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"Access intimacy is something I am coming to understand that I need in my life; something that I cannot (and don鈥檛 want to) live without. I need it to literally be my whole self because access is such an intimate part of my life as a queer physically disabled woman of color adoptee. Without it, relationships exist under a glass ceiling or split by thick frosted windows, with huge pieces of myself never being able to be reached. Without it, there is survival, but rarely true, whole connection."

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Hi, I'm Jules :yay:

I'm a 30+ enby trans person living in Germany. I like reading & writing, knitting & spinning yarn, photography (my heart is still with filmphotography). I love plants & caring for them, being out in the woods, cuddling my dog. Sometimes I draw things, but it's complicated. I want to spend more time doing it.
I just like making things.

I am disabled in different ways. You can talk to me in English, German and French. This account is more cozy than @Jules

Are there any resources for therapists that want to treat psychological trauma in #ActuallyAutistic people?

Please boost.

Looks like I have a thing with large needlecraft projects.

My first #knitting project consists of 20 balls of yarn. For my first #crochet project, I just orderd 57 balls of yarn. It's a small scale mastodon crochet-a-long for the "Havana Blanket" by Tinna Th贸rud贸ttir Thorvaldsd贸ttir, feel free to join @Juju and me! (DROPS is having a cotton sale until July 31) #havanaCAL

Sooo, is it worth watching Legion or should I just keep ignoring it?

in my garden! it's a first!! :blobpats: :yay:

how sad though that the is almost over already!

also until today i didn't notice how grass-coloured this is!

So these are all my tour yarns. I did start and finish 5 of them during the tour! The other ones I just plied, but still... this is a lot of yarn!

Now I want to knit with all of it 馃槄

Maybe I could even have reading dates with myself once a week or so. In the park, at the lake, in the library?

I wish I could have reading dates, where we would meet for an hour or two and read. There would be no talking, just reading, tea and cookies. And then we would leave again.

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I started plying the soft blue rolags I made out of fibre @TQ gave me :blobaww:

It's very pastelly blue and I usually don't go for pastels but this is just very relaxing and nice.

I will have to think hard what to do with the finished yarn though. It might just go out there and find a person who really appreciates this softness :ball_of_yarn: :blobaww:

Just a few bugs to fix, and we'll be shipping full federation support!

You will be able to follow remote accounts, see their posts in your home timeline, and more!


started a new project!
light blue Shetland wool on the wheel. :blobaww:

@jules, weil du fragtest: es ist super! fluffig, weich, geschmeidig, aber trotzdem wirkt es zumindest auf den ersten Metern nicht so langweilig wie Merino oder das Neuseeland Lamm. etwas griffiger irgendwie :3 ich find's erstmal super!

Okay so I broke my glasses last night and I have an effective 1ft range before my vision becomes useless. Anyone got any tips to help me survive without until I can afford to repair/replace them? It's probably gonna be a while

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also this is my current stash! i still have to measure the yarn. I'm pretty proud!

thinking about making a Nightshift Shawl out of the green, turquoise, blue and purple one... maybe with some more - i don't know yet! any thoughts?

also i wound the other yarn off the bobbin! i love it's different colours!

i split the handdyed top lenghtwise and the plyed the two singles parallel, matching the colours.

back from my holidays! which is a sad thing, but I'm glad to be reunited with the working spinning wheel in my home! <3

I'm not doing daily but I'm very much still going! i had so much fun to finish the rolags by spindle! now they are wound into a plying ball waiting for the ply!

see Image descriptions for details!
[pictures hidden bc chocolate in one]

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