Removing Kindle DRM + 

If you have access to a Windows or Mac comp, there is a fairly easy way to strip Kindle books of DRM

The trick is to erase all the kindle content on your computer, go to Internet Achive and download Kindle for Windows 1.17 (or equivalent for Mac), and redownload your books

That way you get your book files in AZW format

Install DeDRM from github, and the Kindle conversion input plugin from the default Calibre plugins list, and then import books to Calibre and convert

Removing Kindle DRM - 

Remember to only import books AFTER you've added DeDRM plugin, and make sure your Calibre is version 5.0 or later.

Unfortunately, if you don't have access to a Windows or Mac comp, y ou're up shit creek and it's impossible until someone comes out with a new verion of DeDRM that can crack the Android app files.

Removing Kindle DRM - 

@jessmahler can you run it in wine?

Removing Kindle DRM - 

@Canageek I tried, but couldn't get it to work in WINE or two version of PlayOnLinux.

Folks who are better at de-bugging than i am might manage it.

It's possible an older version of WINE would be able to run an old version of Kindle, but I didn't have the patience to figure out which versions were worth trying.

re: Removing Kindle DRM + 

@jessmahler also, you need to stop it from auto-updating, which it is (for some strange reason) desperate to do

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