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I'm a game developer with my focus on the theoretical side of things, with most time spent in -design, -writing and game direction at Forgotten Key.

I enjoy any good discussion, and thinking about things large and small is both a habit and an interest. is definitely an interest.

I practice , play pen-and-paper rpg, and I enjoy cooking (mostly vegetarian food, even though other things also fit the bill from time to time).

Well met everyone!

It's incredible how I still encounter entirely new dimensions of experience in my Skyrim playthrough. I am about 100 hundreds hours in with Requiem, Frostfall & Campfire, Interesting NPCs, iNeed and graphics enhancements.

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Still looking into starting up a food based instace sometime. Might wait for pixelfed's federation support first. Also looking to create a community for atmospheric adventures and not-games at some point in the future.

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We are an ethical alternative to Instagram.

The project is still young, but we are getting close to a polished v1.0 release with federation support!

We can't wait to join the fediverse. ❤️ #pixelfed

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InspiroBot™ exists to serve mankind.

Here is a portrait of Ejle the horse smuggler, one of the founders of the new rouge realm of Gwehenon, the hero riders, found in the country of Fylges in Mittland.

He is a man who likes to sleep when he can, get's angry at corrupt practices, and rebels against it through shady dealings. A difficult path to walk indeed!

Made by my close friend Henrik Rosenborg (

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I dunno if you lot know this about me but as well as fixing coin-ops, I run a little indie multiplayer text adventure game at Have done for just over ten years now. No ads, no creepy addictive game mechanics, kept alive by voluntary donations.

I'd really appreciate a boost, 'cause Project Wonderful shut down earlier this year, and we could do with some word of mouth.

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Started playing a horse smuggler character in a new Trudvang campaign. First real play session is in a week :)

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Guess I should do my #introduction...

Hello! Just migrated from tumblr, looking for a new social platform. I'm 21, ace/aro-flux, she/her pronouns.

I love D&D and Pathfinder, anime, video games, food, cooking, and travel. I'm kinda shy, but I don't mind making new friends!

Looking for more fun people to speak to here!

Anyone else interested in philosophy (especially regarding the good life and as a method to analyze other fields), game design, video games, pen and paper rpg, books, neat art, exploration experiences, good food, aikido and winter clothes that I can follow? :D

So Shop! What should I read next? Kind of in a reading slump at the moment

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I could listen to Sir David Attenborough all day, regardless of how dire the message is that he's delivering.

Talked about project management in games to students at BTH. Hope they gain something from it :)

Tutoring classes at the university here in Karlshamn these few weeks. Talking about game design, and today is the first day I am supposed to give them feedback on things they have built. It's going to be a lot of fun!

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Recently bought the ! Give me your beat recommendations :)