I need to get started on the next thing. Editing on some stuff I really don't wanna. Maybe I'll sneak start the rough of GBBO in space.

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Got my slice of life story finished, got it sent in, and it's made it to the second round of submissions. Wooo!

@Annalee I've been struggling with my bone-deep love of action stories versus wanting to write things where violence isn't the solution. It's incredibly hard, and I think the quiet stuff can be so easily lost in the noise...

And maybe that's why I have to keep beating my head against this. Dunno.

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Now is a really goddamn hard time to try to write low stakes, slice of life stuff.

I've reached the point in physical therapy where I can do a little gentle exercise bike every day. I'm so incredibly excited about this. Read on the exercise bike, go!

Here's my REAL 50th vlog! youtu.be/otDTmCwDkCA I answer some questions... including one that was really salty.

So my 50th vlog was last night (youtu.be/MIJQeCXXSgg) and it was honestly a bit sad because work just destroyed me. I want to make a better one, and you can help! Got any questions--about writing, rocks, movies, fan stuff, eocene cute mammals, anything? Ask so I can answer!

May your day be as filled with ASTM #2 as mine is.

Today's vlog, a little late: youtu.be/GIo8anzr-XI Talking about my failday (well, more of a fail afternoon) and then the perception of having "broken in" as a writer versus how things feel. (That starts at 6:10.)

In today's vlog, I talk about The Changeling and Meriwether Lewis, who is making my life difficult from beyond the grave. youtu.be/s5adVjrYf00

And thus THE CHANGELING is the first book I finished reading in 2018 because I literally could not put it down for the last 220 pages.

Today's vlog, since I spaced that there should have been one yesterday... whoops. youtube.com/watch?v=5k5OJb2Y83

If someone tells you loudly and gleefully and repeatedly that they're planning to be a massive piece of shit, you're not obligated to give them the opportunity to prove it.

Hahaha jerk got himself preemptively banned from San Jose WorldCon. I have a good feeling about them being serious about their CoC.

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