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Re- time? time!

I'm Kawa! [they/them or she/her]

day gig, would love more people on my feed
:pansexual_flag: /#pansexual, -exploring, practicing
🗽 native & resident, would love to hear from fellow outer-boro folx
🎲 RP (lately ), indie in the tradition, art
💖 Also love , , and occasionally as in (really fußball but who's counting)

self-care tip of the day:

try and imagine a functioning city of chubby little baby chicks. do they have little peeper jobs and peep cars? how are decisions made? do they elect a little peep mayor? do they have a sash? who made the sash? what do the peep citizens do for fun? do you think any of the peeps are like, fancy french waiters with a fancy moustache and dinner clith draped over one feathery arm?

consider these things instead of going to work or whatever.

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i found this high-quality math shitpost screencap on my laptop and i have no idea who wrote it, but it should be shared with the world before i delete it from my hard drive

So it's officially a year since I got my apartment, Kawa Arena.

It is deeply imperfect, and currently a mess so no pictures, but also The Best And I Love It.

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Are here any people with a #disability living in #NewYork #nyc who could give me some advice on #wheelchair #accessible transport, cab #accessibility , #uberwav etc? My girlfriend and I will be in the city next month and might need some help... Please #boost

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I had this thought yesterday, about how it's really dark on the northern hemisphere right now and we often feel like the sun is just disappearing and letting us down and we want more light again.

But! It actually is just that we share the sun with people on the southern hemisphere and fewer light for us means more light for you/them so we all can enjoy it and grow food and everything.

So I'm much happier about the darkness now, because it means someone else is enjoying the sun right now :)

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Friends, I present to you the unified theory of food categorization:

Soup-Salad-Sandwich Space

Like , , and/or -adjacent podcast fun? Want to hear me talk even more about dying in roguelikes?

My guest spot on The Spelunky Showlike is up now! This was a super fun recording, check it out. 💖

One of my favorite Discord servers has a channel just for pictures of clouds. Here's some of my recent contributions.

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