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So, what would you like to ask me re: Fire Heart?

Chapter Three (of academic/research) is... chugging along as I end gnawing at a particular point.

Though I can now happily announce that "Treacle Blood" is to be published in the October issue of the Future Fire.

When announcing covid numbers constitutes as breaking news in Singapore...

Yes yes yes, we know already. It's the apocalypse, we are all going to die, most of us are drowning in anxiety. Tell us something "new".

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I could really do with some help at the moment, so your support would be greatly appreciated!
RT @therisingtithes
I'm trying to take care of some bills and hopefully be able to afford some convention travel later in the year! As always, your support is appreciated!

a special Summer Sale on Itch:

"Mindful of this, we should keep questioning the sources. Even for us who have been inspired and influenced by historical sources and literature, are we simply cherry-picking the parts we want and discarding the others? Ignoring the whole is dangerous as we forget the true messages of the texts. We must continue to read against the grain, question the bias of the writers who crafted such texts."

You can't be civil if the boot of your oppressor is directly on your neck.

Just a warning to SG folk - the rightwing 'Christian' rhetoric infecting the West is IN our country. Don't pretend we are immune. A lot of groups here have their minds colonised.

Haven't posted anything but I am still around. :)

And note: I am not complaining - a lot of people always misconstrue threads like this as complaining. Hence you get gaslighting and concern-trolls.

We have the right to talk about our business, our paths and our livelihoods.

And no, Singapore doesn't have disability benefits. It's not a welfare state.

I can't blame people for pulling out of my Patreon, because times *are* bad and you have to take care of yourself. But the income I get from Patreon... is not barely able to pay for a lot of things in my life.

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My oft-quipped joke is that if each of my followers here can just pitch in 1 dollar each, I could... have an decent income.


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It's a privilege that at the moment, I am supported by spouse. But I wish... I just wish I could earn that much and not rely on them that much.

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I had a day job once. I loved it but I didn't take care of myself.

Now freelancing, arting, writing, independent scholarship... is my day job (plus running a household). I am not even breaking even. I am not even minimum wage!

INT folk, you can get Fire Heart here. (shipping is painful - for this, I am sorry for things beyond my control)

Also, continue to flood with requests for Fire Heart outside Asia.

Also US ghost hunters using Google Translate for Japanese... get ready for an ass-whooping if you ever EVER try it here in Singapore.

(*mutters something about Japanese Occupation*)

Chapter Two continues, but I am distracted by the cool breeze and the gorgeous green of my potted plants.

My carpal tunnel is going to royally mess up with the CPR part of my first aid refresher. >.<

Ya know, just to add more fuel to the publishing bs:

What we write here in Southeast Asia are often considered "interesting, but not for me" by editors, agents and publishers in the West.

Then why are we throwing ourselves at their doors trying to get in?

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