Holy crap, is getting a tileset/UI overhaul and being sold on By the folks who made Moon Hunters.

:blobaww: OH MY GOD IT'S SO SHINY.

@kawa On the topic of Dwarf Fortress, I stick to Fallout Equestria, which I think has its own tileset, or just re-uses phoebus.

It's a surprisingly good mix, although canon FoE relies on a large portion of the populace being capable of flight, and by extension cloud-walk, where #DwarfFortress sorta breaks when a third of your populace need never land.

@kawa oh this is a great move for them to get a little more security in their lives! Also maybe truly I'll finally be able to approach the most ambitious game ever devised.

@kawa however it doesnt seem to be coming to linux from the preliminary steam page. hope that'll change

@kawa are they giving back to the original project with some portion of sales?

@lunaterra @kawa Or rather, the original authors are the ones who will be selling the game. The Moonhunter crew mentioned above are doing graphical work for them on what sounds to be a contract basis.

@Nentuaby @kawa ohhhh that's neat. I would have answered for myself but the site is blocked for tor users by CloudFlare 🤷

@kawa I'll probably buy it, even if I'm crazy and play without tilesets.

@kawa That's a definite buy from me, I love DF and having a ready to play version with a nice clear tileset all ready to go is exactly what I want.

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