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Wi-Fi features I would like to see on Android:

1. Always connect to my chosen VPN as soon as I've connected to any Wi-Fi network that's not on a trusted list.

2. Auto-update apps when connected to *specific* Wi-Fi networks (not just any).

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You might find this interesting, it's a list of official Fediverse / Federation accounts belonging to various organisations:

If you see an org you're interested in, maybe give them a follow to encourage them to spend time on here?

(Note that it doesn't include official crossposting bots such as @greenpeace_ch )

#Fediverse #Federation

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Working through a book on modding Minecraft with the kiddo. It knows its target audience: the first few lessons are all about explosions!

It's written for 1.8, which is a problem because a lot of the structure has changed between then and 1.12, but a decent IDE with auto complete and a sense of common naming schemes has made it relatively easy to adapt the simple lessons so far. We'll see how well that works as they get more complicated.

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Hello Federation.

We are happy to announce that we are finished basic federation support and will be merging it along with several new features this week.

It may take a few more weeks to iron out all the bugs, but we are confident from the tests we have done that it is ready for production use!

For the latest updates, star or watch the GitHub repo, #pixelfed

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@KelsonV in the future, sun-grown veggies will be highly prized (and priced accordingly) as "free-range produce" :)

Mozilla has released a new version of their "Privacy Not Included" review of smart devices, with an added "creep-o-meter" for just how creepy readers rate them.

This is cool: "A.I. turns 57 million crop fields into stunning abstract art"

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Medusa found an 0day and is writing malware to turn your machine into a brick.

The Sphinx is sending riddles with her Xerox. If you get them wrong, she drowns you in black faxes.

A cyclops is port scanning a local area network during their day job as a pentester.

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Cyberpunk + High Fantasy = Sirens whistling into the telephone receiver at the right frequency to get free long distance

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Google lost control of several million of its IP addresses for more than an hour on Monday, with traffic misdirected to China Telecom

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Here's what it generated for "bookshop"
I love this so much

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Reminder: people complaining about "political correctness" are basically complaining that they can't be dicks to other human beings and get away with it.

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@phildini @Annalee Hi, I was wondering, what are the upgrade plans for I see it's still on 2.4.3.