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Kitty Chandler ✅

Writing synopses was supposed to narrow it down and I added one, oops. Who wants to weigh in?

1. Galaxy Hillbillies
2. Grumpy Old Mercs/Million Miles From Home
3. Forget It Jake, It's Fairytown
4. Magic: The Fugitive.

I should not have come to work today. I should have stayed in bed. I can do about one task at a time, very slowly, whether it involves brain power or lifting power.

The good news is that my symptoms have mostly cleared up from the head cold. The bad news is I am exhausted and barely functional let alone work-ready.

Hospital: Here is a playlist with songs that have the right beat to perform CPR to

Me: Oh, I recognize a lot of those.
Me: *gets Sweet Home Alabama stuck in my head for three days* I have chosen poorly.

Getting really into this whole bullet journaling thing without actually getting into it, which is to say I have a lot of ideas and have written none of them down. Oops.

(Okay technically I’ve written them down. On ideas. As a list. I haven’t designed them yet. )

Please boost if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

Three (four?) synopses down, one to go, one to maybe rework again because the concept was great but the execution was long enough ago that I'm afraid to go back and re-read my awkward novel oops.

(Yes, other people are equally awkward about going back and re-reading their old work, in case you were wondering. I'm actually terrified of it, although in this case I might have to. I'm always afraid it's going to be cringe-worthy bad.)

(Sometimes it is. Sometimes it's not!)

Me: *trying to wrangle coherence out of a synopsis, has an epiphany* TRANSHUMANISM. TRANSHUMANISM IS TO BLAME FOR THIS.

Editrix: Are you sure you're not writing a sequel to Turing Shrugged?


I have reached the point in the generation ship synopsis where the agriculturalists are talking about planting on their new planet and I can't stop sing-songing "snot corn!" to myself.

And for the record, "snot corn" scans perfectly to Data's little "life forms" song.

I've taken to (and I think the Editrix is following with me on this one) marking my place in the document I'm working on with a little "Bloop" and it makes me smile every time I search for it or type it.

Some days you have so many things to do, all of them fun and necessary, and your brain goes into overdrive trying to figure out how to do all of them at once.

This is not helpful, brain.

Aaaargh. Someone tell me I'm a higher level adult than I think I am so I can call this potential new supplier and ask a couple clarifying questions. I have phone fear.

Few things delighting me more than having all my writing tools in my belt. 4 The Words, all my notes in place, my highlighters, my pens, everything. I am a-squee.

Okay, I think I've somewhat narrowed this down:

1. Southern Gothic Generation Ship Makes Planetfall?
2. Older Merc Leading The Resistance Is Rescued By His Ex-Wife From The Group Marriage He Was Kicked Out Of
3. Forget It Jake, It's Fairytown


Today I learned that two people are not in fact enough to run both the front (register, storefront) of the store and the back (phone, shipping/receiving, emails) of the store at once. Especially when both are stressed and one has MS. Thankfully we aren't likely to have to do that again tomorrow but

I am very very very tired.

No, self, how this works is you go home, you dig around in your cabinets, you find your brush pens. It does not work to go on the JetPens site and order many more brush pens, they do not magically appear in your hand when you do. Stop that.

This morning and afternoon and I lost track of time at work but somehow it's 4pm now, I don't understand it.

Anyway it was so freaking chaotic that I went up and purchased some feelings to eat from two nice chaps named Ben and Jerry.

How much do I love that they have a flavor called Chocolate Therapy. All of the much.

I still haven't figured out what I want to write for nanowrimo. But I have a plan for what to write today. But work has been chaotic since I landed and I'm exhausted.

Come to me giant boxes of rainbow nerds. Give me that sweet sweet sugar high.

Job/Finance Stress Show more

Job/Finance Stress Show more

Crawling away from work, job-having, and money related panics into editing the second Lifestyles book. The Editrix provides:

text: "You're totally the cleric."
Editrix: Nonsense, he's clearly the bard.