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Kitty Chandler ✅

WHOA HEY suddenly there are chicks hitting on other chicks excuse you I did not write for you to start hooking up.

SO HEY. Traveling to Seattle every week for my mentorship is a bit tough, but the payoff is training in scriptwriting I can apply to future goals. SO. If you like tarot, first looks at worldbuilding (genderqueer epic fantasy on the plate!), and so on:

You'd think losing your wallet in your own house would be sort of comforting in that at least it's in your house, but you would be wrong wrong wrong. I am a failure as an adult today. >.<

I accidentally a foreshadowing again. I seem to be doing this a lot this series.

Brain, we are working one ONE thing. ONE thing right now, and that is the Lifestyles of the Witch and Famous. After that we will work on the next thing. There is a list. Developing the Deep South/Southern Gothic generation ship saga is NOT ON IT.

Go sit in the corner and think about what you're doing.

So there's a video clip that goes around tumblr every so often that is seven guys dancing in a robotic fashion (mostly head turning and bobbing and hips likewise) and the only lyric was "Kyou-wa [today] have a nice day"

I found the full video.

It's.... I don't know what I expected but that's pretty much it. (Lots of busy-ness in the video but I don't think there's any actual epilepsy dangers.)

This might be the first Monday in a while I haven't started out either sick or distracted by relatives.

Bonus that Dad-in-common-law is getting out of the hospital!

If by some minor miracle I ever become an editor one of the questions I will ask people to fill in on submissions is "Have you read Transmetropolitan" somewhere in the minutae of submission requirements.

It will serve both as the brown M&M rider and so I know to whom I can safely say "My story. The fuck. Where is."

ICYMI: Talking chosen or choice at #gonewitching: is magical practice valid if no god comes to bless it? Or is being "Called" a gatekeeping tool for the masses?

But why, DayQuil. Why do you insist on tasting like irradiated wasteland ass.

I have a head cold. I have taxes to finish processing (making sure I put all the right things in the right boxes) and mail. I want neither of these things.

Oof. Just had a phone call from the electric company. We've got until Thursday to produce $180 or they shut the power off on Friday.

If anyone wants to help me out with that :



Every little bit helps.

Someday I'm going to have a tense confrontation scene and the good person is going to kneel before the other person because it puts her in excellent range of his femoral artery. I'm just saying.

Well. I have sent a thank you note for the rejection letter, I have sent a thank you note for the "we'll consider this this looks very promising", and I am in the process of booking a photographer.

I may have also broken my Editrix with bad puns and David Caruso impressions.

Administrivia shouldn't be this nervewracking. Argh.

And we're up! If worldbuilding and tarot is your jam, then April's offerings have gone live. Bonus: access to past offerings, too!

*rubs temples* I am not rested enough for this mood whiplash. I am in postdrome and I was up for an hour or so in the middle of the night last night and ...

I don't know what to do with this. Or how to soothe myself with things that aren't food. Decisions. And maybe video games.

*sigh* Another rejection for the heap. Aaaargh why does it never get easier.

(I lie, it's easier now that I'm on proper medication and chemically balanced in the brainpan. But other than that.)

My wife works at Amazon. Part of her compensation package is stock.

In the last week, the President's gross abuse of power in targetting a private business with public lies has literally, in very real, non hyperbolic terms, cost us over $3,000.

I didn't *need* another reason to hate the fucker, but damned if he doesn't just keep providing them.

it has been brought to my attention that my internal clock has been thrown off, and it is, in fact, Tuesday!

So let's also do Tuesday! What're you all watching?

(also feel free to boost this to help me understand time 😄)