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Gentle reminder that it's okay to go to sleep when you're tired. It doesn't make you lazy or mean that you aren't committed to your job, schoolwork, or whatever else compels you to stay awake.
Getting enough sleep is a responsible thing to do, and necessary for the health of your flesh-body.

Edits on this, edits on that, drafting on three different things, logistics on the other thing, and where is my focus? Where is it, I ask y o u?

No, really, where is it, because my brain is running in circles very fast and this is not useful.

I have one vote for western fantasy on Twitter and one vote for acquatic fantasy on Mastadon! Guess which one I'm going to write.

Of course it's both, what do you take me for.

Someone decide which story I'm working on so I can break out of decision paralysis and start writing already.


*bites off arm* Fantasy? Urban fantasy? Western fantasy? Subterranean fantasy? Animal companions fantasy? Aquatic fantasy? ARGH. *bites off a few toes*

My friends, I have an informal poll for you: what are the necessary and relevant qualifications for "fantasy" as a fiction genre to you?


Then I get the draft back to the Editrix and to the tv writer who wants to adapt it for television and pray.

Every once in a while I look at this cast and think "am I overdoing this because I've been part of the queer kids groups since middle school?" but you know what. Fuckit.

Currently writing background for the high school magic wielding superhero series and so far I have one likely genderfluid character, one bi secondary character, one lesbishedoesn't know character, one bi main character...

Me: Can you tell it's doing the thing where it's putting itself together behind the curtain and not letting me see until I have fingers to kb? And then not further than the next few paragraphs?

Editrix: YES. YES IT IS.

(Actually what I really want is Aughra's orrery. If I had Elon Musk's money I would totally build Aughra's orrery.

I'd let people come in and tour it and live in a closed off part. Or I'd have a big version for people to tour and a smaller version to live in. Yes.)

And now, worldbuilding Starlight, with a huge backlog of stuff I should have figured out long ago. I need an orrery.

(Actually what I need is to figure out how to build my own orrery, which shouldn't be too hard, but what I want is a program that builds a virtual orrery.)

This story is going all over the damn place and I have no idea what's going on yaaaaay.

I will be amazed if I get all the writing work done today that I wanted to, I'm decompressing so flat I can barely get through day jobligations. Ugh.

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I love all my girls in this book, but today I love how they eat ice cream when they're upset and aren't ashamed of it.

Okay. That's about 1500 words written in The Fae After Tomorrow, which, wow. I think that's finally going smooth again.

Next up: Line edits, legal crap, and trying to thread my way through the damn phonetic alphabet so I can make good and proper choices for worldbuilding. The things I do for my novels.

*punches self in the head* Lifestyles later, self, The Fae After Tomorrow now. Write the damn words.

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