@T_Frohock Trying to direct this at you - let's see if it works. Fancy running into you here! Due to a weird glitch that insisted my email wasn't real after I'd set up this account, I'm also over at @kvjohansen as well and I foresee muddle.

@kvjohansen @kvjohansen I caught one of your tweets that you were headed in this direction and came here looking for you. ;-)

@T_Frohock @kvjohansen I am ... everywhere. Well, it feels that way. But I really need to focus on being Not On Social Media today. This chapter must happen and it's a tricksy one.

@kvjohansen @kvjohansen That's me. I'm in the last few chapters of this novel and I'll be pushing hard to get them finished.

@T_Frohock @kvjohansen Four chapters and an epilogue ... the fifth and final outing on the Caravan Road. What's yours?

@kvjohansen @kvjohansen A Los Nefilim novel. I'm bouncing between timelines right now and trying to get it all to gel.

@kvjohansen @kvjohansen The hard part was when I had different events going on at the same time in different areas and coming up with a structure that didn't leave the reader confused.

@T_Frohock @kvjohansen The structure in the Thing went Lit after I'd been working on it a year, but it's the only way it works. It doesn't confuse me -- hoping I won't be a minority in that! (And speaking of, now I've gone and answered you from two accounts. Drat.)

@kvjohansen @T_Frohock I think the me is settling down as the one I'm mostly going to use.

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