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Kitty Chandler ✅

Y'all have no idea how hard I'm working not to make a troublesome priest reference in this novella too.

Early morning edits are apparently the best edits because I'm awake and ready to go and full of energy and faith that I can do this.

If I have a pair of KA-Bars it is not only dorky but a bad karmic idea to name them Stormbringer and Mournblade isn't it?

Okay, so apparently I have inadvertently written a novel that leads me to needing a biography of Dumas. Pere or fils, I'm not sure it matters terribly as written, but. Any recs?

Editrix: NO, [protag]. NO INVOKING MAB. BAD [protag].

Me: *dying laughing*

Self, you have edits to do, you do not need to look through Coptic In 20 Lessons. Stoppit.

Despite the amount of stress from my various projects I'm having a surprising amount of fun.

What fun projects are y'all working on right now?

*falls out of the chair at the Editrix describing a character by comparison to "poor 'Mina two verses over"*

It's like neighborhoods in here. Chaotic, occasionally very dangerous neighborhoods.

DONE! Done-y done done! The secondish pass of edits are done! Woo-hoo!

I shall celebrate by doing edits on the other thing. Yay.

Anyway. Maybe tonight I'll have enough brain to sit and do my edits. I have a little under 40 pages left, and have just discovered it concludes with the Editrix asking for an underground fairy rave guest-hosted by college students, so that's a thing.

Today's been one of those "pellet with the poison" days at the day job.

The one consolation is that I can come up behind a massive, confusing discussion of day job stuff and say "But the pellet with the poison" and everyone knows what I mean.

you might not have known but Garbage is still around, still kicks ass, and is making anticapitalist music now

Oh look, a plothole generated by my disinclination to write about death fairy politics grumpity grump grump.

Another kitty update: Cassius was there for breakfast this morning! And the boy confirmed what I'd been wondering: there are a few small bald spots on the inside of his right hind leg and yes, they are injuries. So my guess is revised from "trapped in someone's basement" to "too injured to walk across the street and whine at us for care" :(

But. he's back now, and safe, and getting fed and loved. So that's good.

Kitty update: After a day of freaking out because he didn't show up for breakfast like usual, Cassius DID show up for dinner and has spent at least a couple hours hanging out on the front stoop with his partner kitty. My nerves can work with this, if he's just going to come around for dinner after dark.

I have an editorial note of "bothisgood.gif" *cackling*

... the hilarious side effect of this might be that if Cassius gets stuck or lost again, the neighbor who lives there will most likely be "Oh, what are you doing in here again, get back to the big old house where you belong." Or call me all "We have your cat again."

He is REALLY REALLY skinny so we're a bit worried about wherever he was, but other than that he seems in good health, is very chatty, is exactly as friendly as he was before he went missing, both with us and with his spouse. (Her spouse? I'm sexing based on size here.)

Anyway. Very, very relieved to have both cats back together again. I would have also accepted "oh, I'm sorry, we didn't know, of course we'll take the other cat." As long as they're together. Barton was very lonely.

The message was a bit odd. 😂 It was something to the effect of "Have you seen this cat? One of our ferals has gone missing, if you've adopted him, please also adopt his companion cat, or return him to our front stoop and his kitty spouse."

Tonight I went out to take out some late night trash. There are finally two black cats on our front stoop again!!

So, for about ten days one of our ferals, Cassius, has been missing. He's actually been missing slightly longer than that, came back one night, and then vanished again. This being a change from normally he's there for breakfast every morning, or at least dinner at night.

Anyway. So in the hopes that one of the other houses on the street picked him up to make him an indoor cat, since he is a very friendly feral, yesterday I finally put flyers in all the mailboxes with pictures of him.