After two years of saving, I’ve preordered the first guitar I’ve bought for myself: a Les Paul Studio.

It’s my first electric, and I’m starting to get excited. It’s going to get to the store sometime this month and get shipped to me sometime later, but I’m watching review videos of it and other guitars on a daily basis.

@kai I jumped the gun a bit and preordered the guitar before I have money for the amp, but a friend of mine is donating his old amp from college so I’ll be able to play while I save up.

I’m starting to check /r/guitars more than I check Mastodon or the birdsite lol

@lakhesis I "played" guitar for many years with no amp; I just plugged into the computer to record.

I spent months looking for a Peavey amp from the prized era; ultimately I bought a new one, but I think it sounds great.

@kai I was happy to strum away until the amp arrived, but my friend immediately volunteered his old amp. He doesn’t play anymore.

I’m looking at getting a Boss Katana mkII. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them.

@lakhesis I have heard that digital amps have a slight delay that drives some people crazy 😅 but maybe I'm behind the times

@kai I’ve watched a handful of review videos and I can’t make out any delay, but I’m not sure that it would show there.

It’s something to Google research though, and I’m definitely in a mood to do that 😁

@lakhesis told myself I was not going to become a collector of guitars or pedals but I already have two of each. I guess it's just A Thing That Happens

@kai I already know I am bound to that fate. I’m just trying to put it off for a little 😅

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