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"Access intimacy is something I am coming to understand that I need in my life; something that I cannot (and don’t want to) live without. I need it to literally be my whole self because access is such an intimate part of my life as a queer physically disabled woman of color adoptee. Without it, relationships exist under a glass ceiling or split by thick frosted windows, with huge pieces of myself never being able to be reached. Without it, there is survival, but rarely true, whole connection."

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Hi, I'm Jules :yay:

I'm a 30+ enby trans person living in Germany. I like reading & writing, knitting & spinning yarn, photography (my heart is still with filmphotography). I love plants & caring for them, being out in the woods, cuddling my dog. Sometimes I draw things, but it's complicated. I want to spend more time doing it.
I just like making things.

I am disabled in different ways. You can talk to me in English, German and French. This account is more cozy than @Jules

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I'd rather things were advertised this way -- "one three-inch step," "narrowest doorway/hallway is X inches," "unlit outside," "mechanical keysafe lock, where numbers are on a dial so you have to actually see them and not guess position from a keypad" -- than be called "accessible" when they aren't.

"Fully accessible" never is, so give us the details.

If you don't know what they are, hire disabled people to tell you. We need the money, and we are highly motivated for these things to be better!

A goal I think aro activism should focus on is building and supporting systems of community care.

I think an important part of aro activism should be creating space for the possibility of never having a romantic partner. But, that means more than just being single, it also means making sure people can survive and thrive while single.

Our amatonormative world expects a lot of the support we need as people to come from our romantic partner. But, if you don’t have one, does that mean you just shouldn’t get the support?


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Seriously, if you want to stay in my timeline, you HAVE TO put in the work and learn about ableism and the concepts and language involved.

Just blocking or reporting people for ableist slurs? How are you doing it?

I'm out of here for a while, I can't handle this shit anymore. Seriously, it just really hurts and most of you don't care or even notice. I can't be here like that.

Look I'm really into knitting this big round thing! It's my Oracle shawl.

How are your round things? Did you start? Are there any pictures yet? 😊:ball_of_yarn: :teapot: @OldBrushNewPaper @knittingsquirrel @bubblewrap

It is probably good praxis to CW valentines day (even if all I've got is funny stories at my own expense).

So many people hate it and it can be so ubiquitous. Let's give people a break from it here on fedi.

like, i'm happy that a resource i need might also be convenient for someone who's not disabled! that's amazing! but i don't think enough value is put on disabled communities and their needs, and saying "everyone can use accessibililty" can feed into it. disabled people, on their own, are important enough that accessibility is necessary. the fact that it's beneficial for everyone is just an added bonus.

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I started my Oracle shawl yesterday, here it is on my knee. I think I'll have to knit it bigger than the pattern suggests, because I'm using lace weight yarn.

and the

I finally decided to knit the Oracle shawl:

I'm still looking forward to the Knitter's Almanac and maybe there will be a classic Pi shawl some day, but I'm not feeling so much "classic lace" right now. I really want to make a thing I'm actually going to wear.

And I'm going for a combination of yarns :) I need to find the right needles so I get a loose enough gauge so that the shawl won't end up too small though!

I really don't get the idea of "wife" as part of straight cis women's identities. Like... why on earth would you introduce yourself as a wife???

hello fediverse, I am flausi, a cyborg punk squirrel. I work as an accountant and . I live in berlin, germany and a lot, at the moment donna 's "staying with the trouble". and I think a lot about living with , good surviving in capitalism, loving, sex, getting older, , , networks of solidarity, ecology, , pictures, everyday magic

These are so great!

Designer Mahmoud Tammam posed a creative challenge to himself: an experimental typographic series of Arabic illustrated words.

Definitely one of the best things that has happened to me this week was I got to see a native German speaker learn that "give up the ghost" is a phrase English speakers say too.

He'd just heard it and thought it was one weird person translating a German idiom literally.

He kept saying "but it sounds really weird in English!"

Made me smile. I had no idea it was used in German too, so we all learned something.

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