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Self "trade" is not spelled "traid" are you absolutely sure you're over that head cold.

Between me and the Editrix we have discovered that there are enough characters in this novel to write a game of live Clue and now I need to find where you can get an ottoman-sized plush die. (Apparently is a thing that exists, so now I just need to do live Clue deleted scene.)

Today had damn well be a better day in my brainpan (It's not starting out well.) or I will start stabbing the offending neurons with a miniaturized cattle prod.

Tonight's trip down self-loathing lane involves Urban Fantasy And Teen/Young Women Witches Are So Overdone And You Missed The Boat Princess And Yours Aren't Anything Special So Go Away.

I have no idea who decided we needed these sets of neural pathways but as soon as I finish my sushi I'm going to burn them out with a very tiny blowtorch and get back to work.

Aaand I'm back in the place where I hate my writing and I'll never be as good as everyone else and blah blah blah shut up brain or I will stab you with a chopstick.

I must have gone through some kind of level up in the Author character class over the last couple years because What The Actual Hell Was I Thinking is the new subtitle of this novel draft.

After an incredibly vivid dream last night that was the entirety of a novel in progress played out in my head in movie form starring me, yes, I FINALLY am re-outlining and rewriting Nerd Girls Save The World, THANK YOU SUBCONSCIOUS I GET IT.

The tweetthread starts here, for those of you not following me on the birbsite. (There's a thread only on birbsite because it started off also with a bad joke there.)

The synopsis of this alone is over 5k. In contrast, the story I just took a count on today has a synopsis at 1.6k words and a finished length of 100k words.


This is the synopsis that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend.

Seriously, I'm expecting this to be 120k at a minimum at this point.

If you liked the old Livejournal concept, but hate what the Russian owners have done with the place, I recommend trying out Dreamwidth.

It's based on a fork of the original LJ code, but continually developed since then for a much better experience. The people who run the place care about community and they're definitely LGBT+ friendly.

#livejournal #dreamwidth #blogging

Aaargh I'm generating novel ideas with entire plots and characters at such a rate I think I need to start keeping a binder of them again. I mean it's a problem I bet a lot of writers would kill me to have but it's a problem okay?

Okay. And now that I've had a public meltdown on the Tweeters about the gentrification and housing absurdity in my town, I'm going to get back to the writing I meant to do an hour ago!

Saturday so far: Wake up. Enjoy a slow morning. Read a bit of Monkey: A Journey to the West. Go to capoeira. Lots of kicking and dodging. Come home, Pass out for three hours. Wake up. No idea what day it is or what planet I'm on.

I've got my freelance site up and running. Want editing? Cover copy? Ebook or print formatting? I'm your gal.

I can't even tell you folks how much I'm looking forward to my Camp NaNoWriMo novel this year. I am looking forward to it so much. I love everyone in this book.

Except the villain, who can get locked in a very small box for the rest of ever.

My fae ADA protagonist is going to build a barricade and teach her entire never-been-in-a-21st-century-human-city pack of fae friends the entire lyrics to Do You Hear The People Sing. It's going to be amazing.

HAH. Hard painful edits done! Now day jobligations and then I can do the easy edits. Easy peasy puddin' and pie.

I'm trying to find more people to follow here on mastodon. Who are you favorite people to follow? I'm partial to following creative people (artist, game devs, musicians, etc.) but i'm open to any suggestions! :D

Out here doing edits like a boss. A very edgy, self-hating, nervous boss. Argh.

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