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Kitty Chandler ✅

School supplies by Jet Pens, which is to say Michelin quality on a sit down family restaurant budget. Often from Japan.

Now I'm trying to figure out how I got "Faulkner in Space" from "generation ship where everything goes as planned"

Wow my brain is glitching hard today, instead of the right character name it spat out 'Ragnar' and I haven't even seen any of Vikings in a couple months.

This is how I know I'm meant to be a writer: I get antsy when I can't write. I get agitated and very, very grumpy. I get sulky, I would rather do nothing than do other tasks that are not writing. Even if I'm too exhausted to have the brainpower for it, as now.

But no, I did not get any writing done and so I must write. Not because I have shit to do that's writing (although that's true too) but because I have stories I wanted to tell and I didn't and grrrr.

Fuck everything today. Just.... fuckit.

(Nothing wholly bad has happened, but it's been a day when every single thing was fiddly, and now it's 5pm and I haven't written or studied a damn thing, and I have to leave for capoeira in 15.)

Self, you can do more writing work after you do your languages. You already got a bunch of stuff done, and you are not falling over immediately at night anymore. Do the study first, then the more writes.

I have a pitch letter and materials and it's only waiting for the Editrix to look over it and hold my hair back while I vomit from fear yay.

If this works I have no idea but I will shout it from the rooftops, throw copies at everyone, I will do my best to promote the fuck out of it because I want this thing to be the next Wild Cards Trust.


(No, from here on out it is easy, just create a Scriv document, find naming conventions for everything, and start portioning out these planets, these corporations, these pilots, this tech, etc etc. Equal parts tedious and fun, but boy there's going to be a lot of it.)

Okay. I am back online, I have filled in the missing parts of the pitch synopsis, now I just need to write the actual damn letter and send it with the synopsis and then start frantically organizing the materials like I'm a grown-up who knows what she's doing.

Piece of cake, right? Of course right. (There's a Labyrinth/Fiddler on the Roof mashup for you.)

Okay but could the internet please NOT collapse when I’m finishing up a pitch packet? Please? Aaargh.

One anthology summary done, and do you know how hard it is to write a summary of an anthology where you have the main plot that you want to run but you also want the writers to have freedom of expression? VERY HARD. Oy.

And now for some background and some other stuff before I pass entirely out.

Okay self, let's stop talking about various dicks and get back to the business of writing, yes? Yes.

Jareth's Cloak of Goblin Majesty: +12 to Intimidate. Unfortunately it also has +12 to Aquanet and Glitter.

Random question: Who here thinks Jareth's cloak/cape (any of them) should be an Artifact of Power Sarah eventually gets hold of and uses to her advantage?

Okay, technically what I'm doing is fulfilling day jobligations while I watch chemistry videos on Khan Academy because I can't write and file at the same time, but the paperwork is so damn boring it feels like avoiding the writing by studying chemistry. And the sorting of papers is just an extra non-bonus.

Avoiding my writerly responsibilities by studying chemistry, yay! Because that's how I roll. *facepalm*

There, Patreon story is almost done and the new iteration of the dinosaur story is with the Editrix. A good day's writing.

Oh my god I like this version of the story better already. I just ran into my first problem spot and it is so much easier to get through than the last one.