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That little disgruntled kaomoji ಠ_ಠ looks good as an imessage ghost

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Somebody once told me
There's a statue in the Gobi
That's mostly gone from over the knees
Visage lying in the sand
With a sneer of cold command
Cuz the sculptor knew how to please

Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Empires falling and statues crumbling
Check out the words he left behind
On the statue in the desert that nobody can find:

Today my 9 year old left on a two week road trip with his grandparents to visit family four states away.

He’s SUPER excited. He’s going to have a blast visiting his cousins, and getting to see more of PA. But he’s having some separation anxiety. (Us too, to be honest.)

So, uh. I will be trying extra hard to keep busy for the next two weeks. :)

And an end of day routine!
- Review bullet journal
- 5 minute mediation
- Empty office trashcan

New morning routine:
- Get breakfast and coffee
- Bullet journal prep for the day; work and personal
- 10 minute meditation

Note to self: re-read your toots to make sure that you’re not awkwardly double-using a word. If you do, it makes the toot read awkwardly.

[Fake, self-referential edit]: Damnit. Yeah, like that.

I’m reading Fall: Or, Dodge in Hell by Neal Stephenson. It starts near-future and then goes bonkers on digitization of self.

I am not sure I like it yet. I have a lot of pages to read yet, so it may turn around. I hope it does.

Okay, Knives Out looks like it might be a lot of fun.

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ah yes the part of the Brooklyn Museum where the boss fight takes place

Salsa: *melts my face clean off*

Me, 2 minutes later: This should be what comes out of the cold water tap in my fridge.

The side effect of this is I am now VERY late starting my day. But sleeping for 9 hours was really nice.

We shut off the alarm for this morning, because: holiday. When the 3 year old got up at his usual time, the 9 year old snuck them both downstairs, and made breakfast so we could sleep in.

I don’t post a lot about my boys, but they’re the best.

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Okay, donations made.

Time to finish this sql package.

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"A running log of every single time you have opened my email, including your location when you opened it."

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I had a nap and now my brain won’t turn back on AMA

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