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Kitty Chandler ✅

@hummingrain .... CRAP now I want donuts. I may have to get some on my way home.

She considered that as she went back to slathering it on. "I was thinking more of goat pee or something."

"No, that's in your shirt."

I think I have accidentally a Soylent Green dystopia.

Too many brain tabs open not enough memory

Oh man, today is just the worst. Show more

Me: Whoops okay Fireside is open to novels I need to get this novel into shape by August


Yaaay now I have to scramble to finish the line edits on Jude and get it ready and format it for Fireside ACK. No pressure.

(Not much pressure, it came out of drafting without major edits needing to be done so it's not bad, but this does mean I can't slack on getting it finished like I usually do.)

So, Fireside is opening up to novel and novella submissions in August of this year in case anyone wanted to submit something.

Okay writers, let's get writing.

*Immigrant song plays*

Aunt: I need more coffee or a nap.
Me: ... isn't that my line?
Aunt: ... you don't drink coffee. You can't have more than none coffee.
Me: Some is more than none.

Death, famous person Show more

Death, famous person Show more

I was going to write something but my brain went to sleep and now all I have is an empty muse chair and a title in search of a story. Poop.

@phildini Good response. It's going to involve a lot of research but I think it'll be fun. And I already have half the books anyway. Possibly most of them.

@StephanLoy I could do that I suppose, but then I'd have to pay or at least go through legal processes to use it as a cover; it's a quick mock-up based on the second to last edition, I think, of Faulkner. Not a final product of any kind, or even an initial product.

Welp I found my Camp Nanowrimo project that only took sitting back for a second and letting the world churn around me.

Hey, anybody remember these Faulkner covers? I sure do from when I had to read them in high school. Also I'm easily amused. Mockup cover art for the Southern Gothic Generation Ship protonovel. Or one of them anyway.

@aldersprig I will when I get anything written on it! 😂 I'm just brainstorming and writing background right now. I don't remember what Twitter conversation spawned it but suddenly I decided I needed a Generation Ship saga in the style of William Faulkner.

Me: Okay, the Southern Gothic Generation Ship project needs a name. Galaxy Hillbillies?

Editrix: I am not awake enough for this shit.