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Kitty Chandler ✅

Well. First the day job work day started out full of chaos, and then the day job calmed down to only doing two things at a time and the write job heated up with everyone being manic on Twitter.

Never a dull moment I swear.

I desperately need to get better about posting on here.

Although to be fair I didn't post anywhere much over the weekend at all. Bat Cat got out for the umpteenth time, he has a habit of running out a door when we're not looking. He did his usual trick of staying out for a couple of days and finally came back in yesterday evening, alleviating the incipient panic attack.

Me: I'm down to 550 words per day to meet my word count goal by the end of the year.

Editrix: ... you can type that with your NOSE.

@ann_leckie Somewhere around here I have a picture of me with my I-Voted-Early sticker, pretend I posted it. 😂

My family always votes early. And these days I feel slightly guilty because my polling place is literally scant blocks from my house. Ah well, it gets done.

We packed that auditorium. Most attended event I hosted at school.

(and no we weren't doing anything squirrelly like charging admission. We just wanted to invite the campus to watch the movie with us. The lecture was super good though).

Once back in college, I wanted to screen V For Vendetta on the projector in the big auditorium, but was told it as a copyright violation unless it was academic. So we got the professor who was teaching a course on revenge literature to open the film with a lecture. 😎

PSA about religious bigotry arguments Show more

My new favorite note from the Editrix: this is your note to check that you did so we have SOME basis of "oh her." Even if it doesn't come until the Dramatic Galadriel Sequence, now with rotating Galadriel understudies. XD

A conversation between me and the Editrix about Lifestyles of the Witch and Famous:

Editrix: [I don't know if anyone ELSE will get it but I fucking love this callback to Edith Roosevelt. XD]

Me: [Look I HAD TO.]

Welp. I did not quite double up BOTH my novels on Double Up Day, but I did double one on Saturday, half again the other on Sunday, made par for the one I didn't on both days, so I think I am doing very well on that count.

Did not get all of my Galaxy Hillbillies Nanoing for today done before I left work, but I did get half of it done. Now if I can get some edits done in their place, I'll only have 800 or so words to write when I get home. Progress!

@Qwyrdo Once this comes up in the queue for publishing I just might will do in the editing process, and thank you.

Swords I can do, I am a bit of a knife nut myself so that's a good compliment to one of the wives. ;)

@Qwyrdo All this by way of saying if there's anything else you'd like to see in a heroic enby philosopher in a scifi space travel type novel, let me know!

@Qwyrdo 😂 Not even kidding! She has a wife, a husband, a spouse, and an ex-husband who she's rescuing from the transhumanist virus doing an Agent Smith on the universe.

But then the spouses all put their heads together and come up with a solution.

@Qwyrdo No, that's one of the captain's spouses in the Group Marriage Will Save The Day novel. 😇

And then I realized both of the ship's captains in both of my sci-fi novels for are older women in their near 50s and I love these books.

*pours some form of compressed and artificially flavored and colored sugar down throat* Let's fucking do this.

And then I went home and did a whole lot of doodling because I didn't have to write because I did it all in the morning and during the day. YASSSSS.

Also my drawing ended up being tones of gray-silver so... I don't know if that counts. I'll break out the colored pencils tonight. Though also I'm just happy to be drawing regularly.

@lakhesis That's a really, really good goal to have.