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"Access intimacy is something I am coming to understand that I need in my life; something that I cannot (and don’t want to) live without. I need it to literally be my whole self because access is such an intimate part of my life as a queer physically disabled woman of color adoptee. Without it, relationships exist under a glass ceiling or split by thick frosted windows, with huge pieces of myself never being able to be reached. Without it, there is survival, but rarely true, whole connection."

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Hi, I'm Jules :yay:

I'm a 30+ enby trans person living in Germany. I like reading & writing, knitting & spinning yarn, photography (my heart is still with filmphotography). I love plants & caring for them, being out in the woods, cuddling my dog. Sometimes I draw things, but it's complicated. I want to spend more time doing it.
I just like making things.

I am disabled in different ways. You can talk to me in English, German and French. This account is more cozy than @Jules

Neofeud is a game about my experiences growing up Native Hawaiian in Hawaii's ghetto, being a social worker & STEM teacher for poor, homeless, mostly non-white kids in the slums of Hawaii the tour buses avoid. (100% of sales help keep a roof over my kids' head!)
Happy indigenous people's day!

New spinning project: 500g of grey sheepy fiber I got at a wool market on Saturday! It's going to be a sweater. Some day!

This is a lot of wool. I'm going for 2-ply because I want to finish it before I turn 40 (which is in about 4 years) 😅🤓

More info on glowing pink squirrels

"We tested all three of the North American flying squirrel species: the Northern flying squirrel, the Southern flying squirrel and the Humboldt's flying squirrel, and all three of them fluoresced," she said.


The reasons for the squirrels to fluoresce pink is still under investigation, but communication and camouflage are two top contenders for why this might be happening, the team has hypothesized."

Hi all! Happy indigenous peoples day. In the spirit of reparations, consider donating to the native focused domestic violence shelter I work at!

the American Mathematical Society just published a free ebook called Living Proof, a collection of mathematicians recounting their often turbulent paths to where they are now. i've read a few of the stories and i think this is an amazing read, not just for scholars of math, but for anyone who is doing something where they simply don't feel "smart enough" to succeed. success is often made up of struggle and failure; this can be difficult to remember in our current times.


@CornishRepublicanArmy 2033. The Supreme Polycule has declared itself its own entity. they comprise a third of the population of the world and have entirely seized all of Europe and annexed large pieces of Russia. The Resistance has fallen after half the members started dating someone in the Polycule and defected to their side. they are unstoppable. they are ever growing. there is no hope of defeating them.


actually, you know there are a couple cuties over there, maybe we shouldn't run..

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Vielleicht funktioniert das ja hier, gerne boosten:
Ich suche einen Job in #Karlsruhe, am liebsten Softwareentwicklung. Ich habe als letztes Bildverarbeitung (hauptsächlich 3D) + GUI in C++ gemacht. Auch wenn mir das Spaß gemacht hat, würde ich auch andere Dinge machen. Außer C++ kann ich auch Python und habe Erfahrung in technischer Redaktion und 2nd Level Support

Reminder that October and Halloween is not a free pass to post untagged blood and/or gore content, same goes for having such explicit content as your profile image.


I never manage to stick to it, but I want to give another go this year. @draco inspired me to try and do it as kind of a diary. Draw things I did or saw that day.

I'm at work taking care of my sick boss, who's been in bed all day and I'm sitting next to her. So that's what I see all evening.

I borrowed her stylus and made a quick sketch on my phone, which I never did before. It helps with the awful perfectionism, at least 😅

Are there any other systems out there with a non-verbal headmate? If so, I'd love to hear how you deal with that, especially in social situations where people expect you to (be able to) talk.
I'm asking because I'd like to pick up a new hobby, which involves social interaction - and that involves talking. It's not the focus of the hobby, but people always want to talk.
Now I could of course just act like we are never able to speak. But I'd feel awkward about that, cause all others in this system are able to do so. But I also don't want to explain that we're a system and stuff.
Any ideas? Boosts welcome!

(The hobby is dancing btw. I'd like to start classes. Talking really isn't the focus, but people always expect that you're able to talk. Which is awkward on its own. Even more so if "you" are sometimes able to talk, at least in their eyes.)


a feature i wish literally any social media site had is "browse user's original posts only". like sure obvi we both think this cat pic is cute and this super surreal joke is funny but i gotta Know what u have to say when left to ur own devices

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