Hey folks (signal boost appreciated): I'm working on a series of urban fantasy novels that will prominently feature solidarity economics (first one due to the publisher in September). Does anyone know of any co-ops open to giving access to their day to day operations for the sake of accurate storytelling? I really want to get the democratic practices and the mundane everyday stuff absolutely right. I think it is very important.

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@OldBrushNewPaper Eh, it's a fact of life online sometimes. Or life in general. I choose to (and in fact enjoy) being active on Quora, which puts me in the way of it even more often.

I just need to get past my ingrained need/desire to respond/defend myself (something which I know has grown out of my history of being gaslit and isn't healthy anyway).

Every potion has side effects.

Some are benign--you light up a bit for a couple months or years after using a dark-sight potion.

Some are weird--you grow horns after using some strength potions.

Some are dangerous-- think fire potions.

They carry over the placenta, & sometimes they stick FOREVER on the kids.

Tifa's mother was a fighter on a rough circuit; she used every potion she could get. The kid lives in a reinforced room with flame-proof toys. She's started asking for a pet... #tootfic

Heads up for SNAP users in the states: the shutdown is affecting several thousand stores' ability to reapply for food stamp licenses, meaning they can't accept SNAP benefits until the govt reopens.

It's not every store, just the ones that need to renew this month.

Call ahead before you do your grocery shopping to see if they're still taking it. Other stores in your area might still accept.

Also, if you need food, please say something. Don't suffer silently. Ask us for help.

@MrsMouse Character limits. one of the characters was a porn star. most of the sex workers I know are better educated oN STIs than 99% of the population.

Which sucks, because I have a hard time finding authors I can read when I'm in a really bad headspace. But there are limits to the amount of 'OMFG did, you really just say that?!' I can take.

So, kinda random, but if you are an author, maybe put some thought into the kind of trade offs you are making. There are advantages to putting out of a lot of books quickly. But little problems can add up and turn readers off.

And the time characters say they don't have condoms and haven't been tested, so they can only do oral. You can get STIs doing oral, you know that right?!?!

Obviously, the author either doesn't or doesn't care. *le sigh* (And honestly, it wouldn't have bothered me if they barebacked. Not everyone worries about STIs, fine. but be consistent and accurate about it, damn it!)

And honestly, I'm reaching the point of maybe not reading this author any more.

The Marines who refer to themselves and each other as former marines... Okay, that throws me out of the story when it happens, but it's only once in a while. It's annoying.

The deaf character who NEVER HAS TROUBLE LIP READING. This wasn't a once in a while toss me out of the story. This was every couple pages for half the book. And all the many, many inconsistencies that go along with this. (Like why is other MC learning ASL if they communicate fine anyway?)

So, real talk.

There's always a trade off with . And this particular author I'm reading now has decide to sacrifice research & accuracy for speed. She's put out a lot of books in a relatively short period of time. And over all they are good books. Solid writing, engaging characters, simple plots but no major plot holes or anything.

And the inaccuracies so far haven't been things that made me stop reading. But they are adding up.

@xychelsea It was NEVER the monopoly of easily butthurt cishet dudebros (says the queer, polyam, enby whose been gaming for 30+ years).

They just can't get away with ignoring us anymore.

It is not worth engaging with people who respond without reading what I say.

It is not worth engaging with people who respond without reading what I say.

It it not worth engaging with people who respond without reading what I say.

It is not worth engaging with people who respond without reading what I say.

@CitySquirrel Hm. Good question. Transgendered isn't, so I would assume cisgendered isn't either. I'll point it out to B&P.

White leftists need to read more authors of colour because the amount of people I have seen saying reading Lenin or other white people on imperialism is enough is embarrassing. It doesn’t even cross their minds to listen to us and our lived experiences. Calling urself a leftist and acting like that, lmao

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@aredridel Some expectations are clearly laid out-- you are supposed to be monogamous, to form a nuclear family, have a good paying job, etc.

Some expectations are more insidious-- how do you start a conversation with someone you don't like? How do you handle a confrontation? What are you supposed to do when your broke and the bill collector keeps hounding you? Few people get taught what's expected in these situations, just tossed in, sink or swim.

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