So we're all nostalgic for Winamp, which I get. All those skins, etc.. But who else to MP3s (or the short-lived MP2s) _before_ Winamp?

Because I found a mirror (links broken, unfortunately) of the maplay 1.2+ for win32 page, and wow does it take me back:

I listened to so many low quality encodings of anime songs with that thing. (Well, maybe not _that_ many-- I was limited both to what I could download over dialup and to what I could find on the pre-Google Internet.)

Hey gamer friends: what games with wholesome queer shit in them should I recommend to a babytran pal who describes her taste in games as "things like Resident Evil or like Civ"?

The games don't need to be wholly wholesome, but she could use more non-tragic queerness in her life.

Oh hey, I walked over to Lake Michigan the other day and forgot to post about it.

It's been doing a lot of freezing this winter. I'm kind of sad that I didn't catch it in the churning ice phase, but the still coldness has its own kind of beauty.

VLADIQUEER: "Hey, I'm open to flirts but won't initiate; if you're interested, approach me!"

ESTRAGAY: "Oh gosh, me too!"

[They do not flirt.]

This is what the Internet looked like when I was first able to access it at home and explore all the wonders of human knowledge and creativity using Internet Explorer 2.0:

gender is a construct, and as such, possesses low-light vision and darkvision, and is immune to mind-altering, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease-related, and death effects

Android question 

Recent Android versions removing permissions from apps that haven't been used in a while seems sensible to me. Normally.

But here it has removed them from something called "CarrierDefaultApp". What is that? It's not in the app menu. What functionality has been turned off here?

LB: per news elsewhere, you can test this by running `sudoedit -s /`.

Before the patch this gave me "sudoedit: /: not a regular file" (after authenticating). Afterwards I got sudo's standard "usage" message.

Heap-based buffer overflow in sudo:

- exploitable by any local user (even non-sudoers)
- introduced in July 2011
- affects default configuration

with hair
of dog
that bit one.

A thing I just learned: myths from all over the world describe the Pleiades as seven sisters, with a story about why only six are visible. But 100,000 years ago seven of them would've been visible, so the original "seven sisters" name may have been coined then, which was _before humans even left Africa_:

(Content warning: several of the myths involve shitty male pursuers in the form of the constellation Orion, because of course they do. *sighs at, e.g., the Greeks*)

URGENT: meta, defederation, kiwifarms 

Kiwifarms set up a Pletoma instance to fill the gap until they’re able to set up a forum to harass and harm again. I recommend suspending the instance at ASAP.

The latest Bundle of Holding is the modern edition of Changeling: The Dreaming, which is... a bit twee, honestly, and very white, but not without merit. And the money goes to the late author’s partner, who’s facing gigantic medical bills and homelessness:

Dragon Quest XI, only vague spoilers 

The premise of the game sounds so dated, but what actually happens in act 1 is you travel the world making severely queer-coded friends almost everywhere you go. And so far act 2 is about revisiting those towns and organizing for mutual aid??

It's not a game for people who don't like talking to everyone, reading all the readable books, getting invested in minor NPC stories, etc.. But boy howdy is that what I like in DQ games and does this one ever deliver.

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