Look! I made the cutest balls out of the selfstriping I dyed yesterday. Now you can see the colors together and it will be so much fun those up when the time is right :ball_of_yarn: :kirby_happy:

Image descriptions have all the colors listed.


:D I wanted them to have good contrast and fun colors, because they are made for cheering me up while I knit (and maybe also the person who gets to wear the socks, if I decided to give them away).

@distel 😊 oh thank you. I feel like I have a lot more control over what I want to achieve by now.

@jules Oh, sorry! *mops up worst of the spill with her sleeves.*

@jules beautiful! I’m a knitter myself! Daylebirdie on ravelry

@jules Oh my. Amazing. I hope you kept the mop around because I'm adding some drool to @OldBrushNewPaper's puddle!

@Virelai @jules *hands you my very own and very damp shirt*

that's *my* mop, but go ahead and borrow it.

@jules hach die sind echt sehr schön geworden. Jetzt bin ich gespannt, die verstrickt zu sehen :)

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