so there is actually a working spinning wheel at the vacation place! (kinda guessed something like that!) i just cleaned it, just to find out that it makes horrible noise when you tradle. will check tomorrow if some oil is helping. otherwise i give up and stick to the spindle.

on tour.


here are pictures of the vacation wheel! i think it's a louet?! @kikir
i think the actual energy-distribution part makes the noises: where the tradeling moves the wheel. anyone got experiences with that?
i postponed the oiling and did some spindeling instead. > next toot.

These are lovely rolags i got from @jules last year! I'm up to the second single. super thin, super fine, super fun! :awesome:

pictures of two spindles with super thin thread on them and rolags lying next to them. also a card with a squirrel on it!

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@knittingsquirrel @kikir Oh wow!! Take away those holes in the wheel and it's a twin to my own!

@knittingsquirrel @kikir As for the noise... mine at least has three points where with a little acrobatics on the floor next to the wheel, one can drop a bit of oil into the axle assembly between the back-post and the center of the wheel (in principle you could also oil the joint on the front of the wheel, but I've never had to on mine, in nearly 25 years of 2nd hand ownership); the reachable parts on the treadle, too, if you think sounds coming from one of those points...

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