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Jess Mahler @jessmahler

RT How to collect gender on web forms:

◦ Do you really need to be collecting data about gender?
◦ You probably don't really need to collect gender data.
◦ No really, the odds are very slim you'll be able to act in any reasonable way upon your gender data.
◦ <input type="text">

@jessmahler I've been thinking about, instead of asking for gender, telling people WHY you're asking for gender and then asking for that, instead. "What pronouns should we use for you?" or "Which BMI charts should we compare you to?"

@benhamill for some situations those are good approaches. But why does my budgeting app ask my gender when I made an account? Way too many places ask by default when they have no reason to know

@jessmahler Yeah. I agree. If that exercise doesn't lead you to a clear, more specific question, it's a signal you're asking for no good reason (or a reason not rooted in what's good for or wanted by your users). I sort of neglected to explicitly follow through to that idea in the first post. Sorry.