I'm sure as hell not staffing the president, but the team I'm working on makes me feel like this every day. (Timestamp important.) youtu.be/N3DhDX0vS8M?t=84

Obi-wan Kenobi was six episodes of television desperately needed by the Star Wars universe. Much like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, it's a love letter to its franchise that not only patches holes in, but outright improves the original by its existence. A+.

It seems to me like it's high time and past time for an Ortegas-centric episode. I'm honestly not sure why we haven't gotten one yet—unless there's a reason we've been saving her personal history for later. 👀

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Strange New Worlds may be my favorite Star Trek show. The vibe of the crew so far has been kind of workmanlike, but now we're getting some real chemistry and emotion—it feels like the actors are hitting their stride. And the… villain? breakaway star?… of episode seven has tremendous promise; I hope they come back.

My biggest question at this point is why the captain lets Ortegas get away with so much. Is there a real reason? I wonder. 🤔

This feels like what Star Trek was always meant to be.

The sort of evening where the outlines of all things seem very clearly drawn. glass.photo/jwisser/77WP6EXMzc

The Exlene wireless gamecube controller also "connects" but then doesn't actually work. Ah well.

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Turns out: _almost._ It sees the controller, and the TV claims to complete the pairing, but the controller isn't convinced. Ah well. The Switch Pro controller is better than nothing, I guess. Although… I think it already supported the (nearly identical) Xbox controller, and I never did anything with that. 😬

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Currently installing the tvOS 16 prerelease because:

> Expanded game controller support: Apple says many additional Bluetooth game controllers are supported on tvOS 16. Notably, this includes support for Nintendo's Joy-Cons and Pro Controller.

Extremely curious to find out if this also means my favorite wireless PowerA GameCube controller. 👀 Having a decent controller would make me much more likely to check out the games available for TV.

Caught (and released) my first firefly of the season. Still a bit early and sparse, tho.

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It just occurred to me that dino chicken nuggets are processed dinosaur cut into the shape of dinosaurs for the joy of human children.

That's pretty cool and also fucked up.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Episode 6 

Strange New Worlds is quickly becoming one of my favorite Star Trek series—maybe on its way to become my favorite. But lol @ having to sideline Spock for most of episode 6 because his logic would have put him squarely opposite Pike morally.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or the one."

Nobody expects Solutions Engineering! Our chief weapon is deep technical access… product knowledge and deep technical access… deep technical access and product knowledge. Our TWO weapons are deep technical access and product knowledge… and ruthlessly efficient relevance engines. Our THREE weapons are deep technical access, and product knowledge, and ruthlessly efficient relevance engines… and a bloodyminded willingness to beat our heads against problems for hours at a time.

…I'll come in again.

::attempts to build a React Native app for the iOS simulator::

MacBook Pro: ::spins up enough fans to launch it into the sky like the flying aircraft carrier from The Avengers::

::skims through own Instagram backlog:: dang this guy has a good aesthetic instagram.com/lostbodhisattva/

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