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Me: It's talk like a pirate day!
Spouse: $%@$% $%^ *@#^$ %@&#
Me: ...
Me: No... not talk like a sailor day
Spouse (disappointed): oh

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Spam subject: "Get new windows for energy efficiency" - I'm not convinced, but if they're still running Vista...

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Spam subject: "Get a full-mast again!" - Arr, matey!

Interesting: Plume authors and blogs both show up as profiles in Mastodon, but (so far, anyway) I can only follow an author, not a blog.

Cloudflare is launching a gateway for IPFS.

On one hand, I've thought it was a cool idea since I first heard about it. (And now I'm thinking of that cache problem with HTTPS sites and high-latency connections.)

On the other's a lot easier to remember and type '' than a hash value.

I updated my article on posting from to again to clarify a few things, and to recommend for accounts that will *only* include automatic posts.

I use this technique for several things:
- Link to every new post from an feed at @SpeedForce
- Post differently tagged links from here & at SpeedForce
- Cross-post a very occasional blog here

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In case you missed it: I made a #Mastodon Shortcode for #Hugo, a static site generator. Embed all the toots into your #blog posts!

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Hilarity from the #PHP 7 migration: unexpected fun with json_encode() and floating point precision!

(In 7.1, json_encode() started using the serialize_precision setting instead of the precision setting for floating point output. precision default is 14; serialize_precision default is 17. 17 is apparently long enough to display how bad computers are at decimals.)

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vim: there's more than one way to do it, i.e. the way you're doing it now, and the slightly more convenient way to do it that you'll discover by accident sometime in the next twenty years

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Writers (and most other artists) put in their blood, sweat, tears, and -- most importantly -- TIME, for a reward that might never come.

So if you love the book, go ahead and show the writer some love.

It's not the thing that keeps us going. Most of us will be tapping away anyway. We're like word sharks -- we stop and we suffocate.

But love improves the experience greatly.

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The princess had been locked in her tower for days.

The voice behind the door telling servants & nobles alike to Go Away was distinctly hers, but all were baffled as to why she had imprisoned herself.

Speculation flared; was she busy creating an epic tapestry? Hiding a lover? Was she kidnapped but a decoy was imitating her voice?

Indeed, it was an imposter.
The princess was adventuring, and her enchanted canary would be owed much millet.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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it's possible to review someone's work in a constructive and polite way, without resorting to being blunt or rude or unhelpful

just hard for some people, apparently

I love this: Crossover has a beta that runs Windows apps on ChromeOS via the Android compatibility layer.

(Admittedly, I've been known to install Cygwin on a Windows VM running on MacOSX.)

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Spam subject: "Love huts, you agree?" No, it's Love *Shack,* baby! Love *Shack!*

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Please help me expand this list of hilarious local colloquialisms for arthropod species:

daddy long-legs
wooly bear

#entomology #linguistics

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CodeMirror folks are working on a major re-architecting for modern browsers, with an eye to fixing bidi, touch, and performance as well as general goodness. :)

They need backers to support the work, though.

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"What is ActivityPub and how will it change the Internet?". Nice post by @jdormit!

(The only thing I'd challenge is the bit about needing lots more users to compete with Facebook and Twitter - I think most active users here would say that the fediverse is doing well already & it doesn't have to become a wholesale Facebook/Twitter-slayer for it to be good and useful! I think in general we - I'm guilty of it too - spend too much time focusing on & comparing with them!)