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A personal philosophy, riffed from Daniel Pinkwater's "Big Orange Splot":

New York City is me and I am it. My city is where I like to be; I hope I can make it look like all my dreams.

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Re- time? time!

I'm Kawa! [they/them or she/her]

day gig, would love more people on my feed
:pansexual_flag: /#pansexual, -exploring, practicing
🗽 native & resident, would love to hear from fellow outer-boro folx
🎲 RP (lately ), indie in the tradition, art
💖 Also love , , and occasionally as in (really fußball but who's counting)

Life updates:

1) My job did not start today, no idea when it is starting.
1a) If you know someone who is looking for a remote data analyst-shaped human, particularly working in Tableau, let a Kawa know
2) Disco Elysium is still wildly important to me, if you want some literary tragecomedy in your PC gaming please play it
3) My polycule is far from me physically but good
4) I did go on my trip and it was not as expected but i'm glad i got to before everything shut down

Life updates:
1) Ending old job March 6, starting new job April 6. This is a Good Thing for everyone involved!
2) Disco Elysium fandom has TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. Let me know if you need CWs on the game. Please consider playing it.(Also, please let me know if you ship it.)
3) My polycule expanded, that's neat as hell. 💖
3) I'm doing the *opposite* of recommended guidelines and coming to San Francisco precisely *because* GDC is cancelled to hang with my polycule and friends!

I greatly prefer dark background/light text aesthetics when working on screens. I get Google Docs to do that for me when working on screen-only writing. Here's how:

Feel free to spread it around!

okay nerds I finished over the weekend, who wants to talk some feelings and headcanons with your friendly local Kawa

As promised, here is the Playscii game code and data I used to create my slide show for the talk I gave at Roguelike Celebration back in October:
And the talk itself, if you missed it:

concept: speech to text to vocaloid to stream input for trans girls with voice related anxiety slash dysphoria

writing tip: no writing tip will ever cover every situation. use adverbs. fuck up grammar. fuck up spelling. do whatever you can to get your soul on paper

Good morning, happy Wednesday!

This is going to be a politically charged day; take care to unplug if you need to preserve your sanity.

Look out for your fellows who might be dealing with difficult emotions. Be with them, hold their anger, fear and pain with them. Be kind.

Say you want to review lots of restaurants under standardized criteria. (A homage to
FiveThirtyEight's Burrito Bracket, but not nationwide or Mexican.) You don't have access to a pro panel, nor the stomach to do every restaurant that qualifies. How do you decide where to go?

halloween, eldritch creature 

Due to work stuff I had to be a totally normal, reasonable adult for . I was really nervous, though! Did I do a good job?

Spice (and species) both come from a word meaning kind/type, and gender (and genre) home from a different word meaning kind/type. Therefore you can use spice instead of gender. This is absolutely how linguistics works and I will not be taking questions

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A Good Idea (if you like almonds): adding orgeat to coffee.

I just spent a bit adding to @BotFinds, my Robot Finds Kitten homage bot. A few corpora, a few new messages - hopefully the message variety will increase.

(I know I could have just taken all the NKIs directly from the original, but chose not to for the practice using Tracery grammars. I am tempted to dump the Nethack rumors.tru and rumors.fal in though, we'll see.)

health psa + 

I just got my flu shot! If you can, you should as well! Many places will have them for free and cheap - check your local health clinics, pharmacies, and social services!

sad --, overwhelmed, family, relationships, day job 

I did all my community work and recovering from serious relationship stress by ignoring my day job, and it's finally catching up to me. I'm scared.
Also my mom is staying over at my apartment for the first time, and she always makes me anxious so this is a lot.
I feel awful for complaining given what I do have, but ugh. I feel run down. Sleep is hard, self care is slipping, and I'm finding it hard to be present for those who need me.

Alcohol + 

If you ever wanted a framework for understanding wine, try @phildini's! These are my notes trying an Albariño at a fancy seafood place in Seattle.

Albarino [sp] Idilico
Swirl ✔
Sniff: peach? lime? floral??
Taste 1: mineral, "sparkle" hit | mellows quick | sweet/tart
Taste 2: much smoother now | still tart | heavy?!
Taste 3: I do like it!
Hard to tell color in this light. Lighter, not greened.

Selfie, eye contact 

I am very tired and very ready to go to Seattle for my first real vacation in a while. I'm going to collapse on the plane and sleep through as much of the flight as possible; just gotta be awake enough to board when called.

Now I am curious if any accounts identify with pronouns similar to my own, and how that handling works.

@rjl20 ? Anyone else?

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