Early Solutions Engineer very primitive: bang rocks together, see what happen.

Me am MODERN Solutions Engineer, very sophisticated: bang code together, see what happen.

Years later, the interstellar community agreed that it was a shame about the human race. But given that the first human broadcast received by the Djrgoli was a vtuber's "Pokémon: Smash or Pass" stream, perhaps it had been a mercy after all.

The manual for my new desk is asking me to make promises I'm not even sure I can make to myself.

A new blog post? Where I commit to actually making and releasing something? Unpossible.

(Could it be this is just a strategem to force me to write more about the experience of creating Ganbald? Perhaps.)


I was today years old when I learned that the word "quay" is pronounced… the way it is.


"villain mark zuckerberg" may be the funniest Midjourney prompt I've done yet.

17 years after I first learned about it, GNU Screen still feels like weird 80s magic every time I use it.

Actually, that's a free TWO, because public releases of 10.15.7 never ran on M-series processors. 😂

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User agent strings are fundamentally broken. Look at this monstrosity. How many distinct lies can you count?

(I'll give you a free one: this browser is running natively on an M2 MacBook Air.)

It just occurred to me that somewhere, a youth pastor has almost certainly uttered the phrase “When you think about it, God’s love and forgiveness are the original NFTs” and now please excuse me while I go blow up our entire species.

dear everyone involved in Bullet Train:

i want to give you money. please, god, just let me pay you to watch it at home. "only in theatres" means we both miss out

Having a manager who actively works to ensure his reports' mental health is so weird. Like… he tells me, "Hey, make sure to take some time off now _before_ you get burned out" and I feel guilty, like I'm somehow taking advantage of him or the company—as opposed to simply _not_ being taken advantage of myself for once.

A native Mastodon client that I don’t hate? On MY Mac? It’s more likely than I thought.

Donut meetings are so stressful, especially when it keeps pairing me with new VPs. 😂

"thwip" also produced this character. I don't know who they are but I would like to learn.

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