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Hi, y'all! Been asked so wanted to clarify! I DO still use Patreon, if it's easier for lovely patrons, but I ALSO use Gumroad ( because it sends PDFs and files DIRECT to your email, PLUS gives you easy access to archives.

SORRY for the confusion!!!

I have a couple of ideas of places to pitch but does anyone have any specific recs for me to pitch this queers in space mil-sci-fi anthology to? Especially if you feel good enough about me and it to make an introduction?

I have finally figured out what to call my queers in space milscifi projects and it is beautiful and not terribly original but the double meaning is great.

Finally getting back into knitting again after a couple three months of avoiding it because I made a mistake or didn’t finish a project or otherwise got into well then I won’t bother mode. :(

First up to finish, the heartskull hat!

There are some awesome people on this site, I'm just saying.

Thanks for the encouragement, my friends. ❤️

(I'll get over it, but yeesh everything is heavy brain lifting today. Why. Why is it all heavy brain lifting.)

Nngh someone convince me that pitching a shared-world based around the concept of Queers in Space/MilScifi is a good idea. I'm having "no one will ever want to read this or write for it"-itis.

Okay, I usually enjoy the whole 'things plot themselves in the back of my brain without telling me' but this is a bit much.

... and in the midst of this novel that is now very definitely set in Not Our World, a Laura Ingalls Wilder reference. My brain hurts now.

It turns out I wrote three versions of this story, at least one of which is probably old enough to drive and the rest have definitely entered high school.

Also in some ways I was overly angsty and dramatic, but in some ways I think I was also a better writer at this point in my life. More descriptive anyway. Huh.

Right. Time for some long overdue scene by scene outlining and re-outlining.

Once more into the breach dear friends. The original story is almost old enough to drive by now.

Sure, the world needs changing, but for goodness sake let people enjoy themselves doing useless, fun things.

I'm 15-20 minutes into the Fullmetal Alchemist movie on Netflix and it is fucking amazing.

(It is NOT dubbed for those for whom that makes a difference.)

Well that only took forever and a data figure. Haruspicy and Haruspex are now up on the website, completing the trilogy of... I don't know what.

(Pls of course to be noting the Ko-Fi button next to the stories, if you enjoy them.)

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So I'm constructing my world bible for this queers in mil sci fi Wild Cards esque anthology with systems of government, religion, pop culture and fine art, technology, etc. Is there anything specific I should touch on that folks would want to see or write?

There are so many symbols in the IPA why did I decide to take notes and make an entry on every damn single one of them in order to make this naming convention whose bright idea was that.

I mean yes it was mine but... why.

Well, now I have a novella synopsis for the little girls and dinosaurs novella based on that one tweet.

Let's see if I can draft it in ten days.