I was on my way to Elliott Bay Book Company, to get Gideon the Ninth, when Twice Sold Tales (used books) kidnapped me. So, I went to both bookstores. I ended up with The Ascent to Godhood, Gideon the Ninth, Temper. Plus, several books for my kids and a cookbook. It was a good evening.

I really don't think I should have to tell my browser to pretend to be a Windows machine (instead of Ubuntu) in order to get access to my mortgage statements.

Ok, it turns out I’m scared to ask friendly librarians in my own library how to find a specific section of shelves. (I’ve always been scared to ask for help in other libraries, just haven’t run into this particular scenario before.)

Well, that was a hard day at work and the problem isn’t solved yet :(

I’m reading the daily feedback submission via our catalog. It’s amazing how many times “this catalog is the best thing ever!” is followed by “this catalog is the worst thing ever!” (and vice versa). Though, I am willing to admit both can be true at the same time.

I just finished reading Red, White &
Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston, and I don’t want to come back to this reality yet.

In general, I use email for communication over SMS. I think it’s because when texting became a thing I was too old to natively adapt but too young to need to communicate with babysitters or older children.

The point is, I don’t naturally text. However, I am starting to wish my work email had some of the same features such as a quick thumbs up when I just want to positively acknowledge a response.

I just realized I haven’t been wearing my cardigan all day. My workplace is a comfortable temp and I didn’t even notice!

I never get real voicemail, it’s always phishing or spam. I also rarely use the phone so I tend to forget about it and this time I forgot to record an OOO message. I come back and have 3 real voicemails from people who all sound stressed and wanted me to call them back ASAP.

I have safely arrived home!

However, I’m pretty sure our cat is going to meow at us all night long.

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I’m now listening to one of their audiobooks while watching my kids play at the *covered* playground in the zoo.


Dublin City Libraries were handing out free library cards at Worldcon! It’s good for 2 years. To my complete astonishment, my card allows me access to their electronic resources.

I brought the wrong backpack for book shopping.

Hm, not sure how the kids survived with that little sleep but they were both in a good mood most of the day!

I think the middle-of-the-day excursion to Merrion Square Playground probably helped. (Really interesting playground.)

Today is my day to watch the kids at Worldcon. However, all of us stayed up way too late for the I’m tired enough I almost walked out of the house without my glasses. I am super lucky that the kids don’t seem grouchy yet.

I’ve reached the point in packing for a trip where I’m agonizing over print vs ebook. I’m mostly resigned to ebook for myself but I really prefer physical picture books for my youngest on the plane. Except, they are heavy and awkwardly sized. I’m contemplating trying a highly illustrated chapter book instead (adult reading level but kid story level).

(I don’t want to give the wrong impression. There will also definitely be an iPad with movies, just not right before he’s suppose to sleep.)

I think I might be spending way too much time agonizing over the correct number of exclamation marks in my emails.

Our catalogers have an authority merge problem so for the last couple of days I’ve been reading anything I can find about Horizon authorities. I’m coming away with more questions than answers.

(Overall, I don’t like how Sierra stored authority records but their overlay options seem like they’re a lot more sophisticated.)

For those attending the , has the program been posted? I’m seeing several posts today implying it has but I can’t find it on the website. Anyone have a link?

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