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Re- time? time!

I'm Kawa! [they/them or she/her]

day gig, would love more people on my feed
:pansexual_flag: /#pansexual, -exploring, practicing
🗽 native & resident, would love to hear from fellow outer-boro folx
🎲 RP (lately ), indie in the tradition, art
💖 Also love , , and occasionally as in (really fußball but who's counting)

Job hunting in Boston, boosts appreciated Show more

I need to find a trans community in NW Florida. I feel like I'm slowly falling to pieces, unable to present as male. If you're in the area, especially the Bay County area, can you please get in touch with me?

If you're not, can you please boost this so that area residents can see this?

Sorry I've been RTing more than actually posting here.

It's been an emotionally intense last few months. Mostly good - deep investments in my self-improvement, my relationships, and local community - but that takes all the energy I've got.

I hope you're well, friends.

If you run an instance that has closed invitations (by policy, not temporarily due to load or spam), I'd be interested in chatting with you about why your instance is closed, and how/if you allow new members, and what you do for people who you can't/won't let in. (I run a closed instance myself and LOVE it, so I'm just looking to get a sense of current practice, not for debate.) #mastodamins

Reminder that I have gay merchandise that you can buy for Pride and actually support someone who isn't a big heterosexual corporation. Boosts appreciated!

Vox is on strike today- they're trying to unionize! ✊

As a result, consuming media today from Vox, The Verge, or Polygon constitutes breaking a picket line.

:sm64_d::sm64_o::sm64_n::sm64_quote::sm64_t: :sm64_b::sm64_e:
:sm64_a: :sm64_s::sm64_c::sm64_a::sm64_b::sm64_p::sm64_l::sm64_z: ❤️

Polygon and the Verge are both Vox Media outlets. Vox workers are currently attempting to unionize and they've just announced a work stoppage. Don't support Vox until the union gets their contract and their demands or met. That means if you support BDG and Pat and all yr other polygon crushes then you won't go watching their polygon vids until Vox Union announces their victory

Hey fellow Bi and Pan folks!

Imposter syndrome is super common within our adorable little subsets of the community!

Worried you’re not Bi or Pan enough? That’s the imposter syndrome talking!

But you ARE!
You’re more than enough!
You’re awesome!

Who the heck called them “bisexual” and not slambidextrous

If anyone knows of any therapists in the seattle area who handle plurality well, please DM us.

We want a new therapist but are not looking forward to the idea of shopping around for one who takes us seriously.

I've created the "How to Live on #LowIncome" wiki! It just has a list of wanted articles so far. If you want to add to it, you can already start! Yay, let's build this together, and save lives!
OK to RT.

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Fun thing to do at the library: walk through the aisles until a book's spine catches your eye. Ideally it's a pretty well-worn book; for this technique to work it needs to have had a fair number of readers over the years.

Grasp the book's spine and hold it so the pages hang down. Find a an air gap where the pages naturally hang open, and read those pages.

Today I found this lovely passage on randomness/entropy in a book called "Paradox" by Jim Al-Khalili.

Is there an / 🗽 federated instance like but for here? Doesn't have to be Mastodon - in fact, I'd personally be curious about looking into other ActivityPub protocols.

I wish I had the spoons to start one and/or the cash to host it; in a few months after some personal stuff clears I'd be kinda interested in helping mod/admin one that exists, if the other mods align with me on ethical principles.

Feel free to boost!

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