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Feels like time to do a re- ! Name is Robin. I'm a (most known for AER Memories of Old). I've headed a game studio for 7 years, doing everything, but mostly game design, business, project lead and story writing.

I enjoy , and structure building based on strong fundaments and .

I like#cats, I cook , try to eat , a lot, try to , practice .

Pleased to meet all new ones!

Languages: 🇸🇪 🇬🇧 and a little 🇯🇵

6 hours worth of training this weekend with Carl Thompson, 4 dan aikikai and who has since 13 years had his home in Iwama, Japan. Great way to start of this semester.

As soon as the apartment is set up, I will begin some creative writing again :) Feeling nice to have stuff to look forward to.

Been back at work at Massive 2 days now after vacation, and already loads to do. Feels fun still though, so all good :) Just a bit fuzzy, coming in as a producer helping out and sorting through stuff and processes.

Just a week away from the first practice in my new dojo. Starting out with a weekend seminar with Carl Tomphson, who lives and practice in Iwama. 🥋

While my studio Forgotten Key did shut down, the game we made, AER is still owned by me and another co-founder of the studio.

We just reached a solution to continue working together with our.puvlisher, and as a result, AER will be released on Switch THIS MONTH

Our cats are terrified after being moved to our new apartment :( Feels like square one at the moment, but hopefully they will get to their more social state soon again

Move is in progress. I feel in the way everywhere. They are super quick :)

It's just great having a firm dp the move for you. First time in my life. A week ago they just left off loads of boxes, now we pack, then they move everything.

Always had to ask for a lot of help all the time in the past from family and friends. And as nice as it is to help out together, it's also always a great hassle, especially when my parents live far away and are getting older, and I don't have a drivers license.

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I am now working as a producer at Massive Entertainment in Malmö (since the 10th of June) :)

Moving here in a bit more than a month. Commute is dreadful until then, but will have a nice holiday inbetween first so all is good.

Always great to be weeks holiday just 1 and a half month after starting a new job! Will have plenty of time to move :)

Okay, so new job started a bit more than a week ago, and we are moving in August to a really nice apartment right in the center of Malmö. It's BIG, as in wow we have space to do some cool stuff.

Looking forward to the new adventures, even if it's a bit scary :)

Got a new job :) Will poat more when contracts are aigned. Will move to Malmö, Game Capitol of Europe

And just again: I am a firm believer in keeping kids away from pornography. But moralizing and putting taboo on it, at the same time as one dubiously quote and miscredit "science" regarding it makes it way to simplified to actually become something good.

There is a moralizing regarding sexuality and pornography, that is not grounded on reality, and in many ways probably either taboo building or hurtful.

They have made tests with politicians in Sweden to get them to promise to work for their ideas in the EU parliament if selected.

This should be seen as a test of naivity of said politicians, and for me it means I will trust anyone less who without question agrees to this.

And then... All 5 top candidates from the green party has signed it.

Hnngg.. There is a Swedish organization called Porn Free Childhood. The idea that small children should not be exposed of pornography is something that is easy to stand behind, but the organization itself uses a lot of weird and unfounded "facts" about sexuality and pornography that is just wrong (e.g., quoting "studies" that doesn't exist, or completely contradicting the studies they claim they have info from).

Anyone with some degree of critical thinking would understand the problems.

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