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Type !bang in DDG search for clues. There are β€˜000s but you’ll end up with a handful that you personally use all the time (like !w for a Wikipedia search is one of mine).

@Shufei @dirtycommo
I agree with Shufei on this. I’ve used DDG exclusively for the last... oh I dunno... maybe 7 years. I guess I’m a heavyweight researcher with many hundreds, sometimes thousands of searches a day. I also use the bang syntax a lot. Would never go back.

My last NaNoWriMo toot 


NaNoWriMo homestretch 

NaNo insanity 

NaNoWriMo yet again (rolling eyes allowed) 

More NaNoWriMo rubbish if you can stand it 

Another NaNoWriMo update 

NaNoWriMo update 




@Are0h @alice
Sadly minus the rare and paradisiacal flavor of Salsa And Mesquite. Perhaps a deliberate withholding? πŸ‘€

Those sound worthy of a poem... πŸ€”

And they put me in mind of a "we do/sell everything" shop I visited on Vashon Island. All those and in ice cream flavors too. 🀀

But that was 8 years ago. And bodies and brains and their coping abilities move ever on. But like the wino skeleton in... wait... did someone just say that?

@fitheach @Shufei
I suspect English people barely understand each other, save those in their own class and in their own locale. I don’t think social media has done much to overcome that, even in such a geographically small country.

I’ve tried that, albeit with Gen-Xers and older Millennials. (Anyone younger and I rather assume their parents are nearby.)

And I prefer just to ruffle their hair and keep the sweeties for myself.

But so far all I get are annoyed looks. Then I’m wheeled into the corner to the sound of β€œNurse, this one’s ready for their medication.”

Kids nowadays. No respect for their elders. πŸ™„

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