The (in my circles at least famously) non-binary creator of the recent She-Ra reboot is going by Nate now, and here's a comic where he talks about this:

The "and this is... uh" "uh" part reminds me real hard of my own name feelings around 2014-2015.

@klara Yesssss I'm so happy and emotional about this news 😊


"but I never knew it was possible to feel this kind of joy and freedom in my form before

like I'm feeling grass beneath my feet

for the very first time"


@ghost_bird @klara

It's long, but that'd be a *fantastic* quote for a pride parade. ^_^

@klara this is great! ❤️

Our fam loved She-Ra and 9yo wants to watch it again. Unfortunately, suspense in our current show, Owl House, is starting to feel uncomfortable to kidlet. She-Ra automatically more comfortable having seen it before.

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