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"When it's said and done, maybe we'll recognize the sacrifice of healthcare workers, teachers, caregivers, store clerks, or utility workers as patriotism. Maybe we'll give them guaranteed health benefits, build statues, and have holidays for this new class of hero who sacrifice their health and lives for ours. Maybe we'll start to see patriotism more as cultivating the health and life of your community, and less blowing up someone else’s."

How do you not buy this when you come across it in the store?

I don't post much here these days but I've really been impressed with the new functionality from @keybase , especially recently. These folks are really putting out a stellar product! Here's a recent example.

I got you're all having a nice night.

I spent the night cleaning up cat poop and fixing a toilet but at least it can end with this monster.

Well, it's snowing. Leaves haven't even dropped but it's snowing.

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I think I need a solid attitude adjustment. . . everything feels so stupid right now.


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A lot of my followers are cis and into software privacy/FOSS so I just want to make it crystal clear that a software dev placing limitations on its use for fascist behaviour is good and not in any way against free software, because a fundamental responsibility of the free-as-in-libre ethos is to *protect & help the oppressed*, and that is itself *in direct opposition to fascism*.

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Thanks to our awesome translators, Tutanota is already available in 30 languages! 😍 Join them today to improve Tutanota in your native language! Here's how:

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