User during testing: the app works great!
*we release it*
User: it doesn’t work and now I can’t get any work done.

*me looks directly at camera*

Anyway, good morning everyone!

My superpower is discovering bizarre plumbing issues after I’ve bought a house what’s yours

Another month, another chance to completely screw up my bullet journal monthly tracker. *sigh*

*goes hunting for white out*

All* of our stuff is in the new place, and we’ve had our first night.

*Forcertainvaluesofall /micromachinesguyvoice

Okay. I got over excited about a tootjoke. We don’t pick up the truck until tomorrow morning.

But THEN I’ll have 12 hours before turning it in, and etc, etc.

After lifting with my knees for a week, I have managed to injure my wrist instead. :facepalm:

Oh well. I’ve got a truck full of furniture and boxes, it’s only twelve hours before I have to turn in the truck, and I’m wearing a wrist brace.

Hit it.

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the whole "no such thing as a free lunch" seems really damaging to the idea that, yes, kids should definitely get free lunch

Sleep review: when it finally arrives, this product is amazing. A full night’s worth of sleep is so energizing it’s difficult to describe. Nothing else even comes close. And I’ve tried everything, folks.

Service is lousy. Takes 7-9 hours for it to work. Three stars.

I imagine that somewhere there is a tool for deploying .NET code to a Windows server that does all the bs little things for you.

My employer has not discovered this tool yet.

*does another diff between two web.config*

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Truck carrying gaming dice spills on Atlanta highway, rolls an estimated 756,000

"The truck was undamaged, having made its saving throw."

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the year is 2020 and flavor is illegal. flavor hackers work in secret to return lost flavors to those who can afford it. those that hunt them go by the name Bland Runner

We got laundry bags To replace our laundry baskets in an effort to keep our cats from sleeping on the laundry. (The dumb one pees on it.)

The smart one has figured it out already.

The cats broke the coffeemaker two days ago. The replacement showed up late yesterday and oh man coffee I have missed you.

Overheard from the toddler’s bedroom: “Dad! Something terrible happened in my body. I pooped!”

Me: We’re moving in 2.5 weeks. I should put in extra effort to write so that I have something to do with my brain during downtime.

Brain: If I’m really lucky and work hard, I can reach Fabled rank in Destiny 2 PvP before the season resets.

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I had the pleasure of hanging out in Fairbanks for a few days. It was a delightful fall weekend and I spent most of it out exploring the permafrost. Incredible ecosystem.

Well, all of the paperwork is done save the final signatures.

We’re officially getting a new house in 1.5 weeks.

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