when you have to turn the render distance all the way down to low

When I was about two years old, I had a recurring nightmare about a stick hand that had me waking up in unexplained terror at all hours of the night… for weeks.

My poor mother had no idea what a stick hand was, but once, in the middle of the night, she opened the window and threw it out.

I never had the dream again.

I just opened my door to walk the dog, and I'm afraid that after all these years, it's finally caught up with me.

I discovered this day upon waking an encoded message hastily scrawled upon my chamber door.

I fear for my compatriots within the Resistance.

All is discovered; flee at once.

data mining/dystopia 

Does anybody else find it ironic that Shakespeare is the person who "brevity is the soul of wit" came from?

Eh, screw it...

One more "product" off the market.

Thanks, @phildini and , for giving me a soft place to land.

Took the kids to Sonic a while back, and found an envelope tucked into the menu saying "Read Me." I did, smiled, and left it for the next person to find.

Thanks, Regina. Much appreciated, and the world needs more of this.

The squirrels in some remote server farm are ardently laboring away at removing traces of me from all of the facebooks.

But... does it *really* take two weeks?

Old work anxiety 

Thanks, Bookbub! I sure wouldn't want to miss it if Dante Alighieri dropped some new hotness on the book scene this year!

I wonder if he has a newsletter.

Well, Google thinks I look like a king. I say that confirms it.

Our goofy weather has succeeded in confusing even the geese.

Recording vocals for the first time in my life. Even though it's just me in here, I've vastly underestimated how terrifying it is.


Amazon, can we please try a little harder with the ad targeting?

I am planning adventures in tea-faring.

My family gets me.

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