Feels like time to do a re- ! Name is Robin. I'm a (most known for AER Memories of Old). I've headed a game studio for 7 years, doing everything, but mostly game design, business, project lead and story writing.

I enjoy , and structure building based on strong fundaments and .

I like#cats, I cook , try to eat , a lot, try to , practice .

Pleased to meet all new ones!

Languages: 🇸🇪 🇬🇧 and a little 🇯🇵

@krumbukt hi! I love AER but have not finished it yet, mostly because it won’t run on my laptop (so I have to play when I visit my partner) but also because last time I stopped I was hung up on the platforming in the second temple...

The flying is amazing though, it feels like Abzu but even more powerful, and ♥️ the lambs that follow you and the herons that don’t care

@krumbukt @DialMforMara Point: you haven't tried it on your new laptop. We could do this today.

@DialMforMara @Canageek Makes me happier than one might think that you enjoy it ❤

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