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"Access intimacy is something I am coming to understand that I need in my life; something that I cannot (and don’t want to) live without. I need it to literally be my whole self because access is such an intimate part of my life as a queer physically disabled woman of color adoptee. Without it, relationships exist under a glass ceiling or split by thick frosted windows, with huge pieces of myself never being able to be reached. Without it, there is survival, but rarely true, whole connection."

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Hi, I'm Jules :yay:

I'm a 30+ enby trans person living in Germany. I like reading & writing, knitting & spinning yarn, photography (my heart is still with filmphotography). I love plants & caring for them, being out in the woods, cuddling my dog. Sometimes I draw things, but it's complicated. I want to spend more time doing it.
I just like making things.

I am disabled in different ways. You can talk to me in English, German and French. This account is more cozy than @Jules

April covid relief results, thank you all!!! 

For those of you watching Picard, did you know the Octanary Star System is actually possible? The highest recorded multiple star system is a septuple/septenary: One of them is ν Scorpii and the other is AR Cassiopeiae

@phildini One of those story games where each person adds one of two sentences. Hashtag it something like

@phildini Maybe an odd suggestion, but some kind of structured activity to give people something fun and distracting?

Thinking along the lines of -- something people can join in with they want from at home that isn't too intrusive.

Maybe hashtag'd discussions or games. Or a group project? I'll have a think about something more specific (and suggestions welcome).

I'd appreciate to know: what (virtual) collaboration tools do you use? which chats/video chats can you recommend, also from a privacy perspective?

I'd like to not cancel meetings, but to look for other communication channels, and I'd also like to not cancel bigger events, but look for other forms of participation and didactics.

Many of you already do it but we want to ask and urge everyone on and of course on other instances to add a CW (corona or covid19) to *all* toots in a relation with the corona virus pandemic. Additionally adding the #covid19 hashtag is also a good idea to filter the toots.

The topic is important but there are a lot of people that are for example in a risk group and really don't want to hear every bad joke or every new headline. Help them and be a nice citizen of this instance.

Because if the pandemic the Berlin Philharmonic is not going to have an audience tonight, and instead will be streaming online live (for free)! The concert is at 8 pm Berlin time today with two repeat performances tomorrow (8pm) and Saturday (7pm).

8 pm on Berlin is 3 pm in the East Coast US.

Asking people who identify as Latino, Latina, Latine, or Latinx which they prefer to have used by a white person (in the US, if that makes a difference).

Boosts and comments encouraged. Thank you!

We are going to sue the Japanese government to recognize my gender transition and our marriage! Crowdfunding is LIVE! Please donate if you can and share as widely as possible and help both us and the community here! Thank You!

Now's a great time to drop my Patreon where I'm drafting two stories, every Wednesday we have Disaster Ever After, a fluffy supernatural romance, and every Saturday is New Fire, a fantasy story centering the descendants of the Aztecs on a flying city, with queer girls, soft boys, disabled MC rep, magic, and old gods galore. And yes, people get sacrificed in this.

Even if you can't Patron, I appreciate the boosts! Someone that follows you might want these stories! 🌟

Knitting! Finishing all the things, yay 

The latest Humble E-Book Bundle is The Get Crafty: Knitting, Sewing & Crafting Bundle by ABRAMS

Get $431 worth of stitch and knit craft books like Spoonflower Handbook, Repurposed Library, and much more!

DRM-free and in multiple formats for all your reading devices.

#books #ebooks #knitting #sewing #drmfree

Knitting! Finishing all the things, yay 

"scary" neurodivergents, adjacent ableism, reminders 

"scary" neurodivergents, adjacent ableism, reminders 

Being responsible for your own trash, less waste 

Being responsible for your own trash, less waste 

Being responsible for your own trash, less waste 

question: anybody has any recommendation of YA literature / comics with positive models of masculinity?

things like:

- male MC that isn't the chosen one, secret prince, divine blood, or otherwise entitled by birth;

- being good ≠ punching bad guys but empathy, community-building etc.;

- female characters aren't props defined in relation to MC or mcguffins to advance his journey

- anything else adjacent to this, I trust your opinions

boosts welcome!

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