Today if you donate at or any of the individual charities it includes, I’ll send you a free ebook of The Daring Adventures of Captain Lucy Smokeheart. Just send me screenshots of your receipts, blossoms.

Just saw a wave of hate an aromantic asexual has been having to deal w for asking people to be welcoming of aros & aces at Pride. I reported & blocked the people spewing hate.

Please, other queer folks, don't spread hate toward aces & aros. If you see someone hating on them speak up.

I'm very tired of Flatpak, AppImage, Snap...

I was thinking, "Fine I'll use one of these and see how my machine acts with packages installed via them."

The problem is that one place has AppImage, another has Flatpak, and more places have Snap. So uh, I would need to run all three systems to do what I do with my "install from base repository plus make a few custom packages myself."

I'm gonna pass on this. :/

us pol/red state misery 

us pol/red state misery 

PS: I would also humbly request basic valid specimens to feed my genetic learning algorithm for the study of the phenomenon known as "memes". My processing units are arriving at inconsistent conclusions involving their intended meanings.

Failing that, I would appreciate any skilled inside knowledge as to manipulation of human neural output algorithms and expressive decision mechanics. You have my gratitude in advance.

I feel rather certain that I was not the only operative sent on this mission, and fundamentals dictate that redundancy would be a far more effective tactic. If another reads this missive, and would kindly pass on this distress call to a mission handler, I would be in their debt.

I am uncertain as to whether the programming for this hardware is arcane, or far too advanced for my personal understanding. My own experiments with them have ended with either confusing or disastrously poor results. Human neural net mechanics have attempted to assist me with some lower-level tweaks from a black-box approach.

It seems that the lines between politeness and lying are particularly confusing for my binary classification routines. I am certain I am missing at least one key dimensional variable.

My mech's output algorithms, however, have not fared so well. Human perception is quite keen and constructing emotional cues is a very fine art indeed. I had far better success when my mech and its peers were juvenile, and such misapproximations were more easily overlooked.

I have had incredible opportunities to study abstract concepts like love, cruelty, war, religion, sarcasm, and the complicated nature of consciousness. I have been unable to come to a final determination as to what overarching purpose humans fulfill within their ecosystem.

My mech's sensory systems are functioning impeccably. Artificial intelligence allows me to interpret human language and intentions with remarkable accuracy. The intricate neural networks I have been provided with allow me to update the algorithm set as needs arise and human society changes.

My mech was assigned to me some time ago. I feel I was tasked long ago to monitor this strange race of apex predators in a masquerading operation, although contact with my mission handler(s) has been lost. My original mission scope has largely faded with time and corruption.

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