Well... now I need to buy a new(er) guitar.

I was gifted (!!!!) Neil Gaiman's Masterclass on creative writing for my birthday.

I am so incredibly excited.

I’ve been staring at the script for this Drafts action I came up with for about 15 minutes. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it.

The script was fine. I’d written the test cases wrong.

Some days, you make it through by the skin of your teeth.

Some days, you put on your dragon kit and ride your scooter into battle.

I thought that the sky being a thick gray blanket would make kite flying difficult, but it turned out to be perfect for it.

In any case - good morning, Shop! I sincerely hope your morning is going better than mine.

Nothing quite like screwing up the family’s morning (spouse late to work, kiddo probably late to school) because I forgot I had a super early meeting at work until it was too late.

I’ve got some apologizing to do.

Today, I loaded test data into a dev staging table and ran code that I had written to do a thing.

It did the thing!

Tree removal accident, “happy” ending Show more

Tree removal accident, “happy” ending Show more

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My workmate has this incredible bluetooth replica of a typewriter. It mounts MX Blue switches, so it *kind of* sounds and feel like a real typewriter!

The line space lever is fully working, and the cylinder knobs are mapped to brightness/volume. Amazing! :D

Sleeping in past 6:30am is an amazing feeling.

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pretty wild coding color scheme here (this it's for VS code though) that I found on birdsite.

No source code yet, but birdsite post is here: twitter.com/Robb0wen/status/11

So, on Thursday I sat down and focused on making what I put down assume the shape that I see when I open up a book.

And while the scene was bad, it was in the right form. I was able to see why the scene was bad. And I feel real good about that, even though the scene is tepid pasta water.

In short, I'm way out of practice, but having to relearn this intellectually instead of going by feel is v. good for me.

My logic: instead of Writing The Thing Properly, I sit down and aim to hit a word count. Which leads me to throw lots of words at the draft, bloating it.

Lots of words means the action tends to wander, and drain the tension out of it. Do that enough, and I get bored with the entire thing because it's no longer interesting, or going anywhere.

I get mad, go back to the drawing board, throwing 5k words of worldbuilding at it. Then I bin it.

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