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I'm trying to keep my eyes open to 9.30 and I'm not sure it's actually going to happen. Which is poop because I have so much I wanted to work on today and I managed to get... background drafted. And that's it.

I mean I guess it's to be expected given how little and how poor sleep I got last night but grrr.

And now I need to write a short story about people of faith or students of myth or something just to incorporate this creation myth into some fiction because damn I'm good.

... Okay, this creation myth thing is coming out more complex and yet more interesting and fitting than I thought and I still am not sure about naming conventions, but at least now I have some idea where to hang it all.

Maybe if I sidle up sideways to the whole naming problem it'll be less daunting. What about the world mythology? Let's try that.

I do need to get in on the naming thing though, before the number of [noun] notes gets absurd. I guess that'll be this weekend.

... Okay good, I said Bean Nighe originally and that's what I wrote up secondarily so. At least some parts of my brain are still working!

That moment when you're speed-writing background to fight a 4 The Words monster and you can't damn remember if the character was a Bean Sidhe or a Bean Nighe argh.

At least the bulk of the background is actually done, then I can go back and look which I'd written down in the other entry.

Okay. Day jobligations discharged, getting to the write job now. Lots to draft, lots to edit, lots to do. What's my order of operations...

1. Background on Starlight
2. Background on The Fae After Tomorrow
3. Malachy edits
4. Draft on Fae After Tomorrow
5. Miscellaneous Lifestyles thing (really really need to title that)
6. There is no rule 6
7. Sleep. Or read over Storms/Nerd Girls/finish the Kovalenko synopsis.

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Me: Did you ever actually order those movies? Shouldn't they be here by now?

BF: I don't have Amazon Prime, honey.

Me: ... I am so unbelievably spoiled.

@gannet Hey cool, maybe the #archaeologist contingent here can help us spread the word about Mastodon's history hashtag, which is #historodons.

Having the bizarre phenomenon where I want to go order research books for upcoming projects but I can't think of anything I need to research.

I did not bring either of the books I'm currently reading to work and this may have been a mistake. Though I suppose I could always hustle my ass to writing and then use the writing time tonight to read.

Me, out loud, to myself: One two, one two, and through and through

The rest of the office (i.e. my aunts): his vorpal blade went snicker snack!

Just typed in an address at work that went 1212 Not Actually The Street and my brain filled in after the 1212 with "and through and through his vorpal blade went snicker snack."

So I guess we all know both where my head's at and where my youth was misspent.

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