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Re- time? time!

I'm Kawa! [they/them or she/her]

day gig, would love more people on my feed
:pansexual_flag: /#pansexual, -exploring, practicing
🗽 native & resident, would love to hear from fellow outer-boro folx
🎲 RP (lately ), indie in the tradition, art
💖 Also love , , and occasionally as in (really fußball but who's counting)

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Fixing Up The Codebase To Remove All Compiler Warnings [ASMR]


I dont know who needs to hear this but stop dimming your light. Trust yourself, lean into the things that drive and fuel you. Dont shy away from them.


You know what'd be neat? An equivalent to @threadreaderapp@birdsite for the fediverse, as an easy way to plug threads of toots into screenreaders and bookmarking/readability services like Pocket and Instapaper.

What exactly is the difference between a 'mute' and a 'block'?

Oh yeah, I made a Google Doc template a while back, because I wasn't liking what I was finding elsewhere. Doesn't use official fonts, prints into 5 landscape 11"x8.5" pages, one for the front matter then relationships/needs/locations/objects.

Please boost and make copies and use!

Holy crap, is getting a tileset/UI overhaul and being sold on By the folks who made Moon Hunters.

:blobaww: OH MY GOD IT'S SO SHINY.

"em @mvsterios


remember! if your local timeline doesn't make you wanna jump into the community you're in or feel warm & fuzzy like the cutie you are it's ok to try other communities!

you don't want to stay somewhere that makes you feel like you're just tolerating it cause you "have to" like on those big branded blue sites

find the fediverse community (or communities!) that makes you wanna go–

:blobmeltcryinglove: "this place is so good!!!"

–every time you open it

Really cool thing, connecting folks who want to contribute to projects but aren't fluent English writers/speakers with proofreaders and general tutors for kind critique. I hope to see more of this, both to diversify technical communities and get non-traditional technical people involved.

The route goes from 43rd St & Skillman Ave to 58th St & Woodside Ave. (The 40th St stop on the 7 train is near the start, and the 61st St 7 train/Woodside LIRR stop is near the end.)

My group is meeting near the start point at 11 AM. I'll be carrying a whole pile of small bisexual :bisexual_flag: and pansexual :pansexual_flag: flags, feel free to join. If you're on Bookface I can send you an event.

It formally starts at noon. It's not long - I think it'll be over by 4 PM.

Hope to see you!

Hey folks, particularly my fellow +/#queer ones!

St. Patrick's Day is a big deal in Woodside and Sunnyside, two Irish neighborhoods in Queens. St. Pat's For All is a parade for LGBT+ groups excluded from the 'main' parade could still celebrate the spirit of the day.

The parade happens every year - including this one, THIS SUNDAY! I'm marching with PFLAG and the NY Area Bisexual Network, and I'd love to see you there! More in the next toot! 1/2

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self-care tip of the day:

try and imagine a functioning city of chubby little baby chicks. do they have little peeper jobs and peep cars? how are decisions made? do they elect a little peep mayor? do they have a sash? who made the sash? what do the peep citizens do for fun? do you think any of the peeps are like, fancy french waiters with a fancy moustache and dinner clith draped over one feathery arm?

consider these things instead of going to work or whatever.

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