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The hardware is holding out nicely, given what it has endured on its journey. With some basic maintenance, I should be able to pilot this machine for some time into the future.

My mech is (a short story thread, replies unlisted) 

welcome to the world above the earth, small friend. thank you for your hard work getting here. i'll do my best to keep helping your journey.

[close up photo of a very small potato sprout]

#mobigraphy #photography #mastoart #1x1

Your daily dose of dystopia...

Google's thought experiment of the "Selfish Ledger."

Understanding the user so completely as to change the behavior of that user, then applying that at scale to change the behavior of entire populations.

#Google #DeleteGoogle #FuckGoogle #Privacy

I'm honestly impressed by the amount of work MS has put into this - making it so existing accessible gaming devices with a 3.5mm jack work with it rather than trying to sell new ones, making it easy to reconfigure on the fly, making it affordable and supported in a way that previously hacked together controllers might not be.

I literally just saw my heart on a screen, dutifully thump-squish-thump-squishing for about the 1.5 billionth time. It sounded like Deadmau5 music, then like Space invaders, then like a whale song.

Ford can't even make a water pump that they'll guarantee will work for the life of your car, so it amazes me that nature can make one that works continuously for upwards of a century.

(The tech said that mine's working marvelously, as far as he can tell, so I'm having a bit of a grateful moment.)

Just heard the best college student excuse for not learning how to cook:

"Everything tastes good when you're hungry."

That's some next-level galaxy brain

Someone was tooting about not finding solid tools for novelists on Linux. I can’t find the toot, so here’s my suggestion for folks who are interested: gitbook, trelby, manuskript, ghostwriter, and bibisco. Slightly different tools that may work for you, depending on your flow. #linux #writers

when you have to turn the render distance all the way down to low

us pol 

Happy Monday, Shop!

My mood for today: subjunctive

When I was about two years old, I had a recurring nightmare about a stick hand that had me waking up in unexplained terror at all hours of the night… for weeks.

My poor mother had no idea what a stick hand was, but once, in the middle of the night, she opened the window and threw it out.

I never had the dream again.

I just opened my door to walk the dog, and I'm afraid that after all these years, it's finally caught up with me.

We have computers living in people's bodies that can detect and fix when their hearts get off-rhythm.

We have a computer powered by a nuclear reactor, exploring another planet, that we remote control from Earth.

Why is printing on paper the final frontier? Can we humans maybe spend some time making that a little less terrible (or less necessary)?

@thegibson @maloki Not to "well actually", but - no. Net neutrality has been repealed in the US. It's a fait accompli, but the FCC hasn't set a date for when the rules will be enforced.

There will be a Senate vote, probably next week, to block the repeal, and the Senators in favor of blocking think they have the votes.

If the Senate resolution passes, it also then has to pass the House - with no date set, and with a slimmer chance of passing - and survive Trump's potential veto.

We have one month until Net Neutrality is repealed.

I know we've done this before... a million times.

I know it's old... boring...

But this is our homeland.

This is our country.

Now get up there in those turrets.

Operate the cannons.

Stop them in their tracks.

@kevinja You can’t have culture without a cult. When I’ve left various orgs it always surprises me how it changes my thought process… groupthink is real (but it can yield decent results, when leveraged appropriately.)

(In the interest of full disclosure, this most recent communication was ghost-tooted gratis by my daughter, a queen of multi-level irony, first of her name, and first to exploit the fact that my laptop can unlock when I come near, but will not lock when I walk away.)

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