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Kitty Chandler ✅

I'm planning on adding trigger warnings to my web page and my Amazon page. Violence, violence to children, sexual violence, mental/emotional abuse, parental issues, can anyone think of any other common ones?

I'm finally digging back into edits on a consistent basis and found where my heroine contemplates founding the "Sisterhood of the fed up with your bullshit" and I feel it's a good sign when I crack me up.

Not content with repainting the office I have apparently decided we're going to finally set up the rain barrels we've had sitting on the property for the last four years.

Apparently I'm in full nesting mode. Five years after buying the house.

TFW you accidentally put Huginn and Muninn on your custom keyboard layout. Hah.

I am in fact such a language nerd that I'm getting all aflutter over making my Devanagari keyboard layout for my custom WASD keyboard.

So, yes, Ravenclaw is the correct theme for my office.

It was all good productive things, it's not like I'm going to have to paint the room again for a few years (there's a plan to redo the walls in a few years because the walls are terrible, patchy plaster and all), and it was the first major gardening of the year, but oh my god I am tired and I just want to sleep for a week.

This weekend involved: get groceries of nope (nearly all sugar/junk food), get home, eat dinner, finish taping up the office. Saturday was painting the first coat, cleaning everything, then going out to Dave & Busters to celebrate birthdays. So that was fun but Sunday was a huge grocery run since we hadn't in a while, home to drop off groceries, back out to Home Depot and the nursery, back home for massive gardening and painting the second coat and I am TIRED.

Somehow after about a week of all this it's just now occurred to me that I"m simultaneously trying to renovate a room, hold down a day job, and be a writer all at the same time, plus capoeira and sleep. And then I wonder why I'm tired and stressed and want to cry at feeling perpetually behind.

I guess the good news is I'm at the point of taping up the room tonight, painting tomorrow and over the weekend, and that's the last of the big stuff.

I know I need sleep because I'm contemplating custom designs for keyboards in my head and in my mind suddenly the delete key needs to be bright red and say "NO."

My evening folks, if I may beg a moment of your time and your eyeballs on a thing I wrote about a short story coming out soon in an anthology: Fantasy Twists by @CuilPress


It's quite a story, it took some wrangling. But it's also a part of a larger story close to my heart, more detailed in the post, so please give it a look.

Check out the blog post where @kittychandler shares how she created "Witches Child," her submission to the Twists anthology.

Good read, and OMG. Jasper? Having read the story I can SO see the Labyrinth influence.


This is his sister Michelle. We dithered all day while we picked up last minute stuff, groceries, cat supplies, things we didn’t have or forgot to pack. Then, after we’d made a couple trips and had room in the car, we went to pick up the cats anyway.

Turns out we’d been so obvious and predictable they’d been taking bets on whether or not we’d pick them up that day anyway.

As requested, cat pictures! Starting with our oldest: Mikey, sister Michelle to follow. We went to the adoption center for the local shelter agency the same day the BF joined me here in our first apartment. We picked out him and his sister within about ten minutes. We asked if they could hold them for a week or two while we got settled in, they were fine with that.

We did not last a week. We didn’t even last the day.

Well. I did not get any drafting or editing done, but I DID get a bunch of writer administrivia either done or almost done (there's a draft in my outbox) so I will call that a win for the day job work day.

Now I get to go home, eat dinner, and actually focus on being a writer at work yay,

For the record because I'm not sure Mastodon knows and appreciates this as much as Twitter does: I have ... eight? Nine? I have six in the house and a feral colony of two to five under and around the house.

That feel when you need to update your bio because it says you only have four cats and ah ha ha ha ha ha ha oops.

Me: Okay, we're going to sit down, we're going to get this post tweaked, we're going to send those two emails, we're going to pimp the anthology.

Brain: But what if refreshed tumblr five times instead.

Ahhh the fun feeling of I have a shitton of writing things I've been neglecting because I've been having fits over the house what fun.

I mean on the plus side I've figured out how to make a custom English/Arabic or English/Hindi keyboard so I can learn how to type in both of those. But I should be writing a lot.

I finally got off my ass and made a hair color appointment for the day before my photo shoot and now all I have to do is decide to go Medeous from Tam Lin (black to red ombre) or tawny tiger (dark brown to gold ombre)

If anyone wants to dip a toe into birbsite, I just did a thread on how annoyed I was that I couldn't think of any of the historical Sexy Wicked Priest authors, which turned into a thread on Sexy Wicked Priests in history.

And my nerdery must not go unappreciated. Or unmocked. Or something.