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Kitty Chandler ✅

Someone please remind me I don't need a lipstick advent calendar I underslept last night and am sleepshopping through a bunch of websites with no focus instead of doing either of my jobs oops.

Well. Um. This story took a turn for the "everyone has effed up ideas of relationships and no one gets a happily ever after" O.o

Because I needed it recently, a reminder:

It's ok to turn off push notifications from apps. It's ok to unsubscribe from email lists. It's ok to unfollow. Your attention is yours to give.


Someone is making something involving fried dough in one of my neighbors' houses and I'm about ready to go bang on their door and present them with Puss in Boots eyes.

The weirdest thing about watching Million Yen Women is is having just enough Japanese to know when the subtitles are eliding some things but not others.

More and more I'm becoming convinced it's been at least a year, just getting acute enough to be noticeable in the last few months. And I want my thyroid medication to give me the last year of improving myself mentally and physically back, and that's obviously not going to happen. Grump.

I think the thing that annoys me most about my thyroid issues and medication not "magically" fixing everything is I was FINALLY becoming, physically at least, the badass I always wanted to be. My capoeira game was on point, my body was getting back into peak shape, I was doing all the things I wanted to do.

And THEN. And then. Suddenly I'm tired all the time and missing almost a year of language and physical progress. ARRGH.

After a week to week and a half of waking up on my own after six hours I think I can safely say that on the proper thyroid medication I am down to needing only six hours of sleep on average. Again.

Which is kind of nice because that's how I used to be, I found out after some testing and setting of alarms. But also I wanted to sleep in today, dammit. (I did eventually go back to bed. Hah. Body clock I have defeated you.)

Nothing says "I didn't plan this day nearly as well as I should have" like working four extra hours on a day you started off with a two hour martial arts class, getting home and wanting to pass out but you already got out and assembled and started cooking the ingredients for spinach lasagna last night

I am doing not a damn thing tomorrow that requires moving out of bed.

Okay that was way too much money spent this weekend but my bangs are out of my eyes now with extra style, I have a shiny new necklace and couple of hair clips, and I have a present for my mother which never happens because she doesn't DO material things. Not even as a conscious decision, just habitually.

+ Went to class. Had a good class. Helped out as the senior student even though it was terrifying

- ow. ow. ow. ow. ow. ow. ow.


Me: Fuck you I am not a bad girl I don't want to get dressed and kick things I want to go back to bed.

Editrix is reading over the Nanonovel and making notes and apparently I accidentally fixed the Arthurian love triangle.

Does anyone else have this thing where you want to feel like a pampered princess so you put on scented moisturizer or something and pretend you're bathing in magic unicorn milk?

Or is this just an embarrassing thing I do in my head because I would totally accept that answer.

(This musing brought to you by I am going to go home, take a hot shower, scrub the hell out of myself and roll around in five kinds of moisturizer because winter is the season of SO DRY SO ITCHY.)

Aaaugh what the hell it was supposed to be a quiet day at work and then the phone didn't stop ringing for two hours aaargh.

William Strunk paces fitfully in the pre-dawn chill of the New Mexico desert. He stops and lights a cigarette in the shadow of a hanger. His hands tremble.

A light flashes on the horizon, and a roar.

"He did it," mutters Strunk. "That bastard White did it. He's split the infinitive."

The serif-shaped cloud blots out the rising sun.

I need five naps but I also need to beat this stupid witch just to say that I have done and to see what gifts she gives ugh. What can I write 1k words in quickly before I pass out...

So I have created a Discord server for the Wandering Shop, and am currently testing it with our Patreon backers. If you have your Discord account connected to your Patreon account, and are a backer at, you should be auto-added to the server.

Once I feel good that this won't go too out of control, I'll open up invites to other people here!

I have done so much today I am going to do so much cleaning this weekend I need to come up with some suitable compensation for this.