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Need a sensitivity reader? How about a hand with your oh so important query letter? Unsure about the level of depth or impact in your first chapter or partial? I've got your back! Pop over and let me help you put your best writing foot forward, yeah?

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Before I forget: I maintain a Patreon page to help me get financially solvent without sacrificing writing. Check it!

New tea samples from! Meet Garrett Hawke, Cullen Rutherford, Alistair, Fenris and Sera. 🌼

When all of the furballs want to keep you in their sights. But only one wants to be obvious about it.

When yer brain sets in for an extra dose of stupid, sometimes you need double the furball dose.

This is a) my floor cushion, b) my heating pad for my pinched nerve, c) my tape dispenser, and d) my favorite boy whose claimed them all.

This is one bottle of Stella Artois in a giant beer glass, with crushed mandarin slices in it because I am a fancy mfer.

When you plot and markup GMC with multiple colors in small chunks in random order, you become a pen rack.

Don't think for a second I wouldn't put this mirror-encrusted giant steer skull in my Seattle apartment.

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