The squirrels in some remote server farm are ardently laboring away at removing traces of me from all of the facebooks.

But... does it *really* take two weeks?

@kevinja Nope. That's juuuuust long enough to outlast the willpower to stay away. :P

@lilithsaintcrow I'm preparing myself for daily emails now with Mark pushing his wares on me like an addict...

"Come on, man, I got CONNECTIONS... You want it, man, live a little."

@kevinja They've spent serious money figuring out how to addict humans and retain them despite bad practices.

@lilithsaintcrow Yeah, for sure. It irks me to have to admit that it's working, and I'm not immune to it.

@kevinja Well, knowing the mechanism means you can plan for it, though. Like filtering all those emails and only looking at them after a specific time.

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