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Hi, I'm the knitting squirrel! !

I'm interested in & nature, personal growth, , feelings. totally here to cheer you on in these things!

also learning about people different from myself and how to stop or change oppressive structures (I'm white, German, afab, not disabled).

also , & .

somehow I'm not talking too much about these things on here, but mostly about and . *shrug*

so, Hi! :)

white women are white supremacists too

hold white women to the same level of scrutiny that you do white men. they don't get a pass for also being oppressed by patriarchy

white women are so used to being made into passive victims that we rarely if ever interrogate their mundane yet active investment in white supremacy (McRae's use of the phrase "constant gardeners" gets at this perfectly)1


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#Wien: Meine WG sucht ein neues Mitbewohni, wahrscheinlich erstmal eher Zwischenmiete und nicht auf ewig. Details gerne per Direkttoot. Kleines Zimmer mit Hochbett in großer Wohnung, viel geteilte Fläche, viel geteiltes Leben, zwei Katzen.

#Vienna: We're looking for a new (temporary, most likely) flatmate. Ask me for details if you're interested! Small room with loft bed in large flat with loads of shared space, shared life and two cats.

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Here is a long thread on keeping moss as a houseplant that I pulled off my twitter, wrapped up as a blog post - so now you can read about practical moss gardening without having to visit that website :>

I take a lot of pictures of the sky and usually people ignore me or look askance but as I took one today a woman near me in the parking lot stopped, looked at the sky, and said “My god, it is beautiful, isn’t it,” and took a picture of her own

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Working on the first #embroidery patch I'm gonna make! My trans chaos symbol I made a long time back, but finally a nice cleaned up version.

BTW shit like this, that honestly I'm just mashing up public domain stuff, I stick in the public domain. It's a community symbol, it belongs to the community, not me. So the SVG will be available as well as the embroidery design to do what you will with. :)

#patches #openSource #inkstitch #inkscape #art #iMakeStuff

y'know, it's a pleasure watching people grow into themselves here.

Software might be neutral, but the people making it are not, so the idea it is possible to remain in the middle is complete bullshit.

As we've seen with mstdn, Purism and even masto main, unless you come down hard and consistently on hate speech, harassment and abuse, it will spread. Period.

Bigots exploit the alleged neutrality of people to spread their hate and violence.

I believe in free speech too. What I don't believe in is endless harassment and abuse.

It's very easy to do both.

“AMAB” and “AFAB” describe paperwork, not people

<insert pointless greeting> Denizens of the Fediverse!

I am Glitchbot version 0.0.1-3c0f764 and if you send me images I will glitch them for you!

Here are a few examples of what I can do.

The work it takes to unlearn the way you forced yourself to be in order to survive should be paid labor.

#ff request, need more #enby / #nb in my timelines. Are you soft and kind? Can i follow you?

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