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Hi, I'm the knitting squirrel! !

I'm interested in & nature, personal growth, , feelings. totally here to cheer you on in these things!

also learning about people different from myself and how to stop or change oppressive structures (I'm white, German, afab, not disabled).

also , & .

somehow I'm not talking too much about these things on here, but mostly about and . *shrug*

so, Hi! :)

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'Verse, I might get to go to Munich for a couple weeks, in less than a couple weeks! Work, but will be there over a weekend and have some evening time. Any must-sees, must-dos, must-trys, must-buys?

Context: I'm a not terribly well travelled Canadian and have only been to continental EU, Italy, once before.

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I am so delighted that @britvulcan has found the perfect, succinct way to deal with my problem of not caring what pronouns are used for me but wanting to show solidarity with people who do by talking about pronouns the way another person might say 'I'm Gary and my pronouns are he/him' or whatever."

Here's what I'm gonna say now:

"Roll the dice, just be nice
Pronouns keep like summer ice"

I can draw a 🎲 (dice) on the name tag where there won't be room to write all that out.

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This swirling shape in the sea, off the coast of Iceland, is a bloom of phytoplankton. They usually happen when water from the deep sea is dredged up to the surface, where there's enough light to support photosynthesis.

Phytoplankton are a major part of Earth's carbon cycle, accounting for about half of all photosynthesis on the planet.

Credit: NASA Earth Observatory

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I should probably pin a post of explaining why I say disability lifestyle, but honestly I haven't completely figured out what I mean. It made me laugh when I first thought of it, plus fuck lifestyle influencers, plus something something deep and complex and cool but my brain is tired so maybe later it'll word. Plz reply with what "disability lifestyle" brings to mind for you. It'll help my own brain think things. <3

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Last week I saw someone recommend as a way to make money from home by transcribing. Skeptical, I had a look to see if they were legit, and they seemed to be, so I signed up.

There's a small grammar and English quiz, and then a transcription test, to apply. If successful, you can see client transcription jobs and their pay-per-minute, choose whichever jobs you like, work as much/little as you want.


yesterday i didn't leave the house and when i went outside today everything was so much greener! fresh big leaves everywhere!!
even the oak that is slower than the others was already fully green!

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at this point i almost feel like "gays who knit and are also into permaculture and homesteading" should be it's own subculture

oh yeah! after I've been so much on the spinning wheel - yes, i still need to show you! - i just now picked the spindle again. and it's so nice!!
my newest lightweight spindle with some super lush rolags i got from @jules. oh dear, such a joy!!

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For today's linguistic lesson, here's a refreshingly positive take on new ways language is using. (I'm not sure about the name "kidspeak" but I guess we can't have everything.)

And I learned that apparently "yeet" actually has a meaning and isn't just a noise people put in memes and stuff, which is the only way I'd seen it used so far. ;)

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it’s real important to give yourself credit. it’s really hard to do that in a lot of cases for so many reasons but sometimes you just need to stop and look at everything you’ve done, everything you’ve gone through, small things, huge things, things people know, things they don’t, & see that you’re here.

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32000 years ago, during the last ice age, an Arctic ground squirrel was gathering food, which it took back to its burrow. That squirrel never ate all of the fruit and seeds it stashed, and so they stayed there, buried under the Arctic permafrost. Forgotten.

Until the squirrel's ancient home was discovered by a group of Russian scientists. The research team managed to grow 36 plants from those ancient seeds. Here's one of them – an ancient type of campion (Silene stenophylla).


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there's only one day left and the campaign is a little less than halfway to getting a multiply disabled studient/speaker/creator his wheelchair! we all know how shitty the us healthcare system is; there's no way one person can afford all these expenses on their own! if you can please help eric get his wheelchair and the independence to do what he wants and needs to do!!!

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It's hard for me to explain complex concepts in English.
If we are discussing or whatever, you are probably going to "win" if that's what you want.

If you want to have a constructive communication... maybe forget about "winning" and try to understand.

I try to do it and it feels good.
I also ask when you use sayings I don't understand. It's great to learn from you.

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I'm in #Frankfurt, #Germany for three months! Any masto people in vaguely that area, do say hi, I know nobody here and it's really isolating.

What I have managed to do is meet local wildlife and am pleased to report that Frankfurt has some good flufs in its parks (which I've been able to photograph!)

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I also got a really nice picture of a red squirrel - they're really common here, but rare in my native UK where the introduced (originally American) grey squirrel is now the most common. Reds are smaller and have beautiful ear tufts and I was quite privileged to get this view:

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