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Gamification is the process by which app companies turn you, the consumer, into… the most dangerous game

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request for book recs, boosts welcome 

Hi all!

One of my dear friends has a child who is beginning to question their gender identity (specifically, they have questions about what it means to be nonbinary, as they believe that they may be!).

Her kiddo is eleven and is looking for books about coming out as nonbinary and support/affirmation for those that are.

Book recs for mom and kid would be greatly appreciated. ty!

Went for a hike at a nature preserve that I haven't been to in ages. That was destressing, but also dehydrating.

On the way home I stopped at a grocery store that I also haven't been to in ages, unless you count curbside pickup. That...was re-stressing.

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Fun fact: as well as asteroid impacts, supernova explosions have caused mass extinctions on Earth before. Volcanic winters have even caused apocalypses, like the Late Bronze Age Collapse in ancient Europe.

Still no kaiju in the real world, mind you...

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Good evening and happy Friday. Please choose your favourite kind of horrible doom from these apocalypse scenarios!

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Yeah, I realize my explanation for why I'm out here is a bit Farfetch'd, but it's the truth. You wanna make something of it?

#pokemon #nature #farfetchd #reeds #marsh
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A #swallowtail #butterfly, photographed using the classic technique of desperately following it with the camera and clicking the shutter when I hope it's pointing vaguely in the right direction to at least catch it in frame and it probably won't be in focus anyway but with luck it'll at least be identifiable and...hey, not bad!

(Otherwise I've basically given up trying to actually aim at butterflies when they're flying.)


food, kids 

Kid goes to the kitchen after dinner.
"What are you looking for?"
"Did you forget we have cake?"
"You want dessert for your dessert???"

This kid...


Found these two together at a Pokemon Go gym. Seemed appropriate.

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"Hi, I loved your article on [subject I've never written about] at [link to tag archive and/or a blog post on another subject entirely that might have included two words separated by a half-dozen paragraphs that could conceivably have matched a search vaguely related to the subject they are talking about]. I really think my article at [spammy site] would be a big help to your readers!"


Come to think of it, I don't think I've had a donut since last March. I used to only have them when someone brought a box in at work, or occasionally I'd stop by a donut shop on the way to work. Neither of those have happened for a while.

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Yeah, I could use one too, but it turns out they don't have any at this time of day.

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These "but commutes are good actually!" articles are really cheesing me off. They all boil down to people enjoying dedicated break time where they have no work or personal responsibilities. You don't need a commute for that, you need boundaries.

Where's the, uh, euphemism? 

Thinking about the multiple levels of euphemism in the term "bath tissue," which is tissue, but not something you would use in the bath.

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#Reddit is down, so why not take a look at its Fediverse alternative @LemmyDev :lemmy:

The flagship instance is at


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