I truly loved the 4th of July celebrations there. However, this is not the year for that.

Oh Longview.

I grew up in Longview. The 4th of July celebration there was always amazing. It was like a combination of the Boulder Creek Festival and Gas Works park here in Seattle. Plus, it had lumberjack contests which were really, really fun to watch. (Not sure if they do those anymore.)

Also. Masses of people.

Books and Moving 

Books and Moving 

Books and Moving 

Every house I've lived in would be improved with more ceiling fans.

Update on the chicken situation: my child now has 101 imaginary chickens. (This might explain why we keep running out of boxes for the chickens.)

They are currently eating lunch.

Oh look, there's me over-complicating a problem again.

I've been trying to listen to these with him because a) I want the context if he needs explanation of anything and b) it's an easy way to have dinner conversations.

However, I'm afraid I'm going to fall behind because he has a lot more time to listen to these books than I do.

For summer, I have decided to assign my eldest child one book a week to listen to. My son listens to a ton of audiobooks but has a pretty narrow range of subjects he'll voluntarily listen to. I'm sympathetic, I also prefer to read within a fairly narrow niche. However, I do think it's important we try occasionally to expand our horizons.

There are so many books I want to read, or think I should read, or need to read, and I don't have enough time. It's very aggravating.

My youngest child keeps imaginary chickens. I'm not exactly sure how long he's had them but several months. He's often asking me to reconfigure boxes to be the chickens' home.

I have just been informed that tomorrow is the chickens' birthday so he needs to get setup for their party.

I got nerd sniped by a patron question 5 minutes before I was suppose to stop work for the day. Patron is a software developer who is developing a personal library app and was curious where libraries get their cataloging records from.

They noted it seemed like library/publishing software was stuck in the 2000s. I had to break it to them that it was much worse than that.

Work - Horizon ILS 

Job Posting for Systems Librarian at The Seattle Public Library 

Job Posting for Systems Librarian at The Seattle Public Library 

U.S. News 

Moving (-) 

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