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Hello world. My name is John Winkelman. I am a writer, reader, coder, and tai chi practitioner from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I discovered through a couple of comments at File770, and @offby1 was gracious enough to send me an invite. I share a house with my partner Zyra and our two small orange maniacs, Poe and Pepper. I think I will mostly use this space for readin' and writin' stuff. It is a pleasure to meet you all!

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Roe being overturned isn't about a health procedure. It's about removing the federally protected right to privacy and personal liberty of people who can get pregnant. We are deemed subordinate to a potential person. That life is given more rights than we are. That's the issue.

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Progressives always trip on evangelical talking points. The questions isn't "When is a pregnancy a person?" It's "When do pregnant people stop being people?" We don't force people to donate kidneys or give blood. No one else is forced to put life and health at risk for a person

I took a walk out at Blandford Nature Center on Memorial Day. Saw this Rose Breasted Grosbeak, among other critters.

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