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A few last tips: gives access to tweaks by right-clicking and gives access to tweaks from the little menu triangle in the upper left.

This is on the tip of the iceberg of what these tools allow, but I could not resists doing a proof of concept!

Today in fun with

From that town I can open @Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generaor

It will zoom in to a town with the right name and approximate placement. I even was able to then zoom out for a multi-country view.

Note that while you can also go to Watabou's city generator from here you will not get the map you started with.


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Today in fun with

The cool thing is that I can click on the Forbidden Library and open the One Page Generator.

That link will actually get you the same map with the same perils loaded.

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Today in fun with

Here is a map made with Perilous Shores by
That link will get you essentially the same map but with different labels. But that's not the cool thing

Decided to boil a kettle while making phone calls so I could have a soundtrack to my rising discomfort.

I suppose we are going to have to save the villagers before we can get directions. It's ok, we're only a little lost. Also we're likely to get strafed by a blue dragon in a minute.


I finally got to your gift (sometimes the work week gets busy). I spent three months as an exchange student at IUT de Saint-Nazaire back in the 1990's so I've been in your Region!

I was fluent in French at the time, though I never could get rid of my very thick American/English accent. These days I can read newspapers and most social media postings, but I am afraid to try to speak/type in French lest I embarass myself.

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