While looking at this preview of Far Sector, an upcoming Green Lantern comic by N.K. Jemisin & Jamal Campbell, I had an odd realization.

For years, the DC Universe was a draw for me. By comparison, Marvel felt unfamiliar. And I would read DC comics across the line, and Marvel comics that were off in some corner like Alias (now Jessica Jones).

Since the New 52, I've felt less & less connected to the DCU...and now I'm reading DC the way I used to read Marvel.


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[Ben Krasnow] Looks Inside Film Camera Date Stamping

Honestly, we never wondered how those old film cameras used to put the date stamp in the lower right-hand corner of the frame. Luckily, [Ben Krasnow] does not suffer from this deplorable lack of curio… hackaday.com/2019/10/15/ben-kr

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/11

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You know, as we worry about the future of international travel, I'll just put this out there- give me a solid wifi connection and some actual elbow room, and I'd happily spend a couple of days flying home on a solar powered zeppelin instead of taking a jet.

Can you imagine how quiet it would be too?

Like taking a sleeper train through the sky. I'm really about this idea.

Today's weather: clear blue skies, and the smell of the mountains burning.

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Are there people out there using creative commons licenses who don't know what they mean?

I mean, I really don't get this. If someone violated the terms of the CC license you picked, then yeah, that's a problem. If you didn't license it at all, then again, yeah, that's misappropriation of your work, because you haven't given permission.

But if you make the effort to choose a license that preemptively gives people permission?

OMG people used creative commons-licenced works without asking first!!!!

(Um, isn't that the point of licensing something through Creative Commons? So that people won't have to ask you?)

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Remember that certificate you created 10 years ago with a 10 year expiration time thinking you wouldn't need to worry about it expiring in 10 years because it'd be way past the system's lifetime? Well....

I have co-workers working remotely today because they live on the other side of an active wildfire. So there's that for perspective.

On the plus side, I have power, and neither my home nor workplace is on fire.

Ugh. "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" still applies when the humidity is so low it might as well be negative. I've been drinking water all morning & I feel dehydrated after 10 minutes walking outside.

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I love that the internet has collectively decided that the player character in Untitled Goose Game is named The Untitled Goose.

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Mitred Parakeets:

I stopped to grab coffee and heard the parakeets squawking in the trees. These were the first two I spotted, and they stayed together like that for the whole time I was there.


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RIP, Alexei Leonov.

"Alexei Leonov, a Soviet-era cosmonaut who was the first human to conduct a spacewalk in 1965, died Friday in Moscow aged 85, his assistant said. "He died today in Moscow at the Burdenko hospital after a long illness," Natalia Filimonova told AFP."

#Cosmonauts #AlexeiLeonov #Personalities


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Article about how the power grid we have now is built on old assumptions and old priorities, and how it has changed in some places (notably, the areas served by San Diego's grid since the devastating Witch Fire a decade ago)...but not enough in the areas facing high winds and dry conditions this week.

California’s huge, humiliating power outages expose the vulnerabilities of PG&E’s power grid

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