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Chatting with the void, psych/personal, ~ Show more

Chatting with the void, psych/personal/abuse, ~ Show more

Chatting with the void, psych/personal, ~ Show more

Chatting with the void, psych/personal, ~ Show more

Chatting with the void, psych/personal, ~ Show more

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It’s time for my Patreon Theme Poll!

Every month, I ask all y’all what I should write about on my #Patreon and #Kofi for the month. And every month, at least some people tell me. ;-)

Go vote~ It’s easy.

Morning all.

Slept in today. Gonna give myself time to wake up and then figure out which back-up schedule I'm working off of today. Hope everyone is well.

I just found out about (Not Far From The Tree) - they’re an organisation in Toronto, Canada. If you have a fruit-bearing tree you can register it, and they’ll come pick your fruit and split it among all the involved people and people in need. :O

#solarpunk #ZeroWaste

Yesterday there were 750 new responses for the survey about titles, so we’re now at 2,221 responses!

Here’s the link, for anyone who speaks English to take part:

Picking a publication date for . I decided to go with the Thursday closest to Feb 15th. (I like Thursdays for publishing, don't ask me why.)

Then I looked at the calendar...

Well, hell. It wouldn't be any kind of traditional Valentine's Day present, but it sure would show you care.

(personal, critical, might not want to read this if you're having a bad day) (- for CBT/behavioralism, + for self-care and self-advocacy) Show more

Hey, folks.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of folks I'm at 26% of my "big" goal. [Which is to raise enough money to cover rent for a year so I can move out of the house Husband and I shared before he shows up here with a weapon and a grudge.] I would really like to reach 50% this week.

If folks would continue to spread the word, I would appreciate it.

Kid is spinning while practicing spelling words. It seems to help him focus. Stims for the win.

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There have now been almost 2,000 responses, with 57 countries represented! And the participation chart is starting to look like some kind of something, too. :D

Survey, open to all English-speakers:

Participation tracker:

Morning folks.

My is acting up. And in a weird way it's a relief (and also kind of weird) to actually KNOW what is causing problems? Bc for several years now I had SO MUCH going on with overlapping symptoms that I half the time I was guessing at the cause of any problem I had.

So yes, this is PTSD, and not anxiety, or autism, or vitamin deficiency or anything else.

Self knowledge and access to treatment .

Hoping you all have a good day too.

If any of you ever need a math consultant for your naughty teacher porn blackboards PLEASE contact me, PhD students don't make enough and I want to put hilarious overly well-thought out math in unlikely places and I'm available for very reasonable rates

The next book I want to tackle from my reading-to-learn list is Her Works Praise Her Name. It's a history of Jewish women in the US, and I got about half way through a couple years back before I needed to stop for health reasons.

I'll probably comment about this even more than I commented about 7Habits, because there is just a lot more to say.


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