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Hi, I'm the knitting squirrel! !

I'm interested in & nature, personal growth, , feelings. totally here to cheer you on in these things!

also learning about people different from myself and how to stop or change oppressive structures (I'm white, German, afab, not disabled).

also , & .

somehow I'm not talking too much about these things on here, but mostly about and . *shrug*

so, Hi! :)

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Trauma and "drama," racism Show more

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Trauma and "drama" Show more

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Liebe Menschen mit #Begleitperson im #Behindertenausweis: Ich weiß, dass wäre letztlich nur ein Symbol, aber was haltet Ihr davon, wenn wir ab jetzt auf jeder unserer Fahrten mit der #Bahn z.B. einer Pflege- oder Feuerwehrkraft eine kostenlose Mitfahrt mit der #Bahn ermöglichen würden? #Bundeswehr #Soldaten

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Non-binary HRT Show more

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“Hi, don’t mind the cat,” I say on my porch to the technician here to fix my AC as we step over a cat sunning itself near the steps. “Hang on, let me catch this other cat,” I say stepping inside the house. “Don’t pet him! He looks nice but that’s a lie.” I shut him in the bedroom. “Oh wait, don’t go in the kitchen yet, I have to catch another cat so he doesn’t get out in the yard,” I say, picking up one cat and hustling it into the guest bedroom, an additional cat following us

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This analysis of vocal ranges of male leads in pop songs is everything:

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I'm really happy because today is my first appointment at the gender clinic and I just started wearing makeup which makes me a lot more femme and also HRT for a couple months and I have tits and aaaaaaaa


Selfies, ec

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all masculinity is not bad! masculinity is not inherently bad! masculinity is valid!!

there are people -- cis, trans, and otherwise -- who are doing masculinity SO RIGHT. and i love them.

they will be the ones that heal it. encourage them. you don't have to be masculine to help. and never discourage someone from being who they are.

if masculinity is not for you, don't shit on it. there are masculine people trying to live their lives.

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🌽hello again, my little 🐠 mimichtin its time again for another thread on the Aztec Empire.

according to a little poll floating about, y'all were most keen on leaning about Food and Waste Management of the empire, which I can talk about for days. #StarTalk

A couple things to remember:

*This largely applies to the capital city of Tenochtitlan
*Because of Spanish/Catholic genocide, much information is missing/inaccurate/false
*I'm doing my best
*You can tip me for my work!

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Can help with: femme stuff, mention of: body hair, bras, make-up, boosts ok! Show more

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@gentlerdarknesses The male and female symbols are astrological symbols for planets--the comet represents being non-binarism as "not a planet", not being on the same continuum. :)

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Zur Körperpflege reicht Wasser pur. Nach vier Wochen hat sich die Haut an das Leben ohne Seife gewöhnt und reinigt sich quasi selbst. – Mit einer Ausnahme. ☝️ 🧼…
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some surprising sustainability Show more

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Gender should be opt-in, not opt-out.

(and opting out is extremely difficult and almost impossible in our current society)

I don't think it's right to force people into a system like that from birth. If someone wants to identify as a certain gender later, they can do that. Until they tell you their gender, I think it's best to assume that a person is just a person and not put any gender labels on them based on how they look or act. Even the pressure to choose a label can be stressful, sometimes you're just you and no matter how many labels there are, none of them feel right.

I think there need to be more options for people who don't feel comfortable existing in a gender system.

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It turns out, mapping the galaxy is a much more difficult job than anticipated, but using the light from Cepheid variable stars, which are stars that brighten and dim according to their size, we can pretty accurately tell distance. By using these stars, we can build a map of the distribution of stars in our galaxy...

So here's a 3D map of Cepheid variable stars, in our very own Milky Way galaxy, released in a survey done back in February. It reveals that the Milky Way isn't as flat as we thought, but rather a little bit warped or twisted. Although rare, it's far from unheard of to see a spiral galaxy with a wobble to it, and quite apparently our galaxy is among them.

Our galaxy is not flat, which means that a whole lot of art is out of date.

We don't know yet what caused the warping effect, could be a recent interaction or collision with another galaxy or even dark matter. At this point, it's still to early to tell.

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At the Dyke March last week I found the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. And I've been obsessed with them ever since.

They got this big project to reinvent the post office to provide fair financial services and internet access. To connect remote communities. To check in on disabled and elderly folks. To work on food delivery. To move to electric vehicles. To work with indigenous communities to acknowledge the colonial past and present of the postal service and reinvent themselves to provide the services and support those communities want.

Essentially, the postal workers union wants to build the #solarpunk future.



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Stop 👏calling 👏Farsi 👏 Persian 👏 !

"Persian" is an ethnicity and a language family; it is not a single language.


That would be like calling French "Roman." Yeah but also hella no.

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