to the Editor RSS feed? I knew it was going to be bad, and dumb. And also: bad.

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Nope - I overreacted. Our director does a mandatory downhill every quarter… and it’s the end of a quarter.

There was a lot of news around COVID and how the company is adjusting, but no layoffs or mass furlough. *exhale*

Work brag (+) 

Just got a meeting invitation from our director for an all hands on deck meeting at 7AM, and a meeting at 1PM - both on Thursday. Email said pick one to attend.

Feels like we getting furloughed/laid off/fired.

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