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What is with this fanart made to murder me specifically but that I can't explain without spoiling both Revolutionary Girl Utena and Steven Universe 

"Little one, who bears up alone in such deep sorrow, never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up. I give you this to remember this day. We will meet again. This ring will lead you to me one day."

(I swear, if someone got her to read that line it would utterly destroy me.)


Locked Tomb nonsense, only the vaguest hint of a spoiler as to a broad category of things that happen 

It's been fun thinking about who might be cast as who if the Locked Tomb books were adapted for TV, but honestly I think if that happens it should be animated.

Not even for the over-the-top locations and special effects, just as a courtesy to whoever ends up as casting director.

Words are in front of you. Do you have to choose to read them, or does it happen automatically?

Boosts OK and encouraged!

I have now read Nona the Ninth, over a period of only four days, which is quite unusual for me. (I had a good weekend for reading, what can I say.)

So, um, anyone wanna talk spoilers, please do send me message.

I'm not gonna post spoilers myself (I know I could, here, but most of what I've got right now is just very short exclamations), but I liked it a lot, I like how the series is progressing, and I'm very excited for Alecto.

After all the drawing prompts humans have been giving to text-to-image models like and , it's time to turn the tables.

GPT-3 has generated prompts for humans to draw!

miscellaneous object
to other objects.

Me, an object oriented programmer, using encapsulation to enforce a separation of concerns: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

Me, identifying interactions between the concerns I previously separated: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

Does GPT-3 know what it's like to be human? Yes, it turns out an internet-trained AI can indeed cite the universal human experiences of:

Covid, good news for once, booster availability anecdote 

I just booked an Omicron-updated booster appointment for next week!

I don't know how much availability is region/provider-specific (I'm in Chicago, and I got the appointment at a Walgreens), but, seriously, this is a big deal. Check to see whether this is something you can get!

fundraising link (not mine) 

An old friend of my roommate's is in a tough spot, if any of y'all have money to share:

The Locked Tomb, stupid Internet meme as possible inspiration for character name, maybe the tiniest spoiler if you squint 

Today I realized that-- not in-world, thankfully (this has been confirmed by preview chapters), though knowing the author it could have been-- the name "Nona" works entirely analogously to "Bofa".

And I'm mad about it, but also, I don't know what I expected.

At last the Carmilla Weekly project has started:

(Because I suspect some of you would also like a weekly excerpt of the original lesbian vampire story.)

past employment, Covid policy (---) 

I've often said, over the past 5 years, that I'm glad I don't work at Google anymore, but now I feel like I'm saying it in a different tone:

Just, of course this is all over Memegen but ignored by management. Of course there's a No Vaccine Mandates group. Fucking hell.

(I also used to be very reticent about saying publicly that I used to work for them, but it's been a long time now and also it wasn't even under this name, so screw it.)

I think, when I consider playing a new video game, I should check whether it has some sort of "dodge roll".

Not that I absolutely won't play it if it does. But I feel like I, a person who has never quite mastered even a normal "block" mechanic, should know what I'm getting into.

mild spoilers for Utena episode 9, very vague reference to Utena episode 34, me doing that thing again where I act like expressing my feelings by analogy to fiction makes them more rather than less comprehensible to others despite all evidence to the contrary 

Today I'm thinking about how at some point Utena's gotta process her grief over her parents.

Yes, your parents dying when you're young _isn't_ as bad as [REDACTED], but, you know, it's still pretty bad! Maybe take some time to process that!

references to Harry Potter character, misgendering, and self-deprecation, but all in a shitposty context that's really just an excuse for a Locked Tomb joke 

Getting my hair recolored, and I'd previously thought of the just-bleached phase as my shitty Draco Malfoy look.

But I've realized that this is kinda problematic internalized misgendering.

So I'm going to start trying to think of it as my shitty Ianthe Tridentarius look.

vague implied The Good Place spoilers, Sandman casting details 

My brain is ever so slightly stuck on how Sandman cast, in the role of Death, the person who on The Good Place had played Simone, who I can only imagine would be one of the more frustrating sorts of people for a good-hearted psychopomp to deal with.

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