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Kitty Chandler ✅

So today I have originated

1. A Killjoys fix-it novella that will undoubtedly get ALL the serial numbers filed off except for a few small in-joke type references

2. A Canterbury Tales style novel of very vague nature.

3. Since I realized that would take out the challenge-answering aspect of it, a martial arts showcasing kung fu epic novel with a fat lead

It's been an inspiring day!

It turns out I hated the ending of this one episode of Killjoys so much (characters died. it was awful) that I decided to file serial numbers off and write an everyone lives ending.

It's going to be a novella now.

HALLELUJAH MY THYROID IS BEHAVING NORMALLY. I feel like I can resume all my normal activities again.

For the record, and I don't know how many of y'all know I'm in North Carolina, but yes, I am safe, I'm on the inland side of the state and in the mountains which help break up the storms, and I'm many hundreds of meters up from the nearest likely flooding (the river). I'm okay and likely to remain so.

In a fantasy world where there are various species of bird shifters, I need to have a conversation where one bird shifter calls another "you absolute tit" and the other gets offended "Excuse you I am a GULL" and over in the corner "AND WHAT'S WRONG WITH A TIT."

Day four? I think, of bullet journaling and so far not bad, although not much different from keeping a to-do list on Habitica. But not bad. Plus I can doodle a little thought bubble with "Zzzz" in it next to today's list because I managed to hit a carb coma. That was not smart of me.

I also migrated a task because I wrote down to highlight a synopsis and completely forgot I DON'T HAVE MY HIGHLIGHTERS. Argh. But I did put in that order for school supplies, so eventually I will have them back.

Me: Hey, okay, look, brain, look at all of these titles and headers and things, we could do literally any of these for nanowrimo this year!
Brain: Yes, but, and just hear me out here... what if... sleep instead?
Me: Traitor.

Pokemon Go (no, seriously) Show more

I am really getting into laying out my bullet journal so, here's hoping I use it?

(Also I do not need to spend my small amount of leftover con money on highlighters and washi tape dammit.)

Okay, in a semi-technical sense I do because I need to replace the highlighters that walked off in my con bag, but not right this red hot minute.

The problem with trying to find an online course on opera is that they all want you to learn the programming language and not the performance art.

Still, EdX has a range of archived courses I can look at! Which is good because I do actually have an account there. TALLY-HO. TO THE LEARNINGS.

Having this weird impulse to research something, anything, I must take notes on things, but I don't have a current project to take notes ON. Grrrr.

(Maybe opera. Maybe I should find an online course on opera.)

@aldersprig .... dammit *closes the JetPens site* I do not need to decorate my bullet journal with washi tape I have over 200 gel pens.

@aldersprig Duly noted! :D

I was thinking of it today because, apart from planning out the next few months' of writing, I was considering taking out Faulkner from the library.

but brain no worky so that might not be the best plan for being tired.

@aldersprig I'm sure this is Twitter's fault somehow. I don't remember what set of tweets the idea originally came from but it ended up being the tail end of a generation ship journey, flying for twenty years and about to reach their destinations, and the tensions among the crew therein, told in a William Faulkner-ish? William Faulkner Dorothy Allison etc etc style. And most of them are from the southern Appalachias.

@aldersprig For this year. Although any of these could also be used at any point next year, I'm just trying to figure out which one's uppermost in mind.

Or I would be if I could remember any projects other than Southern Gothic Generation Ship and the next Lifestyles book.

(I also need to finish lesbian space barber of seville but that's not a Nano thing.)

It's never too early to start planning for your Nanowrimo novel. so I'm trying to think what the possibilities are.

I came up with two novels. TWO.

I am very tired.

@aldersprig Also possible. XD I also definitely remember seeing Pulp Fiction in theatres, and I would have been the same age.

@aldersprig According to the imdb I would have just started high school when The Crow came out. I'm pretty sure I saw it in theatres, although I have no idea HOW since it's rated R. Maybe my Dad took me.

But yeah, I've had the graphic novel for almost thirty years, then. It's a good, if heartbreaking comic.

@aldersprig I was probably in middle school? I think? My Mom bought me the graphic novel though, a while before. She went to a comic store and asked what she should get her daughter who liked X and Y and they handed her I think it was Books of Magic 1-4 collected and The Crow.