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Klara on the lookout @klara@wandering.shop

Today, to address an "I have to write a small thing in this language and don't even know its basic syntax" situation (as one does), I read a bit about Groovy. And I don't like it. Which continues a trend applying to everything I've ever encountered from the Apache Foundation.

I don't know what it is: something about their aesthetics, ideas about what day-to-day programming should be like, tradeoffs between configurability and expertise required, etc.. But their stuff repeatedly frustrates me.

@moshboy oh! There was a take-rocket-to-Mars sim on Atari 800 that made you decide what to bring, and weight and cost was important. You could buy cats, which were useless. But you could buy *negative* amounts! I would fill up on negative cats and float off the Earth with tons of equipment and piles of cash. I still think about all those negative cats.

...ok, fine, I'll post a public selfie for once to show these off.

(Yes, I am totally just using this as an excuse to replicate the showing-off-gothy-boots photos my cis friends were all showing off in their teens and early 20s.)

Guess what I bought on a wild impulse? New boots!

They're... nothing like any boots I've owned before, to be clear. But the local goth store is closing for real again, and wow do I have lots of feelings about the badass goth girlhood I never got to decide whether to try to have.

just gave a presentation on Digital Conjuration Using Hermetic Methods!

this project would have been impossible without Wolf & Grimsbane's seminal work on data storage, which has unfortunately been out of print long enough that it has become a difficult find

as usual, we found what we needed at @SuricrasiaOnline : suricrasia.online/library/#unb

thank you, suricrasia online, for saving our research project!

Nope, it was the right choice: I walked home carrying the 20th anniversary Mage: The Ascension book (which is a goddamn tome), and I look way more like a wizard with the hat and scarf.

I feel like I'm missing cultural context re: FFVIII's Disciplinary Committee.

Seifer is clearly the ready recruit for fascism type of dude. But the neurodivergent girl and the boy who seems to be of another ethnicity are way loyal to him. Are these, like, Japanese cop tropes...?

It's the first day this fall where the temperature isn't expected to get above 50Β° F, and I _may_ have overdone it a bit with the layering.

Oh my stars, the Google image search results for "beach summer fun buddies" are so wholesome, it's great: google.com/images?q=beach+summ

[This is a Steven Universe thing, though I wouldn't really consider it a spoiler unless you consider characters' appearances to be spoilers.]

I'm reading the fourth (and last?) Murderbot novella. It's predictably good.

I see that the hip new blockchain-based systemd replacement startup, [hashtag]InitTogether, is advertising on Chicago's train platforms as well.

I only rarely let a browser/site save form data for me, so, um, I guess here's what my Google search history looks like at the moment.

I suppose it's pretty in character.

I watched season one of The Good Place! Yes, it's as funny as y'all'd been saying.

The worldbuilding is nonsense, the characters can only be taken so seriously, and it's fine? I grew up on clever comedy, but my patience for downpunching humor is lower than ever, so I'll take it.

People behind me on thos bus, who sounded like a straight couple, were talking about a coworker of one of theirs whose pronouns are they/them; while the other of them was unnecessarily curious about this person's assigned sex, both used said pronouns and acted generally unfazed.

And I get that this shouldn't be a big deal, that it should be baseline, etc., but it's still so much better than I expect. (It... it might be that my default expectations for cishet apparent-normies are awfully low.)

There're half a dozen people here who I've been on 2Β±1 dates with and would like to see again. Which is great! But I don't know any of them well enough to see more than one at a time (except the two who already knew each other).

So dates are easy, but board game nights are hard.

Due to juxtaposition-of-posts I briefly wondered what kink "dnsmasc" was.

being cis is the β€œit compiled and ran first time with no edits… ok, what’s 𝘳𝘦𝘒𝘭𝘭𝘺 going on here?” of gender

Oh, I finished this! I don't read a lot of novellas, but it was fun?

I've heard complaints that the author is clearly so into anarchism, but, like, maybe that's ok? Her characters seem like kinds of anarchists who often get overlooked. Let them have a supernatural horror story.

Aww, I'm ever so briefly on CTA train #2 today!