weirder earth bike club!
I'm not commuting by bike right now, but I'm still using it fairly often for transportation. this evening i went home from my choir practice by bike above a small bridge that i really like. the moon was shining super bright behind some pretty clouds and i liked it a lot!

(*= sorry i don't want to use your hashtag for cultural appropriation reasons)

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@Satsuma @knittingsquirrel shit, is "bike gang" culturally appropriative? Should we change it? We definitely didn't mean to be assholes about it. @nein09 @distel @rabbithearth @mcmoots

@compostablespork @Satsuma @knittingsquirrel @nein09 @distel @mcmoots (i personally have some vague negative associations with 'club', mostly with connotations of belonging, like who gets to join the club)

@rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @knittingsquirrel @nein09 @distel I think "biker gang" primarily calls back to, like, the Hells Angels, who are ... *doublechecks wikipedia*... not just white but historically pretty racist. So, not the greatest connotation & prob worth changing on that basis, but I also wouldn't call it cultural appropriation? What am I missing here?

discussion of cultural appropriation 

i heard at some point that for white people (like myself, i don't know about you folks!) it's not cool to call each other or a random group "gang". i still hear that done quite often. but tried to change my behavior since.
i don't have a source at hand.
@rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @nein09 @distel

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel

hello, fellow white person

the idea that 'gang' excludes a group of white people seems problematic on the surface, since we ourselves are well capable of organized crime, and I'd like to know more, HOWEVER

#theWeirderEarthBikeNerds also sounds like a great bunch of people to belong to.

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@nein09 @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel as a non-white person in this thread, i think i at least want to weigh in with:
* i also have vaguely heard about people saying that white people using 'gang' colloquially is in appropriate
* i don't have a particular strong gut feeling one way or another, especially given the extremely varied historical usage of the word 'gang', including white people and non-white people alike

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@nein09 @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel but, i am in support of the motion to move to #theWeirderEarthBikeNerds, because it is a friendlier-sounding term anyway, doesn't bring to mind some notion of organized violence, and sidesteps potential conflict over whether or not 'gang' in this case is appropriative πŸ‘

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@nein09 @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel (my own local bike pals refer to ourselves as 'the peloton' when we get together and bike, which is a term that specifically refers a group of people biking together in a certain way; since we are more of a loosely-affiliated collection of geographically dispersed bikers, maybe that's not the most accurate word, either, but i like to think of us as biking "together" even when we are apart!)

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@rabbithearth @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel

can i just say that i am glad we are talking about this, in any event?

Since it's the internet, I know it might not be obvious and I don't want my comment to be taken the wrong way. I don't want to shut down the discussion.

I am also happy to leave the word 'gang' for actual organized groups of criminals, of which there are many, and none of which I actually belong to.

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@nein09 @rabbithearth @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @Satsuma @distel I just love you all so much and I'm glad we got this settled in time for my commute home!

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@compostablespork @nein09 @rabbithearth @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @Satsuma

Now I really love "peloton"!

but "Nerds" are awesome, I mean, as long as there's no gatekeeping for the title "Bike Nerd" because I don't even know how to properly repair my bike.

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@distel @compostablespork @rabbithearth @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @Satsuma don't worry, you are still a nerd about something and you are on a bike, so there you go, you are a bike nerd.

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@nein09 @distel @rabbithearth @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @Satsuma oh yeah, no offense but I think you're in with us nerds

@nein09 @compostablespork @rabbithearth @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @Satsuma

*takes bike nerd certificate and hangs it on the wall*
*decorates some garlands around it*

actually, my wallet declares me a "bike punk"

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@nein09 @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel I'm a white person; here's my understanding of the problem with "gang" in this context:

- Black ppl organize to protect & educate each other, sometimes also do crimes; white ppl call them "gangs," whip up hysteria about them, blame them for everything bad

- white ppl hang out together, call themselves "gangs," think it's a cute & fun thing to say about themselves (cont'd)

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@nein09 @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel

(cont'd) so in Euro/American culture, when white ppl form a gang, that's good and nice, but when Black ppl form a gang, that's bad and dangerous. obvious issues here.

because of this still-very-much-existing cultural context, it's more respectful to just not claim the word "gang" as a title at all.

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@twistylittlepassages @nein09 @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel this is very well put, thank you for articulating it that way

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@twistylittlepassages @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel

Thank you for this! It is helpful and it makes a lot of sense.

discussion of cultural appropriation 

Yes, thank you! And thank everyone for contributing. I am so grateful for discussions like this, and I learn so much.

@nein09 @knittingsquirrel @mcmoots @rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel

discussion of cultural appropriation 

@twistylittlepassages @nein09 @knittingsquirrel @rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @distel thank you, that got my brain to make the click that it needed!

Can't tell if remaining thoughts are worth anything or just the usual noise of white nonsense leaving my brain. Will see if they survive a sleep.

meta re: discussion of cultural appropriation 

@knittingsquirrel I really like how you did this, you gave us a good example of being thoughtful with terms and made it easy for us to follow your example. I also think it's good to err on the safe side, if unsure.

@mcmoots @rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @nein09

meta re: discussion of cultural appropriation 

@distel thank you 😊 I'm glad it was so well received! it's my go-to way in questions of cultural appropriation. i know people have different approaches and that's fine, but this one works well for me. especially when language and cultural barriers come on top of it i often wouldn't be able to understand things fully first. @mcmoots @rabbithearth @compostablespork @Satsuma @nein09

@knittingsquirrel by the way, I absolutely love how you joined the weirder earth bike group! I was wondering if we excluded people on other instances, which I wouldn't want, so I'm happy that you are with us! :))

@distel thanks for your nice words <3
(i mean i even have a weirder earth alt but as i didn't start using it yet, and many of you bike nerds are my mutuals anyways i decided to join over from the wandering shop 😊)

By the way, where is this bridge? Do I know it, by any chance?

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