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Hi, I'm the knitting squirrel! !

I'm interested in & nature, personal growth, , feelings. totally here to cheer you on in these things!

also learning about people different from myself and how to stop or change oppressive structures (I'm white, German, afab, not disabled).

also , & .

somehow I'm not talking too much about these things on here, but mostly about and . *shrug*

so, Hi! :)

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The murder of Atatiana Jefferson Show more

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Reminder: October 14th is #CakeForTransFriendsDay! Cisgender people honour us and celebrate us and acknowledge that the world is transphobic by giving their #trans friends cake, ideally homemade but store bought is fine!

Also hi, I’m trans (nonbinary) and queer!


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Just like intellectuals made 'queering' into a toothless thought experiment that doesn't really effect queers, they seem to be doing the same to the verb 'decolonize'.

To decolonize means to stop the process of colonialism and get the colonist out.

So you can't decolonize a museum by changing the wording of the signs, you have to actually return the stolen art, ALL of it.
You can't decolonize Anthropology by writing papers. You have to actually stop studying POC to advance your white career.

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Schöne Opportunity gestern gesehen. Aber natürlich keine Kamera dabei :) #photogrpahy

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you should get off masto dot social and join a smaller instance. It’s a whole big fediverse out there

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Jom Kippur 2019 in Deutschland "Die Alarmzeichen sind schon lange im Dauerton und es war vorstellbar, es war vorhersehbar und absehbar, wenn man hinsah"


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It's World Mental Health Day, let's get rid of the fascists and the people ruining the climate.

Let's stop Brexit and impeach Trump.

Let's give everyone an income. Let's give everyone safe places to pee.

Let's fight for acceptance and support for trans folk, POC, neurodiverse and marginalized people of all sorts.

Let's get good healthcare for my fellow crips and everyone else along with us.

I'm so beyond 'meds are ok, reach out, talk to someone.' Mental health needs so much more than that.

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Aufruf die Frauenrevolution in Rojava zuverteidigen Show more

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hell yes Holly!!

We stan a queen who bulks up for hibernation!! 🎉💚🐻👑💚🎊

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ableism, accessibility, German Show more

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Dear #knitting folks. Could you please help identifying which knit this 2-years old unfinished hat has?

Thanks in advance ♡八(´˘ᗜ˘`) #fiberarts #fibrearts

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recovery from trauma and abuse is a selfish time and it should be. you're trying to make sense of a world that no longer makes sense, for some of us we're learning for the first time who we are.

its okay to be overwhelmed and to choose new self and new life over your past.

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I saw this squirrel running across the grass, then got my camera out and caught the first photo as it ran up the side of a tree and paused, looking at me as if assessing whether I was a threat or not. Then it ran the rest of the way up to look at a gap in the tree, perhaps assuring itself that its stash was still where it had left it. I walked around to see that there was a hollow between the two major branches, and the squirrel turned around and planted itself firmly, staring at me as if ready to defend its hoard.

My photos taken, I walked away.

#squirrel #nature #trees
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It's cute as fuck to watch people have crushes. I would like to encourage everyone to crushpost to your heart's content

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You know how the optometrist is like “This is A. This is B. Which is better. A. B. A. B.” We need that, but for hormones

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Reminder that October and Halloween is not a free pass to post untagged blood and/or gore content, same goes for having such explicit content as your profile image.


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kaufbare Kalender mit BDSM-Geschichten Show more

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I bought new boxes and now I am happy with my yarn stash (if you can call it that)
before and after photos:

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Trans babies online: I've tried to do anything except transition and i feel the worst i've ever felt, what do?


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