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me: put

start: ok you probably want to start putty :)

me: putt

start: ok yep, probably still want to launch putty! here it is

me: putty

start: y ou now want to bing search for putty, the fre eopen source terminal application

Or do you just miss out on a guitar ballad for the duration of your login session?

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When you forget to check "Remember Me," does that mean the crew is going to start disappearing around you?

Some possible explanations:

1. It's a coincidentally-timed phish.
2. I entered the other email somewhere in LastPass as an alternate contact or something.
3. LastPass somehow figured out how the accounts are connected.
4. LastPass somehow ended up with the info from the phone's primary account when I installed it on the secondary account.

I'm really hoping it's #1 or #2...

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A few days ago I set up test accounts on several password managers/wallets on an alternate Gmail account, to get a sense of how they work without interfering with my regular accounts. I've been getting marketing emails from them.

Today I got an email apparently from LastPass on my *main* gmail account encouraging me to continue setup... 🤔

Picked up a multimeter. Kid is testing ALL the cables to see what parts actually conduct to what.

But the pitch and duration are almost exactly the same as the one-minute-left beep on the oven timer. :blob_dizzy_face:

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i remember when i first joined the fediverse a few years ago i wasn't expecting much

but then i made my first post & the lovely people of (which still had its "a" back then) started responding immediately! i was shocked!

on most social networks, it feels like you're posting into the void until you build up a community yourself

joining a small mastodon instance is like joining a pre-existing community. i think that's special. and the local tl is largely what allows that to exist.

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I think @gargron is making a big mistake here by signaling his intent to phase out the local timeline :

Besides debates about what "diverse" means, it's taking away a major incentive for people to start and maintain an instance.

Starting an instance to host a community is appealing to some people.

Starting an instance to do free IT for a distributed server farm of homogeneous instances seems like a hard sell.

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What server are you using for your #gemlog?

How do you host your #gemini capsule?

What associated support software do you use to make living in #geminispace easier?

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My List of Alternatives to Big Tech Social Media Networks

It is not intended to be a list of everything that exists (there are hundreds and hundreds) but the on'e I'm using fairly actively still.


#technology #socialnetworks #alternativeto #BigTech #decentralised

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To me, this is just one example of the weakness of a browser monoculture: the malware authors can write one tool to extract data from an Electron app, Chrome, Brave, Opera, etc., because they all use the same browser engine so it's not much work to target all of them at once.

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A couple of quick fixes for #Lagrange, mostly about text input:

The input widget was almost fully rewritten in v1.6 due to changes in text rendering and to better support long multi-line content. It's pretty complex code, so of course we also got many regressions.


Upstairs neighbors: Drop something heavy on their living room floor.

Me, on my way to try once again to get the kid to wake up: Can you maybe drop that in that room over there?

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'zz top' implies not merely 'zz bottom', but also zz charm, zz strange, zz up, and zz down

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The tavern in the cavern has the brew that is true.

food gone bad, gross 

I guess I should put new potatoes on the shopping list

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food gone bad, gross 

Finally placed the vague nasty smell I'd been catching in the kitchen all day: A leaky bag of potatoes.

Fortunately there were only 3 left in the back, and I caught it before the puddle spread to the box with all the brand new groceries I bought earlier today 😬

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