My BIL is evacuating to our house again. On the upside, this time this isn't a fire near us too!


Ok, I have just finished Harrow the Ninth. That was definitely something.

Well, the power wasn't back on before the generator had to be moved. Eldest child is on a Zoom call with a classmate and I'm right next to him so we can share my phone hotspot. His classmate notices me and Calvin explains that "the internet is out" so we have to share the hotspot. Which I think is a n amusing description as the internet would be fine if we had power.

SQL Server Rant 

We now live in kind of a little compound in the country. It's not really a compound but it feels like that. There are 4 different residences on one 35-acre property, including our landlords. Our power goes out somewhat regularly for various reasons. However, our landlords have a generator as part of a welder which they hook up to power all the houses (when they don't need it for other things). It's _amazing_. It's also really weird. I feel very spoiled.

COVID-19 (-) 

COVID-19 (-) 

Online Kindergarten . . . evil genius edition. 


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Major publishers are a major pain in the ass to libraries when it comes to eBooks:

"86% of the ebooks from that list have to be repurchased on a regular basis, most commonly after 24 months, even if the book is never checked out."

"The average price of an ebook that has to be repurchased is $49.48."

Publishers are he fucking worst with their eBooks and libraries are taking it in the chin.

Eldest son has voluntarily gone out in sunlight. Slightly surprised he's not bursting into flames given the way he normally avoids going outside.

Food (Dessert) 

Food (Dessert) 

My spouse's email is his name. He got it early enough that he doesn't need any extra identifying middle names or numbers. However, a surprising number of people mistype their email address as his email address. This means he routinely gets responses for doctor appointments, job applications, etc that he didn't submit and contain sensitive info.

He calls these email "flying phish".

Youngest child is talking about drawing flying fish and all I can think of are emails jumping into a boat.

Food? Imaginary chicken cannibalism. 

Ah, the chickens wear invisibility helmets. (Also, he says he now only has 4 chickens.)

There is blue sky (no smoke!) and it’s cool enough for me to wear a cardigan outside at the moment. It’s wonderful!

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