Turns out, for all of my Skyrim VR playtime, 28 hours, I've been playing with the wrong world scale. Also, since I last played, somebody has made a mod that adds your body below your head so you feel like a human instead of a levitating head! With these two additions (and 30 other mods I installed), I re-experienced the Helgen scene, and hot dang that dragon was big and intimidating.

I think I'll play Skyrim VR tomorrow.

Woke up in a camp on the coast of Winterhold, leg bleeding and quickly dying. Walked around a bit (probably not a good idea with a bleeding leg, whoops), found a shrine to Talos, prayed, but that didn't fix my leg unfortunately.

Went back to camp, and was saved by some vegetable soup I found in a sack (it counteracted the hp loss caused by the bleed for long enough). I like to imagine the vegetable soup was so healthy I just smeared it over my bleeding leg and it healed instantly :blobcatmelt:

This felt like a much more personal and open-ended start than the vanilla one, provided by Skyrim Unbound. Good mod!


@neon As one who plays with requiem, frostfall and iNeed in non VR skyrim, is it still worth the jump to VR? I got a headaet and required set up already :)

@krumbukt I'd imagine mods like those that require manual management and menu-usage would be at a disadvantage in VR, but I'd have a go. It's by far the best ported VR game imo. I'd recommend getting the VRBody and SkyUI (vr version) mods, I'd consider them essential. nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedi github.com/Odie/skyui-vr

I find it quite incredible that they didn't include this kind of obvious "feature" in the game from start, and that it's modder that brings it ... -O·o- ... (looks like a rushed version from what I read - can't test on free operating system :/)

@Olm_e @krumbukt Well, it is janky. They definitely wouldn't have shipped that mod, as it features no IK, and therefore you can see very stretched and obviously broken 3D art by just rotating your arms in a specific way. (It's not super obvious all the time because most of the time you don't see much of your hands, thanks to the relatively low fov.)

But it is definitely a very rushed version. An example of very obvious rushedness: mining is just a button press (instead of swinging a pick).

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