I may have mentioned this before but my eldest child is a bit of a food snob. I asked if he wanted hot chocolate and he thinks for a moment and then asks “is it the good kind?”


It’s amazing how many tickets I can get through while avoiding writing my self-eval.

I have reclaimed my special ruler from eldest child! (I’m unreasonably excited about this, I thought it had been lost in the move.)


I really want an audio version of this book.

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I made the mistake of looking up onions in On Food and Cooking and now I’m completely sidetracked.


This visit to Washington has my husband feeling validated on his insistence to move away from Seattle. We’ve been having the traditional November rain/gloom. I would not be terribly surprised if he kisses the ground when he gets back to CA.

However, I suspect our eldest child might move up here someday. He seems to like the rain as much as I do.


I rank pumpkin pie below many desserts. It’s just not something I am in to. (I blame this on my upbringing because my mom didn’t ever serve pumpkin pie.) However, I just had leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast and it was quite good.

Maybe it’s like coffeecake. Objectively, I know coffeecake is a dessert. However, but for me, it’s exclusively a breakfast/brunch food.

A little homesick 

I always forget how green western WA/OR is until I see it from a plane. Where I live now is certainly greener than Colorado but still doesn’t compete with Washington.


Well, I made Eggplant Parmigiana from a Cooks Illustrated recipe. It turned out very good but was a supremely foolish undertaking on a school night when we try to eat no later than 6:30. The whole thing took just a smidge under 2 hours from start to finish.

We have been listening to the How to Train Your Dragon series in the car. We just finished How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale (book 5) and I really need a break.

Moving a lot (history) 

We stayed in the Boulder, CO area for about 15 years but the other places we tried after that never worked out for one reason or another.

This time both my husband and I have jobs we like and are in an area we both like so hopefully the moving is over.

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Moving a lot (history) 

Youngest child just came into my office to request we not move houses next summer because he wants to stay at his current school.

This time, we have every intention of staying settled for years. However, now that I think about it, my youngest kid is 6 and has lived in 7 different houses (5 cities/towns, 3 states). It’s certainly understandable that he’s concerned we’re moving again.

I really hope we’re done because I’m ready to be permanently rooted.

COVID-19 (+) 

I have my booster shot scheduled!

The messaging here in CA about whether or not we should get a booster was very confusing and a bit contradictory. Anyone willing to attest they were high risk was able to get it several weeks ago. However, I really don’t feel I’m high risk (I have no idea is that feeling is correct, my doctor’s office refused to weigh-in). In any case, now they appear to be dropping the high-risk requirement.

Ok, I’m very impressed by how fast this person responds to email and how efficient they are. They have put me as the first contact (I pay all bills so this makes sense). Also, they sent me a DocuSign to update my address because, unbeknownst to me, it was still listed as the rental we had lived in.

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Well . . . the good news is the county assessor’s office responds very quickly to email. The annoying news is they say no matter how many people own the house, they can only send mail to one owner.

(This is low stakes for my current situation but I could see it being a bigger problem for others.)

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Looks like we’re getting our property tax bill today in the mail (I’m signed up to see the scans ahead of time). I don’t know what system our county uses but it really annoys me that my husband’s name is the only one of the letter even though this house is jointly in both our names.

Among other things, we have a swivel chair that everyone in the family loves. However, no one is regularly using the chair in its current location. Eldest child wants to bring it downstairs and put it within viewing range of the TV. However, it's a 52" circle which takes up a lot of space.

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Our living room isn't quite working for me at the moment. With the help of my husband and eldest child, I have created a requirements doc outlining how we want our living room to work.

The good news is I now have a firm grasp of what we want. Figuring out how to implement it is going to be trickier. I suspect it may require some slight fudging of space constraints.


It turns out my knowledge of the urban fantasy genre was key to us getting away and my mom decided that maybe the books were educational instead of evil.

I’m wondering what my brain was trying to work through with that dream. My best guess is it has to do with some trepidation around Thanksgiving but that was such a weird way for the dream to manifest.

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I had a very weird-for-me dream last night.

Dream me recommended my mom read an urban fantasy book. For context, I was raised very conservatively and my mom was raised even stricter. (My grandfather once lectured her when he learned I was reading Shakespeare.)

Even in the dream I was thinking “What!? Why would you recommend mom read urban fantasy!???” Predictably, my mom hated the book and wrote me an email about how evil it was.

Then, the vampires showed up.

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