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Now that I'm done with A Wrinkle In Time I've picked up Catherynne Valente's Space Opera, even though I haven't finished the Orphan's Tales, because-- actually, I don't need to justify this. Just... look up the premise of this book.

So far it reads charmingly like Douglas Adams.

A lovely but somewhat taunting experience: walking past an unlabeled building with its door open that is clearly the off-site kitchen of somewhere that serves delicious pies.

Maybe if I weren't so shy I would have asked where I could acquire pies.

don't like mastodon's interface?

try out an alternate interface! the two i know of are Pinafore and Halcyon

Pinafore is a single-column client with its own design, at pinafore.social

Halcyon is a near 1:1 copy of the Twitter interface, and is available in a lot of places, one of which is itter.photog.social/login

Notifications say I'm being followed by some murderthingy called @SUEtheTrex but my advanced artificial intelligence system sees no sign of danger
so that's a relief

I've caught up to the Steven's Dream retrospective on the SU podcast; some things that make me happy

- unlike lots of animated TV commentary, they're not gross when talking about Korean animators

- the crew jokes about Greg's life with the Crystal Gems being Tenchi-Muyo-esque

So I don't want to explicitly label it as a shakedown, because I'm far from am expert here, but pairs of guys in suits are definitely pitching high-end card readers to downtown Chicago lunch vendors awfully aggressively.

Folks who are new, you may enjoy @noelle 's awesome "An Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon"

It turns out "draw me a picture of whatever I ask for" is a really hard task for an algorithm. This one will try its best though: t2i.cvalenzuelab.com/

Changing random stuff until your program works is "hacky" and "bad coding practice", but if you do it fast enough it's "Machine Learning" and pays 4x your current salary.

I'm disappointed, but I think I have to admit that my aspirational policy of just never again visiting any establishment where any employee misgenders me even once is not going to be viable, even working downtown. *grumbles*

Revealing my laziness, but: anyone know a programming language similar enough to elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/c for basic IDE support?

E.g., I'd like brace/quote matching to know that # (and not //) starts comments, etc.. I'm not writing my own anything for this random config format.

I'll have a bunch of more serious things to say about A Wrinkle In Time when I'm done with this reread, but consider the interpretation of Camazotz as being run by the CIA's Information Technology department gone horribly right.

More Rebecca Sugar being great, but honestly this article makes me mad: ew.com/tv/2018/08/13/steven-un

There's a lot amazing about Steven Universe, but representation-wise what it's doing should be baseline! That it's something she's had to put her career on the line for is ridiculous.

Many of my fandoms in recent years are feminist SF/F novels, so I'm unused to this. Like, say, @ann_leckie's Provenance isn't groundbreaking despite going farther than SU, representation-wise, and that's... comforting?

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I finally found a place near work where I can get a falafel sandwich for under $8!

It's just too bad it isn't technically... good.

I really miss Magic Carpet (a vegetarian food truck in Philadelphia from which I'm certain I acquired at least a thousand lunches).

Your regular reminder that you probably want to turn off "web and app activity" for any Google account you use on your phone, even though this messes with a bunch of features that shouldn't really require it: apnews.com/828aefab64d4411bac2

For once I'm going to do Follow Friday:

Y'all should seriously consider following @cats. They were one of my first Mastodon follows, and I've never regretted it.

That is all.

@rhea Hey, I finally read your Fandomentals interview after having it open in a tab forever, and wow is the "and ‘for some reason’ I was really protective of and wanted to hang out with the queer kids, I didn’t know why" part relatable.

(Despite how, having met you when I did, I can't imagine you as not just obviously queer! But I'm sure some people could say that about me, and yet.)

I should find a Japanese grocery store with that fancy pre-packaged toast so that when I'm running for my train in the morning I'm at least carrying the correct baked good. I feel like such an off-brand knockoff with these croissants and muffins.

Also on the subject of fucking with brains: next up is A Wrinkle In Time, because after seeing the movie I'm super curious how it holds up as an adult.

I don't remember it very well, so maybe I'll be surprised when Meg almost gives in to temptation and picks up the Wave Beam?