I would like to read up on using Docker but I'd also like to not be bored or angry. Is there any solution to my conundrum?

Bonus points if it's by someone who's also written about other open source cloud stuff, because yikes is so much documentation a mix of dull and pandering.

@klara I should mention that I like Jess Frazelle's blog a lot ( ), which is in no way an introduction to containers but is very clear at every point when discussing them about what they are and are not, in a way that a lot of documentation either glosses over or gets totally wrong in a way that will bite the practitioner down the line.

@klara Also if you're using Docker for Mac, please enjoy the OCaml networking library embedded deep within its slippery viscera.

@yomimono I think I'm using the regular Docker (it was installed through Brew), but woo OCaml networking code getting some use?

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