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some free software is "libre as in lucha libre":

it helps to make up a secret identity, because you're going to have to do battle with a bunch of masked chuds with opinions before you even get to wrestle the software itself

all this is to support my overarching thesis that if Shakespeare were alive today, his plays would be thinly-veiled bisexual Homestuck fan fiction with titles like "It Do Be That Way" and "Whomst'd've"

I finally read the second half of In The Night Garden-- much more quickly than the first half! It's possible they're meant to be read right after each other?

Anyway, this set of nested stories gripped me much more than the first one. Maybe due to all the lesbian monster pirates?

PROTIP: You can thread a toot onto another without sending it as a reply to that thread and the people in it by deleting the @ mentions in it. All my β€œLB” toots are threaded with the toot they refer to!

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What will the machines debate when the humans are gone? I fed 4,369 British Parliamentary style debate resolutions into to generate new topics suitable for the post-human era.

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Attempted resuscitation fails
of overanxiety.

"Charming lesbians can get away with bubble pipes, but no one else, and no other kind of pipe." --@cislyn, at practically her most judgmental.

A particularly shameful set of file modification times.

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Inconvenience disregarded
when booty is
in sight.

I've been programming in Java all week, and today I both used a do-while loop _and_ implemented binary search. Have I... gone back in time 20 years...?

Hello I am New To Mastodon
I like the Well Ordering Theorem, Hate the Axiom of choice, and I am a Shark Girl In a maid Outfit

Sometimes I feel lucky that I didn't accidentally choose a really popular name, but, on the other hand, am I effectively just a compromise between the many Claires and the many Karas?

"Debbie, your cleric has been raised to the 8th level. I think it's time that you establish a place of worship so as to attract 2d10 fanatically loyal followers. They'll serve without pay as long as you don't change deities and/or alignments.

Technically your place of worship only has to be a 2000 square foot building with an altar/shrine/chapel/etc., but I recommend a 2500 square foot fortified stronghold if you can get one, to work towards those 9 silver pieces per inhabitant at 9th level."

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