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Feels like time to do a re- ! Name is Robin. I'm a (most known for AER Memories of Old). I've headed a game studio for 7 years, doing everything, but mostly game design, business, project lead and story writing.

I enjoy , and structure building based on strong fundaments and .

I like#cats, I cook , try to eat , a lot, try to , practice .

Pleased to meet all new ones!

Languages: 🇸🇪 🇬🇧 and a little 🇯🇵

I am moving to new shores. Follow me over at @krumbukt moving forward <3 Thanks Shop, it was great being around!

Bought a flugelhorn <3 Haven't played brass in 10 years, but it was great trying it out again

Was looking in an old notebook this evening and found this cutting. It must be over 10 years old so have no idea where it’s from.

On monday I will start my new job at Frictional Games as their Studio Manager :) Looking forward to it a lot <3

Next stop is releasing Amnesia Rebirth this fall:

Just managed a 6B (VII) at the climbing gym 😀 At the same time as I have gained weight, is that worth a double celebration?

1 week until vacation. Friday next week will not only be stepping out for 3 weeks off, but also my last day at Massive. Moving on to new adventures :)

The PS5 is not a beautiful piece of hardware :/ Looks like a very modern building no matter if vertical or horizontal

Hasso geishi uchi! Feel blessed to have enough height up to the ceiling to be able to do some weapon practice at home 😅

From walks the past week. Would have been in Japan now, but at least there are some pretty cherry blossoms in Malmö too (although just single trees at certain locations)

The crones huddled in their secluded hut, brewing merrily.

They startled as a voice called from the entrance, "Are you well?"

"We are," said one.

"For now," said another.

"Supplies are running a bit low," mentioned the third.

"I can fetch what you need," offered the voice.

"What do you wish in return?"

"The secret to your health."

They agreed, gave the list and it was fulfilled.

"So what is your secret?"

"Wash your hands; now go."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Working from home from tomorrow, aikido practice cancelled for next coming weeks, trip to Japan to practice cancelled, no social events.

Social distancing is one of the most fruitful strategies now, but it's also so boring for me as an active person. I need my social interactions to survive too :(

........ No more open office spaces anymore in the wake of covid-19 pandemic?

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