us pol / trans shitpost 

So I managed to get GPT-3 to generate new Victorian handkerchief flirting codes.

I hope you find them useful for adding subtext to your next zoom call

transit silliness 

transit silliness 

First Dominion game of 2020!

This spread feels appropriate.

I haven't seen this going around a lot, and it looks _really_ neat:

It's not just the cute pixel avatars in a custom location aspect, although that is charming: it's that you can do video chats the way you'd do conversations in real life. To me this makes the idea of a casual virtual hangout involving more than a handful of people sound actually feasible for once, which is definitely intriguing!

crowdfunding request for a friend 

A thing I'm noticing this year: when I order some household thing online, there's no option to order directly from the manufacturer, and I don't order from some known big box entity, the chances of it ending up being shipped from Amazon are just exceedingly high.

And it's not like there's a dearth of other sites to buy from! Just, you know, more and more of them aren't stocking things themselves. Even eBay isn't a safe bet for Amazon avoidance anymore, which makes me wonder why it still exists.

mention of how long we've been in lockdown 

Why certain peoples wear only loincloths.

being someone who's played too many JRPGs 

Partly signing off for the night. [US pol mention] 

SNES JRPG rambling 

SNES JRPG rambling 

SNES JRPG rambling 

Hey, what movies still on Netflix in the US are good?

No genre constraints, but, like, actually good (however you define that), not "well if you're already bought into this kind of movie, ignore the bad writing/acting, and/or can ignore the following shitty tropes".

This AI has never heard of but when I gave it the list of existing teams, GPT-3 predicted that these teams will come next.

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