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More about me. I love . You can talk to me in and . I'm not fluent in all of them, but I try my best. I'm currently focusing on learning Italian so feel free to challenge me.

Technically I'm a and good at explaining stuff (did exactly that at university for a few years). I just don't like talking about it without being asked to, because there is enough techTalk around. But I'm happy to help!

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Hi I'm Jules, 37 (finally prime again :yay:), living in a city in Germany. I'm in love with my dog, ( <3), the and things that grow (mostly ).

, , , family from all over the place, I'm a child of immigrants passing as white. It's complicated.

Communication is hard!

I toot about my personal life, , sometimes , stuff, and the things I love.

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"Access intimacy is something I am coming to understand that I need in my life; something that I cannot (and donโ€™t want to) live without. I need it to literally be my whole self because access is such an intimate part of my life as a queer physically disabled woman of color adoptee. Without it, relationships exist under a glass ceiling or split by thick frosted windows, with huge pieces of myself never being able to be reached. Without it, there is survival, but rarely true, whole connection."

There is: "I can't always do image descriptions because it's hard sometimes and conflicting access needs are a thing."

And there are artists, who just never do image descriptions because it's art! This is somehow supposed to explain why they exclude people who need image descriptions from enjoying and learning about their art.

Don't be that artist.

Video games are not a waste of time. We are never wasting our time by spending time with art and culture, we are never wasting our time when attempting to connect with another person's idea of beauty and worthwhile time.

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coffee gear question, boosts welcome 

enjoyers here: I shattered my good porcelain filter last week. I've been eyeing Chemex carafes a bit - are they worth it? Is the taste similar to good filter coffee or something entirely different?

For context: I enjoy the taste of filter/drip coffee - in a pinch, I'll drink French Press. I also like my coffee reasonably strong.

anyone know of any autism peer support groups in the York area? preferably with an explicitly queer-friendly stance?

i know i probably don't have to say this here, but please don't respond if you're just going to tell me where to try looking. direct suggestions only please!

having said that, please boost.

ravelry accessibility 

They keep making accessibility changes to the site. It's just like we were right from the start... It is almost useful again, but I still don't feel like I want to be on the site.

Also, "old Rav" is going down on March 31 2021.

If you want to use it in a less cross-platform-federated way, just pixelfed on its own, it could work out for you. There is just one instance with the most users, so it's not really what this is about... I don't know how good federation between different pixelfed instances work. I hope better?

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So, what did I learn about ?

Federation of images + descriptions work fine. You can also see faves and shares/boosts from masto on the pixelfed side of things (but notifications don't always work). If this is all you want to do, it is usable. But is it fun? :oh_no:

Reply federation is unreliable.
No mobile app so far.

I still appreciate the work going into it. I think many of us expected instant success when the project was announced. But things take time.

I keep observing for now.

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I just did a sloppy experiment regarding federation with masto. Here's what I found:

- 5 faves from mastodon Accounts show up on the pixelfed site but not in mastodon

- notifications for all 5 faves went through to the pixelfed site

- no notifications for boosts, but all 3 of them show up on mastodon and as share in the pixelfed post

- image descriptions do work and federate!

- only one reply from masto shows up in the pixelfed post (no notification), 2 show up in mastodon.

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Basically just a test to check federation. Can you reply, boost, fave on mastodon please? I want to see what notifications I actually get.

And what about image descriptions? Visible ones? I feel like nothing is happening there? ?

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Sooo, who is using ? Like, really using it?

The main issues, last time I checked, were federation and a missing mobile app. Where are we now?

I would start thinking about setting up my own instance, but I have trust issues. I don't have any energy to throw on projects that are doomed to fail, so... is it working and being used or is it just existing?

I have just the right yarns for 2 new hats. The brown one is a cable plied mix of something I forgot but there's silk in it and the green one is a 3-ply tweedy yarn.

I can't decide which one is first. Opinions?

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Here are 10 of the 11 hats I have and love wearing! 8 out of the 11 are made from yarn.

I usually try to give away anything I don't absolutely love wearing. Last year I gave 3 hats to my friends.

I think I will choose 3 hats this year too. It makes my friends happy and I can knit more without feeling like I wear too many hats ๐Ÿ™„ (sorry ๐Ÿ˜…).

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Do I need another hat?

I have so many hats. But! I love them all!

Wait, you need pictures!

I'm taking my streetphotography classic (OLYMPUS XA4) out now. It's loaded with a roll of street candy (bw iso 400) film. It has to be the right fit!

I like the XA4 for its nice 28mm macro lens! The XA is on my wishlist too, but for now I'm having a lot of fun with this one. I can get as close as 30cm. I usually use 50mm lenses for streetphotography, so I need to adjust and start thinking in wider frames.

I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

So, any for with users and admins who are serious about being anti-racist and anti-ableist and actually know and learn things and take people seriously? And I don't just mean undescribed images, there is a lot more to it. I am all for blocking all the instances because racists and fascists.

+ lots of creative people

+ sharing work and personal stuff

+ maybe not all US-centered? Or at least open to the idea that life and issues "out here" can be very different

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