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Feels like time to do a re- ! Name is Robin. I'm a (most known for AER Memories of Old). I've headed a game studio for 7 years, doing everything, but mostly game design, business, project lead and story writing.

I enjoy , and structure building based on strong fundaments and .

I like#cats, I cook , try to eat , a lot, try to , practice .

Pleased to meet all new ones!

Languages: 🇸🇪 🇬🇧 and a little 🇯🇵

Hot damn, I just found @inventaire and it's what I've been wanting for so long. Everyone, sign upp immediately so we can share books 📚💖


Hot take: Everything is a generational thing (tm)

I feel somewhat lost in Skyrim at the moment. I feel like I want to enjoy the game, and actually finish it somehow at some point. At the same point, I feel a bit like I'm repeating the same things over and over, with massive diminishing returns.

running requiem has been fun so far, might just have to jump into a new actual quest line. On the other hand, that goes against my idea to try to "live" an actual character, and thus the value drops again. Nnghhh

A new game: Cat or Sloth? You can win eternal praise in the vomment section

I am probably going to unfollow quite many dormant users now that the new follow / followers handler is live.

Feel like knowing I am not tooting to the void (hey shop, I know you see whatever I write too 😄 )

I am confused somewhat on what to do professionally next. There are so many paths and just so much time. I need to choose one area to fpcus on, and it kind of causes me some head ache.

I have skipped a lot of practice this spring, due to work with bankruptcy. I long back to it, but also feel that I don't need another stress factor in having to go every time.

Hope to pick it up again as soon as I land in a bit clearer future.

Is there any current information on how many active users there are in the known fediverse?

Heading to Berlin on Tuesday for AMaze. First show that's not for work, gonna be fun :)

Boosting pics of my cats like there is no tomorrow!

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