One and a half chapters and an epilogue ... but no hope of getting anything more done till this off-farm-job week is done Sunday. Some scales, and then collapsing exhausted before another OFJ day.

Not exactly almost done this chapter, but well into the really difficult, emotional, heroically tragic bit. Really difficult emotional heroically tragic bits are hard when they go all myffic - such a thin line between that and going silly.

Note that one of the quirks of Mastodon is that you can search for a #hashtag but NOT other text. So if you want to make it easier for other people to find things later, consider tagging posts accordingly.

Today's music is settling in to be Dire Straits. And now, back to work.

@Princejvstin One can have too much social media. (I seem to be incapable of doing anything with my blog.) I think wandering back and forth between this and Tw depending on mood or need may work.

@shaunduke Also I found a Nice Rock that seemed to have fallen from one of the every-five-minutes dumptrucks that go by dawn to dark, and put it in a flowerbed. Pink and grey sharp granite by a clump of blue fescue.

@shaunduke Writing and tea ... Mr Wicked was a Bad Dog on his walk and has been sent to his box to think about his sins. He's probably thinking about snacks instead.

@Princejvstin Oooh, nice! I kept my study curtains closed to focus on the words and so missed the dawn, but it's a very grey day so it was probably one of those murky ones anyway.

@skiffyandfanty Well, since Fifth Element is the only one I've seen and I really liked it, got to vote for that.

Been so exhausted and sick for a while that I haven't touched my guitar in almost a week and my finger ends have gone all weird and burnt feeling. Moral: at least play scales for ten minutes before bed, no matter what?

Today: write this chapter, which contains one of the several crises of the End. Timing is ... complex. Very. And spread over time -zones, because of what I'm calling godly-action-at-a-distance.

Planted tulips yesterday. I think this is the latest I've ever tried to put in end-of-season bulbs, but it's so mild they ought to be able to grow their roots before a deep freeze.

@Princejvstin It's a bit baffling. I think under 'getting started' you can open up the columns for 'local timeline' which is everyone here, and 'federated' which is... everything? Maybe?

A clear but clammy morning. Off to the off-farm-job. Sigh. Huge thing with favourite characters coming up to look forward to, at least.

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