I am so here for this very specific and accurate call-out: mcsweeneys.net/articles/a-stat

(I wasn't there for undergrad so I only tangentially experienced their inferiority complex, but it's totally a thing. (And... really unnecessarily so? But I'm just some random Midwesterner, not an elite WASP or similar, so what do I know.))

Someone on birdsite recommended this Cambridge (England) therapist, and while I don't know anyone over there on birdsite, it occurs to me that I sorta do here: jessieholder.wixsite.com/mysit

Hey, does anyone know where one could get, like... something along the lines of an old-time-y accountant visor thing, but less... stodgy-old-dude-ish?

(There is a straight line of fluorescent lights right above my monitor at work that is just super distracting, is the thing.)

The MySpace music archive loss has I guess given me feelings about accidental music discovery, and apparently I'm responding to that with a playlist of alternating World/Inferno Friendship Society and Mr. Universe songs?

Probably better for my feelings than just blasting Marian Call and Girlyman, but still, jeez, self.


I finally picked up my copy of that extra gay, fusion-centric special of the Steven Universe comic that everyone has been talking about!

Honestly I usually prefer the ones where the whole issue gets to be one story, but this is definitely my favorite shorts issue so far.

(Also I finally watched Dirty Computer last night! Just under a year late, I know. (In case you haven't, maybe you'd like to know that it's even queerer than I'd assumed from seeing some of the individual videos.))

In which I took OpenAI's 117-million parameter neural network and retrained it to write character bios for Dungeons and Dragons

Finally watching Russian Doll episode 2, aka "I can't wait to be a useless piece of shit all day and play all these drugs".

an explanation of who these gods are, 'cause you probably haven't read the Inheritance Trilogy, have you Show more

silly thoughts on N. K. Jemisin's inheritance trilogy, no spoilers Show more

Apparently my employer has acquired some sort of "quantum entropy device". I can only assume one supervillain or other will be raiding our datacenter any day now.

A cool thing about this week is that I genuinely can't tell if I'm unwell in some subtle way or if the time change plus early work hours plus a long commute are just messing with me.

So on the one hand I know that jokes about archaeologists and curses are sort of played out and shouldn't stand in for real discussion of the issues of imperialism and such, but oh my stars this could be the start of such a good cursed archaeologist story: npr.org/2019/03/10/702017075/a

Thank you Internet Archive for preserving this musical programming language that probably otherwise would have been lost: web.archive.org/web/2016071913

"come to your joyful love journey and ride your uptight, stoned tiny horses"
Your horoscope for March, according to mini-GPT-2

I think @elly posted this, and I had it open in a tab forever, but these sorts of historical religious details are so my jam: people.brandonu.ca/nollk/canaa

It's like, hello things you vaguely remember from the Bible that never really made sense: meet something approximating your original context!

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