Dirk Gently is one of the best shows ... I mean if I like it, that's a death sentence and it gets cancelled but the seasons that exist are amazing.

I just love the sound of a nice Rhodes piano in the morning.

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If you're looking for some good music to listen to tonight, try somafm.com. Really great stuff. If you like it, maybe toss them a few bucks for their hard work and keeping it commercial free. Suburbs of Goa is what I'm playing right now.

Reminder: even if it's not in my fitness tracker because I forgot my watch, it's still exercise.

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Linux is a really good privacy-friendly alternative to Windows, and nowadays it's easy for anyone to use. Modern Linux works just like Windows or Mac, you do not need tech skills to use it.

If you want to buy a computer with Linux preinstalled, there's a really good site that lists vendors around the world:


(One of the major vendors, @Purism , is on the Fediverse.)

See also:

#Linux #Computers #PCs #DeleteWindows #DeleteMicrosoft

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We have started to add support for @letsencrypt to Tutanota. This will make using Tutanota with your own domain (whitelabel) much easier as Tutanota will automatically get and update certificates for you. πŸ˜€

So, I know this is a year old but seems relevant. Been thinking more lately about what I consume and how I connect with people. wired.com/story/rss-readers-fe

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AMP for email is bad. Google is bringing AMP to Gmail not for your convenience or to increase speed, but to change your mailbox into a platform for marketers so that the ads jump into your face. 😀 Tutanota will not support AMP. Our business model does not rely on irritating our users with targeted advertisements, but on offering a quality email service that users are happy to pay for. πŸ˜€

I guess it's time to start in on the Eagles of Death Metal.

Do I let myself get sucked into a year of Wired for $10. . . ?

You know, I just can't hear Blue Monk without thinking in my head, "Cruella deVille. . . Cruella deVille..."

Need to get up and do stuff for the day so I switched from Schubert to Sun Ra. Yep, that did it.

You know, starting the day off with a cup of coffee and the Clash is a pretty good way to go.

I guess it says something about my day but this is just how it is.

now playing: somafm.com/metal/

Any other users of libro.fm/ out there? I just signed up because using the code SWITCH you get three books first month and more importantly, when you buy books, they also support your favorite local bookstore. Go Subtext Books!

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