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Kitty Chandler ✅

Hey, anybody remember these Faulkner covers? I sure do from when I had to read them in high school. Also I'm easily amused. Mockup cover art for the Southern Gothic Generation Ship protonovel. Or one of them anyway.

It started out as this and ended up as a book one of IDEK how many in a series. I sold the TV rights, even before the first book left my hot little hands.

And yes, Kardashian-Supernatural mashup with a touch of Old Money Old Magic family history is pretty much where it's at.

This is his sister Michelle. We dithered all day while we picked up last minute stuff, groceries, cat supplies, things we didn’t have or forgot to pack. Then, after we’d made a couple trips and had room in the car, we went to pick up the cats anyway.

Turns out we’d been so obvious and predictable they’d been taking bets on whether or not we’d pick them up that day anyway.

As requested, cat pictures! Starting with our oldest: Mikey, sister Michelle to follow. We went to the adoption center for the local shelter agency the same day the BF joined me here in our first apartment. We picked out him and his sister within about ten minutes. We asked if they could hold them for a week or two while we got settled in, they were fine with that.

We did not last a week. We didn’t even last the day.

School supplies by Jet Pens, which is to say Michelin quality on a sit down family restaurant budget. Often from Japan.

Finally getting back into knitting again after a couple three months of avoiding it because I made a mistake or didn’t finish a project or otherwise got into well then I won’t bother mode. :(

First up to finish, the heartskull hat!

Okay actually looking at my current projects list, it’s not THAT bad.

The BF sent me this picture of Mikey on the bed feeling sorry for himself.

It begins. This is what happen when someone starts a "Free titles to good home" thread on Twitter and I catch wind of it.

‪So it’s been doing this since 6am at least. And I live in the mountains. ‬

‪This will be the first time I’ve missed a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert in FIFTEEN YEARS. So grumpy. ‬

Okay. I have paper, laptop, water, an epic shitpile of gel pens, background music, regular pens, and Chinese takeout. Because tv tells me you can’t have a hardcore planning and analysis session without Chinese takeout.

Let’s do this thing.

And by this thing I mean figure out what I need to do to diversify my income here. Which is a lot less interesting and a lot more boring offices and stuffy banking, hence the gel pens. Glittery ones.

Okay, it’s not quite cold as a Jotun’s balls out there but it is definitely bear hat weather.

Also despite being half asleep and annoyed my makeup game is on point today, with extra glitter that may or may not have shown up on camera but I know it’s there and that’s what’s important.

(Seriously I slathered on enough glitter to be in an 80s fantasy movie.)

This is what happens when you give me 120 gel pens: I start making grimoires. Or as I used to call them, grimmers. Because yes, I did learn a lot of this in the southern Appalachias.

And this is what happens when Mr Editrix gives me gel pens: I stay up too late doing in-character doodle notes. (The characters are Mona and Sophie from the as yet unreleased Maybe She’s Born With It — Maybe It’s Malachi)

Editrix knows I enjoy diagramming things with color, usually with gel pens. Apparently this means Mr. Editrix conspired to send me All The Gel Pens.