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Also, this is going to be Mother’s Day next year, and I need to prepare myself for it.

My eldest has prepared a menu for Father’s Day breakfast, snack, and lunch.

It’s already clear to me that I owe my wife a very large manhattan tonight.

Just found out about this, and thought the Shop would be interested: StoryGraph ( is a Goodreads competitor. You can rate by half-stars, import your Goodreads library, and was founded by a Black woman.

Some images from the post I found, with more details.

I signed up and am already impressed by how responsive their site is on a mobile browser.

I’m getting to be old enough that getting back into shape is harder, but I’ve also neglected proper exercise for so long that the “I’m old” added level of difficulty is hidden due to being a complete lump for so long.

Past me: I know! I’ll pull the carpet strips off that hardwood for 1.5 hours and then go for a run when I get back. Best. Idea. Ever.

Now me: Ugggh...

@kai Mine too, mine too.

My Dad likes to argue for the sake of arguing in addition to that, so it can escalate quickly. I was projecting. (Sorry.)

@kai Good on them for taking it well!

Sorry - I jumped to a bad conclusion based on how that convo might go with my parents.

My favorite local bakery now has Saturday hours (yay!). Today’s haul: a chocolate hazelnut tart, and a lemon tart.

These are hidden in the back of the fridge, top shelf. Need to avoid detection my the kiddos.

@kai I... *sigh*

I mean, this is probably my parents, too. But they’re in another state and I don’t talk to them very often.

@zee Haha! Also cool. I hope you end up liking it.

@zee It’s definitely got a different pace and feel to it than her other books. Also depends a bit on how you feel about NYC, I’d guess.

But no worries. I bounce off a books I expected to love, every now and again. It happens.

Finished The City We Became this morning and was de-lighted to find out its the beginning of a new trilogy.

N.K. Jemisin rules.

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"If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it."

-- Zora Neale Hurston

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Moon Palace Books is an independent bookstore located just behind Minneapolis police precinct 3, the starting point of the riots. When the police tried to set up a barrier around the store they said no thanks and instead set up a station to give protestors food, water, treatment etc. They even hung an “Abolish the Police” banner in their window.

Please consider using this small business if youre looking for more books, they’re doing mail orders. Here’s their website.

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