New guitar day 

The sun came out today, so I took the guitar out for some better photos.

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Health, scary, probably ok 

@naga So glad to hear that. “Basically okay” is a great place to start.

Had a really good practice over lunch break. I’m starting to relearn how little pressure it takes to play a chord, and I’m already seeing hand speed improvement.

@dani Yep, exactly. Still need to work at it - but I’m happy to practice now that it doesn’t hurt to play. 😊

@kai But! The learning part looks a whole lot more doable now. So I’m happy to start practicing

@kai 😆 yeah, a small part of me is indignant that the new guitar didn’t make everything super easy

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We have this Cattris thing, which is like Tetris pieces made of cardboard for cat scratching. Cosmo has transformed himself into a tetromino #cats #tetris

Morning realization: having a good guitar doesn’t change the fact that learning an instrument is hard, and I didn’t do it right the first time around.

I need to put in some work.

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@dani Agreed. Being able to walk into my kitchen and make good tea is high on my list of working from home perks

New guitar day 

Haha it’s been 15 years since I’ve tried to play anything, and I am *garbage* right now

Doesn’t matter, I’m having a blast

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I’m going to post so many pictures.

My apologies in advance

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After four years of saving, and four months since I ordered it, my new guitar has arrived at the shop. It’ll be shipping in a day or so.

I’m *so excited* to start playing again, I’m not sure where to begin.

Me: I feel like garbage today. I need to go to bed earlier.

8PM Me: The kids are in bed! I can do a n y t h i n g

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I’m getting my first piece of new music gear today, an amp. I’m pretty excited, despite not being able to do anything with it until the guitar shows up.

I’ve already got all the cables and accessories. *vibrates*

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