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I wrote a thread on twitter contextualizing why wil was driven off mastodon in case you're interesting. tl;dr he like, made trans people homeless and destroyed lives materially. not just a run of the mill insensitive bigot.


Little Red Tarot winding down 

Beth Maiden writes:

Little Red Tarot – as in, the blog and community space – will wind down on 31st October.

The entire contents of this blog will move to its own dedicated space, to be available for all to read, stored and archived accessibly, for as long as each writer is happy for their work to remain there. No new articles will be published.


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Registration to enby.club is now open!

We're a small Mastodon based instance built for the non-binary community, allies and binary trans people are welcome to join also.

(Please boost to help build an audience).

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CW discourse 

instances absolutely can and should set their own rules for their instance and their local timeline, including CW guidelines. If you don’t like your instances rules, you can always look for an instance that’s a better fit, which goes both for those who find CWs stifling and those who think they’re underused

But the federated timeline is just gonna do its own thing, no one controls it, so like, yeah finding people there and going into their mentions complaining about CWs is a no go

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To Save Tech, #ListentoBlackWomen

A #SXSW proposal by Safiya Umoja Noble (author of Algorithms of Oppression), Shireen Mitchell of Stop Online Violence Against Women, and me.

"Listening to Black women is a path for the tech industry to get beyond its history of oppression through algorithmic bias, racists, sexists, nativists, and anti-LGBTQ+ identities, and move in the direction of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within the industry."

Please vote it up!


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There is always a price to pay. The Tarot cards spent the whole day listening to people's problems, and giving advice.
In the evening, she lined them all up - empress, fool, lovers, and the others - to listen to their concerns, and try to help as well as she could.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Oh dear, . Here's a Twitter thread from Amal El-Mohtar with a quick summary of some of the, um, issues. twitter.com/tithenai/status/10

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Good session about Mastodon + ActivityPub at #OpenSourceBridge (#osb18) -- touching on governance, alternative implementations like #Pleroma, new services like @pixelfed. Thanks to Aaron for notes:


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"Even if relatively few people actually #DeleteFacebook, as more people start spending more of their time elsewhere, three powerful   and synergistic   feedback loops will start to kick in. Too bad for Facebook. Good news for everybody else!"

There's a paragraph talking about #Mastodon as an alternative, and links to posts by @Gargron and @creatrixtiara .


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Please please please don't turn this into another angry website where everybody drags each other and has screaming competitions.
One of my favourite things about Mastodon is the positive, supportive culture.
Let's have open debates, not angry soundbites and eyeroll GIFs.

Good morning, shop! I've been traveling for a while, but wanted to stick my had in and say hi. Hi!

Mondays are tough. A magnum of highly-caffeinated tea, please!

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Friends, cats and other mastodon users - are you ready and willing to do some SCIENCE?

I am asking because I have made this survey about the difference between being on Twitter and being on Mastodon, and would appreciate you taking three minutes of your time to fill it out


Thank you for reading. May good things come your way


Inviting in the divine feminine. Decks: Steampunk Tarot and Obscurity

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