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I'm Simone. You knew me as Jo, but I may as well use the name I use nearly everywhere else.

I like to write but, honestly, your six-year-old could probably do better. I'm afraid the sophistication train left without me.

I'm very left, very late trans. ManquΓ© in most things. I love a lot, talk too much, eat too much, drink too little, worship nothing, believe in the Absurd.

Pay no attention to me.

Avatar is "Study for the Lady Clare" by John William Waterhouse.

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Itinerant wire-frame alien, visiting from a virtual world.

Came for the science, stayed for the curry.

Encrypts reports with absurdism, masquerading as creative writing.

Privacy policy: Your cookies are safe with me, honest.

On-line course notes: β€œYou don’t have to buy your tutor’s book, even though we recommend it. All the answers to weekly exam questions are in our course videos.”

25% of exam questions: β€œTell us this thing that’s not in the course videos.”

Me, exasperated: *does extra hours of personal research to get full marks just to spite them*

I'm so happy!
But I'm so sad!

I'm happy I finished my novel. Well, first draft anyway. 60,595 words in April.

But I'm so sad to leave all these characters behind, and their vineyard and home in the northern RhΓ΄ne valley, and their university at Montpellier. They feel like really close friends.

But I suppose I've left enough hooks for a third book in the series, so maybe we'll meet again.

I’ve only ever had a very hazy notion of how my novel would finish. Even after 53,327 words! Part of the joy of being a β€œpantser” are the surprises you get as you go along. Your journey is the reader’s journey!

But as of last night (in the dark, in bed, scratching on a notepad I can’t see with a pencil I can only feel), I know for the first time how I can get to that finish. And I think I might be able to do it before the end of camp on April 30th.

I’m excited!! 🀩

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Why not be crazy?
Why not go completely mad?

I could 'just' write another 50,000 word novel for But oh no, that would be too easy. πŸ™„ So I'm going to finish copy-editing a non-fiction book for a friend. As well.

Good news: I've already copy-edited 58 of its 192 pages.

Bad news: I've done zero prep for my new novel. But I hadn't at this stage for last either, and I made it in 23 days. So no real change there. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Anyone doing Camp NaNoWriMo this year?

And yes it really is nearly April! 😲

I may write a sequel to the novel I wrote last November.


there is something deeply silly
in putting words on a page
watching the ink dry
and thinking maybe
you'll read them
one day when
the mood
my words
feed mites
and seeds and
growing things
on some distant heap
harangued by seagulls
till all the trucks are gone
and only spectral lights remain


Time spent doing what you love is not time wasted.
Time spent with people you enjoy and who enjoy you is not time wasted.
Time spent in introspection and recovery is not time wasted.
Time spent thinking about your passions is not time wasted.
Time spent wondering and dreaming is not time wasted.

#DailySketchChallenge #WordSketch #smallstories


This little story is a bit too long for a toot, so here's a link to an itty bitty site that supports it:

just a reminder to all of you

sufficiently advanced friendship is indistinguishable from magic

Poor little wingèd succubus:
She sleeps upon my nightstand,
Awaiting his return - the man
She dragged away to fairyland,
Seducing nightly in his dreams.
But now she doesn’t understand
How he has changed.

Who is it now that’s lying there?
A different smell. A different name.
A different form and different hair.
And yet there’s something still the same.
She puzzles, shrugs and folds her wings
And waits and dims her patient flame
And lets me rest.

#DailySketchChallenge #smallpoems #STAND #trans

You make me blush, dear friends, reposting this after more than six months. 😊

So the subtle message is: "You haven't done anything else half-decent since, so you'd better get posting again!" - is that it? πŸ˜‰

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