our new place is smaller than ours, but well maintained and sunny and cute

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all i wanna do is think about the fish tube

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My money is on discovery of life in the 96 bags of human excrement that have piled up on the moon. Bags moving around on satellite photos like Mark Watney's space cars.

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DRACULA: what is a man? (throws chair)

OBAMA: fuck you

DRACULA: tell me what a man is

OBAMA: go to hell

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ah yes when Star Trek TNG taught us the perils of waifus.

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Tom Lehrer has released his songs and lyrics into the public domain.


What a nice thing to do.

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Today's is Ada Hoffmann's "Lament for a Faithless Prince"

The thought of Never Never Land speaking at us is terrifying: "See, every door to me is a gnashing mouth.
If I could, I would gulp you down whole
and chain you with gold in my belly."


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unfortunately, as many of you already know, computers

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me: i will not open nsfw CWed things where people can see
my dumbass lizard brain: i dont know what i love more, seeing titties or pressing buttons

application accepted on new rental house 💪

We watched the posted video tour and... the last occupants were definitely also lesbians!!!!

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loev 2 b awake and stressed out about moving. I have a little core of dread I’m carrying around about the whole thing.

Fingers crossed, realtor sent us a really really nice apartment for not a lot more money

that said, she deserves better than this. sorry, bud.

cant believe i still have to pilot and maintain a corporeal vessel in 2020

insects, unpleasant 

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extremely grateful that I have learned to ask "what can I do to make this easier for myself next time" instead of "why can't I just do this"

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