We just got home from our trip and Willow, our cat, has started the mandatory 24 hours of constant meowing to let us know how upset she is. I’m scared to see what she might have done to the bedroom.

I’m glad I have the weekend before I have to work because there’s a chance Willow will let me sleep Sunday night.

The Sleeping Beauty House, the one covered in brambles, has been obliterated. I realize most of the neighborhood considered it an eyesore but I’m sad to see it gone.

And once again I’m left wondering why I put a specific book on hold. (Make Your Home Among Strangers, by Jennine Capó Crucet)

Does it somehow fall into one of my reading goal categories? Did my sister-in-law recommend it? Did it randomly speak to me? Was it a system test hold I forgot to cancel?

This has not been a fun week for me so I was very grateful that T. Kingfisher’s latest book came out on Tuesday.

However, it’s just now, as I’m testing the purchase suggestion form at my library, that I realize the title is a pun.

I haven’t finished it yet but so far it’s delightful and I’m so happy it exists.


So, has been acquired by Volaris Group. I’m wondering how/if this will change the focus.

Last week I had a staff member accidentally delete something. They emailed me in a panic and were beating themselves up about the whole thing. However, no amount of experience or smarts it going to guarantee you never make mistakes.

Oh yeah, definitely one if those days. I almost tried to delete my own borrower record because I’m writing documentation on how to delete borrower records and wasn’t paying close enough attention. (It would have failed because I have items checked out and holds and the system is smart enough to stop deletions under those circumstances.)

Cardigans! Good for more than just keeping warm.

This is the type of morning where I decided to consume a beverage and then spill it all over my shirt. However, I have a cardigan so it’s all fine :)

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I’m trying to decide if I can claim a project had significant scope creep when it never had an official scope to begin with.

I was right. The bus was 18 minutes late. Though, in the runner's' defense, that's running a tad slow even for Friday.

In more exciting news, I just finished a great novel: The Right Swipe, by Alisha Rai (seattle.bibliocommons.com/item).

I haven’t read much contemporary romance, and nothing by Rai before, but I really enjoyed it.

I’m planning to read Middlegame, by Seanan McGuire, next.

Yet another person ran past me on their way to the same bus I take. I keep wondering if I should tell them it’s Friday, they don’t need to run, the bus is always late on Friday. Though, that is hard to convey to someone running past you.

The vendor views their product primarily as a social platform. However, I think many libraries signed on because their search is so much better than the other alternatives we have.

I mean, you can get good search results from HIP but it’s a 2-4 hour class.

It’s nice when patrons obligingly gives me good quotes to pass on to our vendors. Today’s patron “detests” the discovery later shelves and says “It really offends me.”

I don’t detest the shelves but I do think we should give the patrons the option of whether or not they are used. (And, of course, shelves should be private by default. I don’t understand why I keep having to explain this.)


My backpack is not big enough for the books I bring home from the library. (This is not the backpack’s fault.)

I just drank an entire mug of tea. It was really, really weak tea which was odd but I was working so didn’t really pay attention. I just went to refill my cup and realized I had never added tea to my hot water.

98% of our late fine elimination change is done!

This has been consuming my work life recently so it’s really nice for it to be mostly done.

Also, my late fines were cleared along with everyone else’s :)

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