the horse chestnut is about to open it's first buds into leaves!!!

(picture of bright green thick and big buds starting to open)

covid/social distancing, just mention 

hej dears, i think i can stomach the fediverse again. so hi! :)

fortunately my live doesn't need to change too much bc of covid.
i have a job, that i can still do, and i live with enough people in my household to not be lonely.
i can still go to my , where flowers are happening and even some frogs seem to have moved in. that's incredibly good for my otherwise stressed mind.

also I'm lace again.

i missed you!

violets are blooming in northern Germany! and spreading their gorgeous smell!

sorry friends and fediverse, in case you're missing my favs and small comments: i had to and will have to stay off social media for a while. it's too intense for me right now :/

[all pictures are of small pretty violet flowers surrounded by green grass or at the foot of a shrub]

good morning (well late morning) ๐Ÿ˜Š
thanks for the nice conversation yesterday and this morning!

weirder earth bike club!
I'm not commuting by bike right now, but I'm still using it fairly often for transportation. this evening i went home from my choir practice by bike above a small bridge that i really like. the moon was shining super bright behind some pretty clouds and i liked it a lot!

(*= sorry i don't want to use your hashtag for cultural appropriation reasons)

i got the garden this spring. so it's still very new to me. we're still getting to know each other!

today is also a first in trying out the deck chair as it is too warm to do any garden work. i carried it into the deepest shade i could find. sadly i didn't bring my book, but its still very enjoyable!

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in my garden! it's a first!! :blobpats: :yay:

how sad though that the is almost over already!

also until today i didn't notice how grass-coloured this is!

started a new project!
light blue Shetland wool on the wheel. :blobaww:

@jules, weil du fragtest: es ist super! fluffig, weich, geschmeidig, aber trotzdem wirkt es zumindest auf den ersten Metern nicht so langweilig wie Merino oder das Neuseeland Lamm. etwas griffiger irgendwie :3 ich find's erstmal super!

also this is my current stash! i still have to measure the yarn. I'm pretty proud!

thinking about making a Nightshift Shawl out of the green, turquoise, blue and purple one... maybe with some more - i don't know yet! any thoughts?

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also i wound the other yarn off the bobbin! i love it's different colours!

i split the handdyed top lenghtwise and the plyed the two singles parallel, matching the colours.

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back from my holidays! which is a sad thing, but I'm glad to be reunited with the working spinning wheel in my home! <3

I'm not doing daily but I'm very much still going! i had so much fun to finish the rolags by spindle! now they are wound into a plying ball waiting for the ply!

see Image descriptions for details!
[pictures hidden bc chocolate in one]

These are lovely rolags i got from @jules last year! I'm up to the second single. super thin, super fine, super fun! :awesome:

pictures of two spindles with super thin thread on them and rolags lying next to them. also a card with a squirrel on it!

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here are pictures of the vacation wheel! i think it's a louet?! @kikir
i think the actual energy-distribution part makes the noises: where the tradeling moves the wheel. anyone got experiences with that?
i postponed the oiling and did some spindeling instead. > next toot.

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yess, the second part of the top is on the bobbin! in just two settings! i split the top lenghtwise and im going to ply them parallel. I'm really looking forward to plying and the finished yarn! i love colour changes!
the was rather uneventful, but that was exactly the right thing after a full and exciting day at work! time for the mind to wander. still i keep thinking i should have made single yarn out of this fibre! but well...

hi , since the update the ๐Ÿ‘ button is gone. well it's not gone but it turned white! thanks for taking care on my favorite app!
screenshot attached

i haven't had or mojo now in weeks, almost months! but today starts the tour de fleece and i actually spun! thanks partly to you all sharing your lovely pictures!
i picked up my wips: a spindle project super thin from silky rolags that @jules made, and a wheel project a bit thicker handdyed top from also @jules :D

and: it's still fun! and the new fibre looks tempting too!!

yesterday i didn't leave the house and when i went outside today everything was so much greener! fresh big leaves everywhere!!
even the oak that is slower than the others was already fully green!

and the scilla is in full bloom and expands every year! but still so pretty!

from Hannover :)

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