I’ve known that I needed to make a significant change to my social media use and strictly filter how I get my news for a while now, but have been uncertain how to proceed. On some level, I’ve also been unwilling to proceed.


I think that changed this morning. I hope it did, anyway. Did some significant birdsite feed trimming, and am going to follow up with heavy keyword muting. I subbed to some legit RSS news feeds. I dumped my politics birdsite list, and replaced it with local news. I set some daily limits on my phone.

We’ll see how it goes.

@lakhesis good luck!

I went to Detroit, ate less and better food, and didn't really go on Instagram at all. But the minute I got home, I went back to eating junk food and Instagramming.

Clearly I'm "bored" at home 😅

@kai Nice! I saw some of the pictures and wondered where you were. Eventually I saw you mention it was Detroit. It looked like a good trip.

@lakhesis I don't know what I could do to make my home feel more like I'm on vacation or if that's even possible 😅

@kai Hmm. The thing that I find most relaxing about vacation is the break in routine. You can do that at home if you work at it - check out local activities, parks, etc that you may not have looked into yet. Or just pick a day to spend on yourself. Get your stuff done ahead of time so you can relax a bit.

It might not always get you that vacation feel, but it might work sometimes.

@kai Being able to decide in the moment what I want to do without having to care about how that will adversely affect the rest of the day feels super vacation-y to me. But that’s because I’ve got 2 kids.

Vacations are personal, so it will probably be different for you. But you might be able to come up with something that does the trick for you.

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