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Today's vlog: I saw the start of a hunt and spoilery Doctor Who Christmas Special thoughts (to go with general Doctor Who rambling)

When someone snores so hard they actually sound *angry*.

I would really like to use mastodon more, but I have a hell of a time paying attention to more than one site.

Finally got a chance to post a couple of vlogs:
Talking About [UK] LARP with @signaturefish :
I saw Belleville at the Donmar Warehouse:

Had a great time at the Donmar and the play was super interesting! And since it's nice out, I walked back to my hotel.

Feeling a bit melancholy now, since it made me think of other times I've been in London with friends I no longer have.

BTW, I'm taking recommendations for books for my hard to please dad. He's 78 years old, has no capacity for suspension of disbelief but does like some historical fiction. He's read all of Bernard Cornwell, Patrick O'Brien, C.S. Forrester, Louis L'Amour, Zane Grey, etc. Help?

Every time I see THE LAST JEDI, I love both Admiral Holdo and Poe even more.

Yesterday's vlog, technically speaking: I'm in Cambridge now, and hey, made it into the second round of the @angryrobotbooks author death match!

I just want to write a fun thing. Why you gotta be like this, story.

Vlog o' Last Jedi spoilers 

Today, a long vlog with a special guest, @zaliachimera! We just got back from seeing (her first viewing, my second) and had a filled chat about the movie.

After four hours of sleep I got up to join in my Skype D&D game. I'm fucking exhausted and going back to bed now, but it was so worth it. I love my party.

There are no movies on this flight that I haven't seen that I'd actually want to watch. It's like the universe is trying to force me to see the fucking transformers movie.

Today's vlog: thinking out loud about a lot of current events, and then rambling about Florence Foster Jenkins since I have some complicated feelings about that movie.


I went on a tear six months ago about how queer characters on Star Wars are segregated into the tie-in books and never shown on screen when they exist at all. AND the books are used to destroy all queer subtext in the films.

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